Dragon Ball Thread - Includes Z and Super (and GT if you really want to talk about that); also includes Abridged


Holy fuck that reminds me whatever happened to Kirran? He was in like every let's play for a while and then he was just gone.
He's working on an indie video game or something and has kind of distanced himself from the TFS Gaming shit aside from occasionally popping in. He made a big long-winded post about it on Reddit a few months ago.

Man there's so much here I wanna say. So I'm gonna. This is gonna be a lotta rambly.

I used to be the only person in charge of gaming stuff, that meant editing, uploading, thumbnails, even being in them, etc. It was my full time job with often more than 40 hours a week given to it. I did that for two years before realizing how much it was killing me. We got other editors to help lighten that end of it but then it turned into "how can you get the editor to find the funny bits / make it how you would." I stopped showing up at the end of videos cuz I wasn't editing them. I also was barely involved in anything aside from being on gaming stuff at that point. Showing up and recording and producing things like some factory. I hated it.

Then I got the chance to work on a video game, and that made me feel that drive to do things and be creative, something that I tried working into gaming shit when I was still in charge of it. It just didn't compare. Getting a chance to make something that I could actually go to bed thinking "I did something good today," playing video games doesn't do that.

I poured everything into making that channel as good as it could be, and that's when I pitched the nuzlocke cuz I wanted to do it. It was creative and knew we could do something fun. Hey it worked great. I love seeing fanart and interacting with people. I love talking to fans and treating people like they are, just other people who happen to watch things I'm in. I like being on their level, never above them. Nothing I do is special. Just a dude talking playing a game. When I was the only person in charge, that's where that intimacy came from. I couldn't keep doing everything and stay sane though.

Now we get to after I worked on Knockoff, and I wanted to step down from managing the channel to focus on something that actually meant something to me. Even if it tanked I still feel like working on that was way more gratifying to me. I've always been a creative person, not an entertainer. I don't like putting on a show too often because I think being genuine and natural is more rare than someone being fake Internet "haha like and subscribe to see my manufactured laughs"

After stepping down my presence would dip, and Grant would take over. As he's been working things through, he wanted to push more for Twitch so we can get that kind of genuine interactivity to it. I don't think we've gotten to it yet but we're getting close. Its hard to be intimate or personal with a chat that just races past you sometimes.

There's also the matter of why push for Twitch, well we could keep doing the record for 2 hours and make up reasons to stop every 10-20 minutes (the actual money-seeking move) or just show off the whole 2 hours naturally. It seemed like a natural fit to try and see if the recorded stuff could work also being streamed, and then cut up for the people that want it that way. I'm not gonna pretend like cutting things up doesn't have its audience, but it's something that always felt superficial to maintain. If you want things in chunks you can always hit pause and watch the rest later. We might try doing more things like that again though, we'll see. I don't think streams work well for "events" but they're astounding for hanging out, and that level of energy is real easy to maintain and not get burnt out on.

As YouTube has changed, there has been no push or gain in videos that are just part X of something. That doesn't get recommended to people, and with people not watching 20 parts of a game, they stop getting our videos altogether in their sub box in some cases. Or they just mentally glaze over everything. It's dangerous now to put out a long form series with multiple parts if people don't watch. And repairing that has proven incredibly difficult. All these YouTube changes happened when Ben left, Grant took over, our ad revenue dipped, interpersonal problems, and all sorts of things. This entire year has been a clusterfuck trying to get our footing.

Come to the nuzlocke and Grant and I really wanted to see if making it more stream focused would work, because there was no way we were both going to be blind if we dragged it out in 20 minute chunks, and I think the blind reactions led to some of the best moments for it. If we could go back there's numerous things I'd do differently, but we had a ton of fun with it. We wanted this to be the step going forward of what you can expect from what we'd like to or try to do. Highlight videos tend to perform better, so we're trying that.

YouTube and Twitch have very different expectations, but when you go on YouTube and see dozens of people talking shit about you, and you go on Twitch and people are just happy to be there, I don't think it's a stretch to see why we prefer it. I'm not in charge of any of this shit anymore, but I'm happy to see things just being experimented with. We can't keep doing the same thing forever, or at least as we were, because it was simply unsustainable. It led to more burn out than should happen in a DREAM JOB WHERE YOU PLAY VIDEO GAMES. So many things going on that kept leading to "why isn't this fun? This is a literal dream job"

This nuzlocke was some of the most actual, genuine fun we've had doing shit. At least for me. If you didn't like it, I'm sorry. But we gotta try something or else we're not gonna make it.

I look at Reddit and read the comments all the time, and often I just try to ignore it or not say anything, but with all this speculation I figured saying something might help.

Thank you to those who have been understanding and sticking with us. With change people are gonna be upset and I'm sorry, but we simply couldn't keep doing things the same way. We're all trying to make some creative projects lately and that's made the gaming end much less of a priority. I hope you can still enjoy hanging out with us. We'd love nothing more than to see y'all having fun alongside us.
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So this exists. Voices can be pretty rough, but I thought it was funny.
Awwww that's cute. Goku sounds a lot like Ash, and the voice-acting was pretty crisp and natural. Also, GT needs an abridgement, so sweet, thanks for this!

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They uploaded episode 2 of their worst series almost a day ago and it is sitting at only 60k views.
I said it already before, but just pay attention to how many of the scenes are animated with the characters from the torso up. If you see a full-body shot of a character, they're almost always in the background or sitting or both.

This shit is really bad.


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Are there any efforts to merge God's Chosen Speedy Dub onto some nice video sources? I can appreciate the is-ness of the VCD rips but seeing it looking good would be neat too.


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Looking back, DBZA was a product of it's time that did not age well at all.
Even the most recent episodes have dated references to pop culture and memes, and the things that aren't dated in earlier episodes are almost universally jokes stolen from Adult Swim (namely ATHF). The highlights of the show are when they poke fun at the source material like a proper parody, their attempts at isolated jokes often fall flat.
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Ehh, I thought that DBZA remained good up until the end (if anything, it was the first few episodes of the Saiyans that were rough.) Liked the sex jokes, some of the series references, etc.

Shame we aren't getting Buu but I also never got suckered into their, or anyone else's, patreon and never watched their LPs or side projects aside from DBcember so I am better off than their hard-core fans.

Beyond that, still no news of a Super continuation anywhere?


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I said it already before, but just pay attention to how many of the scenes are animated with the characters from the torso up. If you see a full-body shot of a character, they're almost always in the background or sitting or both.

This shit is really bad.
It’s because it’s being animated and everything by one person.
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