Skitzocow Dr. Katherine Horton / @Stop007org - Oxford Physics PhD gone completely off the rails, targeted individual, a knight in crinkling armour


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Aug 29, 2017
Has anyone confirmed she actually went to Oxford because the only references I can find to that are her own.
I seem to recall something about an email interaction she had with some professional colleagues. This was going back ages ago and also involved her husband. I'm not sure if it was with someone from her college at Oxford or someone at CERN. It was one or the other.

I will try and find it a bit later today. That interaction makes me inclined to believe what she says about her qualifications.

She's very clearly an intellectual. A tortured genius, just not in the way she thinks.

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May 2, 2019
Years ago I had a friendly correspondence with a PhD mathematician who had schizophrenia, and somehow still managed to publish, maintain a teaching career, albeit not at nearly the level her early career suggested. In hindsight, I admire her more than ever.

Elyn Saks, a dean of some California law faculty, wrote a pretty interesting autobiography covering her illness "The Center Cannot Hold" (from the Yeates poem). I was not surprised later on in the book to learn that she became a psychoanalyst because her descriptions definitely seemed massaged to fit that mold, i.e. weekly scheduled tearful breakdowns with therapist mother figure, everything neatly interpretable primordial images and symbols, etc. Kinda infuriating, but an impressive woman.

Aug 30, 2018
Apologies for the necro, but if you followed Katherine in the past you might be interested. you might recall she had gone off the grid for a while, she returned to Germany from Switzerland, and was sporadic with videos as she traveled around meeting others in the TI community. After spending an extended period of time in the US she has announced that she and Bill Binney have married. Probably not worth archiving, but here's the link if anyone wishes to see.

Quite the fall for both. She a still youngish phd lost husband and home and married a geriatric double amputee. He once a legitimate whistleblower now a wacky conspiracy theorist married to a schizophrenic spending his final years looking for non-existent body implants. Sad and fascinating and darkly funny if schitzo cows are your thing.
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