Horrorcow Dr. Kathy Rumer, DO / "The Butcher of Ardmore" / Rumer Gender Surgery / Rumer Cosmetic Surgery / Delaware Valley Aesthetics, PLLC - Sex-reassignment surgeon notorious for botched surgeries, constantly suing and being sued

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Smiling Honeybadger

Still not giving a fuck.


Here's a little more content...

This one is old, but I don't think it's been posted yet (?):
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1 week post-op:
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1.5 months post-op:
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Troons are so delusional, lol.

This one is new:
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5/5 star rating, "100% happy with my results!"
Just ignore the wound separation and weird scarring :) (not to mention everything else, lol)

Also: "No fatties allowed!" - Rumer, probably.
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Basically, an FTM started a thread on Reddit to complain about Rumer denying her for top surgery. I've heard this brought up in other reviews before too; apparently Rumer has pretty strict BMI requirements for patients. Hopefully someone can confirm or deny, but didn't Jonathan Yaniv originally try to go to Rumer for his SRS - only to be turned down for his BMI? Maybe I dreamed that... 😂
(And to be fair, BMI requirements aren't too unusual since obese patients are more difficult to anesthetize and have a much higher risk of post-op complications.)
One of the comments: "Nope! I am in a philly top surgery group and someone sent me their results as a 300+ individual!!"

Imagine going under the knife and refusing to lose a few pounds. God damn.

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