Dr. Richard Carrier v. Freethought Blogs Network, Paul Z. Meyers et al (2016)

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Feb 11, 2016
Thanks for the thread idea @Chemical snorfare

Dr. Richard Carrier is a PhD in History of Philosophy and blogger formerly associated with Paul "P.Z." Meyers's Freethought Blogs platform. He left after being accused of sexual harassment by other activists. The accusations got him banned from the secularist convention Skepticon.

He filed a lawsuit again everyone involved in publishing articles on their blogs (and several posts on facebook) about the incidents where he's accused of harassment.

Several Defendants have been named, all of which are associated with Skepticon and Freethought Blogs.
-Freethought Blogs Network, the Atheist blog network Carrier is formerly associated with, owned by Defendant Meyers.

-FtB founder Dr Paul "PZ" Meyers, runs FtB and his own blog "Pharyngula" out of Minnesota

-The Orbit, a social justice oriented online publication based in Minnesota.

-Stephanie Zvan is a feminist podcaster and blogger who writes for the Orbit, her article "Summarizing the Current Allegations Against Richard Carrier" in the Orbit lead to Carrier including her and The Orbit in this lawsuit.

-Skepticon is an Secularist/Skeptic convention in Springfield, Missouri. They banned Richard Carrier after women complained about him.

-Lauren Lane is an activist who co-founded Skepticon as a non-profit organization. She wrote an article online (on stepticon.org) titled "Keeping Skepticon Safe".

-Amy Frank-Skiha is a neurobiology student at Arizona State University and former president of the ASU chapter of the Secular Students Alliance. She invited Carrier to an event at ASU and after it ended, wrote a post on Facebook accusing him of agressive sexual/romantic advances towards her.

Carrier asserts the allegations are all false and meant to tarnish his reputation. He claims damages to his professional life stemming from these articles and facebook posts.

The lawsuit is still on-going and funds are still being raised as of early 2018.

In January Paul Meyers published an article asking for donations to his legal fund, and insinuates that Carrier's lawsuit is being funded by "the usual gang of misogynist MRAs and anti-SJW jerks", commenting that he's "mystified" that Carrier is still able to pay for lawyers to pursue this charge.

Links for the SWORN LOLsuit
Carrier Lolsuit https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5dd6fnybat...
Skepticon Response: http://docdro.id/eUs7E9S
Richard Carrier Affidavit: http://docdro.id/Padl5q0
Dana Carol Fredsti Affidavit: http://docdro.id/IvzLsVD
David Fitzgerald Affidavit: http://docdro.id/IYxozQD
Spencer Hawkins Affidavit: http://docdro.id/WqX5URS
Heina Dadabhoy Emails: http://docdro.id/VYtvKAz
Lauren Lane Emails: http://docdro.id/TKBmJXe
Recent Post on FtB: http://archive.md/wFynd


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Mar 11, 2016
Carrier's complaint is still a lolsuit even though it's much more coherent than Maddox's.

Funny bits:

(1) As part of his defense against sexual harassment accusations, he mentions out of nowhere that he has a history of infidelity and interest in open relationships :lol: :lol: :lol:

(2) He claims that an article quoting his own words is defamatory

(3) He argues that one of the defendant sites knew the appropriate legal move was to get his version of events before publishing their allegedly defamatory piece... then cites an article where they acknowledge he denies the charges and even link to his statement on the matter as "proof" they never did their due diligence.

More serious bits:

(1) Some of the allegedly defamatory statements are simply FreeThoughtBlogs or its affiliated sites republishing the accusations with a comment to the effect of "I believe these charges are true". Even if these republished accounts are false, it's not defamation unless FTB also altered the content of the accusations ("substantial truth" doctrine) or at least suspected they were false ("actual malice", see my next point).

(2) Carrier is alleging actual malice. This means he must show defendants knew or should reasonably have known their statements were false, i.e. negligence is not sufficient proof.

To give you an idea of how tough this burden of proof is, the infamous Rolling Stone "Rape on Campus" story was admitted to be false by the magazine, but a jury still needed several days to deliberate after the resulting libel suit and they only found some, not all, of the plaintiff's claims to meet the actual malice criteria.

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Mar 17, 2018
Shit, I didn't know we had a thread on Carrier! Fuggin' hell, is it me birfday?

Considering that lolsuit happened 2 years ago and yet all the sites he's trying to sue remain up, is it fair to speculate that he probably lost?

(Yeah yeah, I know, :late: as fuck, but whatever)
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