Skitzocow Dr. Katherine Horton / @Stop007org - Oxford Physics PhD gone completely off the rails, targeted individual, a knight in crinkling armour

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Where a community condones and propagates paranoia, there are lolcows, and I can confidently say no community is more paranoid than the online targeted individual (or TI) community.

Dr. Katherine Horton is a physicist-turned-schizophrenic conspiracy nut, she considers herself a victim of gang-stalking by British and Swiss intelligence agencies and a survivor of multiple assassination attempts. She is a Hungarian-born Oxford-educated scientist with a PhD in experimental high energy physics.

Dr. Horton has survived several assassination attempts. Like all of her team members, she has been covertly implanted with microchips and other military biotechnology by the Secret Services, and has been used for illegal non-consensual human experimentation for over a decade. Several people around her have been murdered by the Secret Services.

Somehow, no matter how many TIs I've seen, there's always some new way for them to surprise and amuse me. You've heard of tinfoil hats, but have you ever seen an entire tinfoil house?
Welcome to chez Horton.
There is aluminium foil (not tinfoil as she would surely correct me, tinfoil would be silly and ineffective of course) and other reflective material absolutely everywhere in her office, where she spends most of her time and sometimes even sleeps. Every time she turns the camera around her office you can see the new barricades she's erected to keep out electromagnetic waves, she sleeps under a lead curtain, and sometimes inside a tinfoil tent constructed in her office over her desk, she often refers to this enclosure as "the bunker" and likens her living environment to a concentration camp.
Unfortunately though, none of these measures seem to actually work so she is being mutilated and raped electronically every single day.

Horton believes her neighbours to be part of a criminal gang-stalking network responsible for various attacks on her person, including but possibly not limited to using electromagnetic directed energy weapons to "machine gun" her and displaying a satanic goat on their property to intimidate her after their first failed attempt to assassinate her.

Here she can be seen conducting a scientific experiment to prove the existence of EM weapons with a custom made high tech suit of armour.

Here she attempts to bring the truth to several officers of the law, detailing the crimes committed against her and explaining that she does NOT nor has she EVER had any mental health issues.

In addition to her presence on YouTube, she is very active on Twitter. Posting, among other things, bizarre theories about psychopaths rising through power structures and bonding with each other through gay sex in order to rule the world.

She has a fixation on the use of stars in logos, believing them to be satanic pentagrams.


The satanic logos in question:

She lives in a quite nice house at Langacherstrasse 6, Unterengstringen, Switzerland
Update: As of late 2018 she now lives with her parents, though it has not affected the daily machinegunning or her sleeping arrangements much.

Dr. Horton also heads up an organisation known as the Joint Investigation Team (or JIT), a group of like-minded (read: schizophrenic) individuals who are dedicated to researching and exposing the use of Directed Energy Weapons and other paranoid fantasies.
Since their founding at the beginning of 2017, the JIT has been publishing reports for both law enforcement and the general public, except hilariously, they haven't managed to publish a single report in all this time. In fact, all that the reports page contains is a series of PDF documents showcasing an ever dwindling number of members, one of which is just missing from the site.
Also of note is the aborted "Tsunami Email Campaign" which sounds an awful lot like a spam campaign. :story:

There doesn't seem to be information about one actual concrete thing this organisation does that isn't a cancelled project or "coming soon!" Aside from keeping us up to date on all the people who have left the JIT, the site has barely been touched since July 2017. The organisation now consists of only Dr. Horton herself and one other person.

I can't blame Katherine for not managing to get those reports out though, she keeps a very busy schedule interviewing 9/11 truthers on 3 hour google hangout streams, not to mention her very time consuming R&D efforts on new tinfoil shielding techniques to prevent electronic machine gun rape.

Patreon | Archive
Twitter | Archive
Stop007 | Archive
YouTube | Archive
The Joint Investigation | Archive
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I've never mastered electronic rape. I feel bad now.

psychopaths rising through power structures and bonding with eachother through gay sex in order to rule the world
So she has met me.

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STOP 007

Death Camps & The Global Genocide
SOS – Global Nazi Extermination Program!
Certain members of the media, police, judiciary and secret services are all knowingly complicit in a global Nazi extermination program and its cover-up that is using directed energy weapons, covert implants and nanotechnology to commit systematic mutilation and silent genocide against the population around the world for the sake of a Nazi ideology.

The (Silent) Death Camp Program
Systematic Physical Mutilation
The mutilation and murder program is run by the Secret Services and their cronies in the military and in private corporations. It utilises the fact that microwaves are harmful to organic tissue but can pass through most building materials. This means that people can be hurt and given organ damage, heart attacks, strokes and cancer remotelyinside their own homes. This is combined with nanotechnology and synthetic materials that are covertly given to the victims to systematically disintegrate their health and brain functions, using radiation to interact with the nanotechnology inside the body for maximum destructive effect.

Neighbourhood Terror Campaigns
The death camp programs begin with intensive psychological terrorism of the victim. The victims are placed under intrusive surveillance to infiltrate and subvert their life. It is for this reason that gang-stalking is the first aspect of this program that the victims complain about. The violations get worse with time: victims’ homes are surrounded by agents who either rent properties or corrupt neighbours.

For these terror campaigns, the Secret Services mobilise their vast networks of agents, informants, collaborateurs and sympathisers to gang-stalk the victims as soon as they leave their home. They also pay a lot of money to corrupt neighbours to join in the abuse of the victim. The goal is to get the neighbours addicted to voyeurism and the abuse of the victim. For these reasons, the surveillance footage from the victim’s private quarters is broadcast to the neighbours and they are given the freedom to abuse the victim in whatever way they can come up with.

For example, Dr. Horton’s downstairs neighbours, who joined in the surveillance campaign as soon as Dr. Horton moved in in September 2015, had ramped up their hate and terror campaign into a frenzy such that in July 2017, they would catch her coming through the door at 11pm and openly swear at Dr. Horton on a pretext and threaten physical violence. The recording of the incident with English subtitles is below (see here for the German version). Corrupt proletarians like that are the driving element of the Secret Service terror campaigns.

Individual Concentration Camps
The next step in the genocide program is to set up microwave weapons and radar devices with which the perpetrators can monitor the victims inside their home 24/7 and shoot at them from the outside at will. Body parts can be targetted with a precision of a few millimeters. By this means, victims find themselves in an individual concentration camp that the intelligence agencies erect around them. Inside, the victims are systematically shot to pieces with the military weapons, using the fact that the shots from microwave guns don’t leave bullet holes. What this looks like is shown here:

International Blacklisting
The victims of this program are placed on international blacklists intertwined with the terrorism watchlists. The secret services treat the people on these blacklists as outlaws with no right to lifeand do whatever they like with them. Once a victim gets on one of these blacklists they stay on them for life and are systematically and brutally mutilated alive and slowly murdered in the most dreadful way possible. Their family members are also placed on the blacklist and also slowly murdered off.

When a victim tries to complain about the assaults, for example by making a police report, the corrupted police turns on the victim. If a victim happens to chance on an honest police officer, the victim is retaliated against by other means. For example, after reporting brutal microwave assaults on an air plane to the Hamburg Airport police, Dr. Horton was machine-gunned with Directed Energy Weapons in the thigh in the parking lot of the airport straight after making the police report. The car was carrying Directed Energy Weapons and caused massive bruising that is still faintly visible at the time of writing, a quarter of a year later.

Bruises on Dr. Horton’s thigh after being machine-gunned with Directed Energy Weapons in retaliation for making a crime report to Hamburg Airport police on 4th October 2017. Note the longitudinal line at the top of the bruises that was caused by Dr. Horton turning slightly sideways the moment the shots started being fired.
Sexual Sadism Actively Fostered
Agents from the intelligence agencies and their trainee spies mock the victims throughout the torture and sexually denigrate them. The sexual sadism is actively fostered by the secret services. It is used to groom and cultivate psychopaths and to generate the blackmail material for the control files on the perpetrators. Agents and their minions also break into homes, poison food, systematically sabotage computer equipment, digital communications, launch slander and smear campaigns and subvert the victims’ medical care to prevent victims from getting help and to hurt them even more.

Most victims experience shots with Directed Energy Weapons in the genitals and even genital mutilation. Those victims that have implants tend to have them in the genital and rectal regions too. These can be used for remote-controlled rape and sadistic torture. Both can also be done with Directed Energy Weapons alone, but once the chips are used it is almost impossible to shield from it and the victim becomes entirely helpless against the attack. What remote-controlled rape sounds like on high-frequency measuring equipment is shown below, where Dr. Horton was raped by the Swiss Secret Services, NDB, in her home near Zurich. Like mamny victims, Dr. Horton is raped on a daily basis.

Break-ins and Covert Implanting
As part of the psychopathic obsession for control, agents even break into homes at night and do microsurgery on people, implanting them with chips and even nanotechnology that can be remote-controlled. Dr. Horton was implanted on two dozen locations by these means. The last time, she was overtly implanted was in the middle of June 2017, when 3 months after her request to cease and desist to the Swiss Secret Service in the military HQ in Berne, agents of the Swiss Secret Service broke into her home, slit her navel open using a laser scalpel and implanted her with a radio-frequency emitting chip. That laser surgery scar is shown below, as photographed by Dr. Horton’s doctor the day after Dr. Horton discovered the scar.

Laser-surgery scar on Dr. Horton’s navel after criminal implanting with a microchip during a break-in into her home by the Swiss Secret Service, NDB. (Click to enlarge)
Three weeks later, when the microchip was turned on and used for pain torture, Dr. Horton measured the radio-frequency emissions of the chip implanted in the navel with the Aceco bug detector, as shown below. On her YouTube channel, she has posted the full list of chip measurements of her body (8 videos).

Sniper Shots of Chips, Bioweapons and Nanotech
Many victims, including Dr. Horton, experience being shot at with projectiles that are aimed at piercing the skin to deliver bioweapons such as germs and nanotech, or lodging the projectile itself in tissue (e.g. radio-frequency chips).

When Dr. Horton had to flee her home due to the brutality of the Directed Energy Weapon attacks by the Swiss Secret Service, NDB, she was provided refuge by a journalist in Germany, who also recorded an interview with Dr. Horton. In retaliation for the interview, or out of habitual psychopathy, Dr. Horton was shot in the neck by the German Secret Service, BND, at the hotel where the interview was being recorded with a biowarfare agent that mutilated her neck, caused massive swelling created a wound that still hasn’t healed at the time of writing a quarter year later, see below. The journalist testified to observing the sudden swelling in writing.

Wounds from poison darts shot into the neck of Dr. Horton on 11 December 2017 by the German Secret Service, BND. (Click to enlarge)
Thousands of Victim Testimonies
The thousands of testimonies and desperate please for help by the victims of these psychopathic genocide campaigns by our degenerate secret services can be found everywhere online under the keyword “targeted individuals”. This term is a psyop device designed to obfuscate the truth that these are in fact the holocaust victims of the intelligence agencies.

Already over a decade ago, the victim John Finch assembled over 1500 international victim cases and submitted them to all institutions that have a duty to fight such criminality around the world. John Finch’s list can be found in the Wikileaks Vault 7 releases in an internal email at Stratfor in 2007. All officials who were contacted chose to ignore these crimes against humanity.

“We have contacted most Governments, Security/Intelligence Agencies, Religious Organisations, International Organizations, Human Rights Organizations, Universities, Scientific and other Institutions, and the International Media all over the world – over and over and over again sending them all our case summaries, appeals for help, info etc..” – John Finch, victim & campaigner

This shows that most of our governments knowingly allow and commit these crimes against humanity. Given that these are Nazi experiments and Nazi crimes, what we have to face up to is that our governments are in Deep Capture by a global Nazi crime syndicate. This makes those officials, who have been contacted but chose to remain silent and deny victims help, Nazi collaborators and war criminals who assisted the cover-up of these crimes. Covering-up crimes against humanity is the gravest offence in every jurisdiction.

The Purpose
Nazi Eugenics and Genocide
The goal is to entirely subjugate the healthy population by crippling them with health problems and financial difficulties so that they are entirely subservient to a core network of clinical psychopaths who, as a result of their mental illness, consider themselves to be a super-race that should dominate everybody else.

As part of that program a large scale Intelligenzaktion (as conducted by the German Gestapo in Poland early in World War II) is run by the secret services to debilitate and murder the highly intelligent and articulate members of society, so that they cannot warn others when they spot the pattern of this development. The secret services have already murdered a lot of the best and brightest in the Western world and are continuing to expand their take-down operations to ever larger parts of society. By now, everyone of genuinely high value to society due to their insight, ingenuity and integrity is being assaulted by the criminals and degenerates in the secret services to ensure the subjugation of civil society.

War of Terror
The secret services staged fake terrorist events to expand their budgets in the War on Terror. For example, MI5’s budget doubled after 2003 and their head-count tripled(Guardian, 7th Sept 2011). The armies of weaponized morons that were recruited with that money, combined with high-tech surveillance methods, are used to demolish all Western democratic institutions and to restrain and debilitate the population. The goal is to ensure that healthy people cannot stop the psychopaths in the secret services and the military when they expand their program of systematic mutilation and murder, which is modelled on the Gestapo and the death squads run by Western secret services in Latin America and Asia.

Stopping the Nazis
Dr Katherine Horton is one of those scientist who is being mutilated to death by the psychopaths and their minions in the secret services. Together with a group of high-profile whistleblowers and especially talented people she is trying to stop the war that the degenerates in our societies are waging on the normal people.

Together they formed the Joint Investigation Team, US-Europeto investigate crimes committed with Directed Energy Weapons, Military Neuro/Biotechnology and Systemic Corruption.

Urgently help Dr Horton and her associates if you want to halt the global mutilation and subjugation programs!

Support our Fighters

The Wider Genocide Program
The global genocide program has many other forms and goes back to global plans that have been in place for a long time. Genocide is a staple asset-stripping method of the global crime cartel that it uses to break down nations. It used it against Germany and other countries in World War II, against Russia and China during communism, and later in Vietnam, Latin America, Africa, and more recently in the Middle East like in Iraq and Syria. In other words, it used this asset-stripping strategy everywhere, and each time with full success.

If we want to stop the genocide this time, we have to work together globally. If humanity succeeds against the global crime cartel, it will in fact be the first time. If humanity fails, the cartel will conduct a global genocide surpassing all previous genocides.

As a result of the complexity of our systems, we would not be able to maintain any of our system like commerce, manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, electricity grids and computer and telecommunications architecture after such a genocide. That is because most of the people who knew how to run these things or had the training to be able to help run these things, would be dead. In other words, we would be pushed into a new form of the dark ages, which will be a lot worse than the original Dark Ages because vanishingly few of us know how to live off the land and fend for ourselves.

It is for these reasons that everyone of us has to take the revelations about the following programs very seriously and do our best to fight them.

Ryan Zimmermann. The compilation below is intended for court use.

Deagel.comGenocide Forecasts
uncovered by Ryan Zimmerman.

Genocide Treaties
Deborah Tavares exposes the Genocide Treaties signed by the governments of the world, which are controlled by the global crime cartel. Her presentation was published on 22 Jan 2018.

UN Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030
Couched in benign Killuminazi doublespeak, UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are global Nazi extermination programs by the global crime cartel which controls the UN. The genocide is sometimes euphemistically called “depopulation” and uses the codewords “sustainability” for genocide and “smart” for technology-enabled murder. Below is a selection of a short 5min introduction and there are excellent longer exposés online. For example Rosa Koire has done a lot of work in exposing these war crime schemes.

Celebration of Genocide in Public Rituals
Opening of the Gotthard Tunnel, Switzerland
One of the most striking Satanic rituals was the opening of the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland. Satan is openly depicted as a goat, the common people are mocked as ignorant and zombiefied, and the large-scale Nazi extermination is announced with references to trains of people carting off the victims, just like during World War II.

The opening ceremony of the Gotthard Tunnel was so shocking that the John Birch Society put out an entire video dedicated to its commentary:

Olympics Ceremony 2012, London
The introduction below highlights a lot of the symbolism. One addition is that at 8:25 the baby’s head has a large scar on the side of its head and a matching vertical scar on its forehead as if it has been cut open. The effect of the surface structure is that it looks like a digial image, in other words, its brain is getting digitised. This obsession with owning somebody to the extent of ripping the body open and getting inside is typical of psychopathy.

Genocide of the Poor & Disabled, UK
By a process termed economic genocide the UK government caused the deaths of 120’000 people reliant on social care in the UK, as was revealed by the Independent on 15 Nov 2017. The death toll is expected to rise to 200’000 by the end of 2020. Both the article in the Independent and the scientific paper it is based on are below for download.

The Independent on UK Economic Genocide
published on 15 Nov 2017.
Scientific Article on UK Economic Genocide
published in Aug 2017.

the playlist of his interviews.

A full exposure of the organised crime cartel and its plans using 5G has been compiled by the Fullerton Informer

Below is an excellent technical introduction to 5G. It was in the public domain viewable on the internet and is reposted here in order to preserve it and to spread its viewership in the public interest and for national security concerns that make a rapid spreading of information necessary given the horrific crimes being committed with such technology. All credits and copyright are held by the author.

Technical Info on 5G
Presentation by expert from Rohde & Schwatz.

Water Fluoridation
“The sheer arrogance of this is breath-taking.” — Dr. Paul Connett
This is a targeted brain mutilation program with a known neuro-toxin aimed at certain parts of society. In the UK, for example, water fluoridation is conducted in the poorer regions of the North, for example Birmingham and Manchester. Fluoride is a known neurotoxin that damages the brain.

The cover story by the global crime cartel is that it is to improve dental health, which is obviously nonsense to anyone with half a brain, as it is clear that having good teeth for the poorer classes is not the main agenda of the ruling cabal, not least because that makes them less money. What is actually happening is that targeted brain damage is being delivered “on tap” to poorer homes under the promise of “better teeth”.

Below is the report by Cambridge-educated Dr. Paul Connett about the lawsuit being launched against this brain mutilation program. More information on the website for the lawsuit

Joint Investigation Team US-Europe that is investigating crimes committed with Directed Energy Weapons, Military Neuro- and Biotechnology and Systemic Corruption, see:

weekly live broadcast on YouTube Thurs 11am-1pm ET / 4-6pm UK / 5-7pm CET:

Your donation will be used to fund the investigation and the court cases.

Dr. Horton offers consultations via Skype or Hangouts Mo-Fr 9am-9pm CET (Zurich time).

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SJ 485

I wonder if she was always like this or simply snapped and went flying over the edge.
She says she was a research fellow at St. John's College, Oxford and that she only began being targeted in 2011 after attending a court case, so my guess is she was a fairly normal human being up until that point. Schizophrenia often begins to manifest in young adulthood and the symptoms can come out of nowhere.


Jiggling and Giggling at the state of things
She says she was a research fellow at St. John's College, Oxford and that she only began being targeted in 2011 after attending a court case, so my guess is she was a fairly normal human being up until that point. Schizophrenia often begins to manifest in young adulthood and the symptoms can come out of nowhere.

Jeez, this is actually kind of sad.


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This is actually sad. She's obviously a very smart lady, but paranoid and delusional as all fuck. I hope she can get the help she needs, hopefully before she does any serious damage to herself, her neighbours, or the global supply of aluminium foil (does she not know about Faraday cages, or won't they work here?).

Stock Photo James
It's quite sad to witness a talented, educated person, a researcher even, go batshit insane like that.

The worst shit is that no matter all her knowledge and innate aptitude she is still a hostage of her brain's chemistry gone bad and instead of fighting the insanity she only channels her education to justify her irrational actions, and the elaborate babble combined with her cred just convinces other TI nutjobs of illuminati satanic ray satellite radiation instead of seeking psychiatric help.


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I'm glad you made this thread, @Visitor. It's definitely a thing that needs documenting. I take no pleasure in it, though -- the whole thing is tragic as hell.

I ran across Horton in Marissa's YouTube, and the horrifying thing is the percentage of comments that are "me too" crazies. I could only make it through a couple of videos.

One thing struck me in the videos, though -- she was begging for money from her viewers. So she and her 'team' could continue their 'work'. Fishy, that. It's too fleshed out and horrible to be a con, though.

Edit to add: here's a good NYT article about gangstalking and 'targeted individuals' from 2016. Basically, the crazies are banding together on social media to amplify the crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't blossom into a full-blown public health crisis.

SJ 485

Basically, the crazies are banding together on social media to amplify the crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't blossom into a full-blown public health crisis.
I have seen far more of these people than I ever would have thought were out there and I'm sure that those are just the surface level. It just goes to show how drastically overlooked people's mental health is in modern western society, I have no doubt a portion of these people is dangerous and capable of violence.


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Now how the fuck does something like this happen? You become a physics major, possibly one of the most difficult degrees in science education, and you show signs of above average intelligence, but yet all of that is all overshadowed because you become a paranoid weirdo for no particular reason.


See you later space cowboy...
It's always so sad to see highly intelligent people succumb to mental illness. People like this have the potential to make a big contribution to this world, yet in her case she spends her days talking about gangstalking, putting aluminum foil all over her house and believing that the Killuminazi are out to get her. I sincerely hope that we find out some cure to this shit in the near future.

SJ 485

The good doctor returns with a bunker update video, this is the best look we've had all around the inside of her little enclosure so far. Not only that but she's gone even further off the deep end, adding binbags full of aluminium foil and baking trays to her sleeping area. I'm continually baffled by how far she takes this tin foil shielding, she must get barely any sleep at all.

@5:25 As she gestures around the inside of the bunker "This is what these people do, because they are mentally degenerate." :story:

She also gives out her full address, so I'm happy to say I was finally able to locate that dreadful satanic goat on google maps.
satanic goat located.jpg
I've also updated the OP with her address and pics of her (quite nice) house.