Dragoneer / Preyfar / firepyro / Sean Piche / Spottybitch / Princess Piche - FurAffinity's incompetent, lazy, dogfucker-defending, scam artist leader who got cucked by a brony

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Straight Outta Vellie
Dec 8, 2014

Dragoneer (real name Sean Piche) is the leader of the popular furry website FurAffinity. He became owner of the site in 2007 after purchasing it from its original owner, then was demoted to site lead after selling the site to IMVU. Even though IMVU pays him to work on FA full time he begs for money on Ko-Fi to "fuel my late night development on FA's Beta." Online Dragoneer pretends to be a muscular Digimon; in reality he is a balding, morbidly obese 37 year old.

One would expect the leader of a prominent furry site would be involved in the occasional bit of drama. It comes with the territory, after all. Dragoneer takes this up to 11 by being completely spineless and mystifyingly stupid. He is incapable of learning from his mistakes, sticking to his word, or being honest, and as a result he has gotten himself tangled up in countless scandals and drama.

Admittedly Dragoneer isn't a typical cow. He doesn't produce content on a regular basis. But what he does have is a long history of constantly fucking up. Think of him as less of a cow regularly producing milk and more as a cask of cheap wine ready to be cracked open.

FurAffinity Forums account
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The Petty Purple Pissant in Pennsylvania (aka "The Olive Garden Incident")
Dragoneer got his start in the Philadelphia furry community during the late 90's/early 2000's. Back then he went by the name Preyfar and his fursona was a purple hyena. In Philadelphia he garnered a reputation for being a hypersensitive dramawhore. One particular incident involved a group of furries having a gathering at a bookstore and Olive Garden near his house. Rather than contact someone to see what was going on, check online to see if there had been an announcement of the meet up, or simply get off his ass and walk across the street, Dragoneer watched the group from his apartment window for hours before running to LiveJournal to bitch about not being personally invited.
Sat Nov 15 14:42:02 EST 2003

I just wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you
who ventured out to fine Chestnut Street out here in Philadelphia to
see They Might Be Giant playing at the Barnes and Nobles right across
from my house. To eat at the Olive Garden right next to where I
live. And, especially more than that, to not invite me, and to make
sure nobody knew I didn't live there until after your party left the

There's a special, warm place in my heart for those who go out of
their way to ignore me, and prevent me from joining in anything that
happens in the community. It's moments like these that truly bring a
smile to my face, and let me know how valuable my friendship is to
group as a whole!

I shall be sure to never participate in any event ever held in this
state, because I understand how much you all truly love having me
along. And, were it not for kind, thankful soul who was with you who
let me know just how much I TRULY meant to all of you, I'd have never
have been able to feel the affectionate display of generosity shown
towards yours truly.

With sincerest thanks,
When he was told there had been a public announcement for the gathering and he had simply missed it, Dragoneer tried to pull a "I was only pretending to be re'tarded!" while continuing to cry about how the local furries were mean to him for not going out of their way to invite him.
I was highly upset at the time, and given some very conflicting information. Still, my "rant" on the mailing list was most a sarcastic post than it was anything else, and not very spiteful. Yet, besides this, I also heard several people tell me there are people on the mailing who have been telling people that I'm next to clinically insane, which really upset me.

Coupled together, I got extremly anger, and hurt being all belief. =/ I wrote an upset post feeling like I had been ignored by the people I called friends, and that's still how I feel.

A lot of it was done in haste, and the fact I literally wanted to cry. I mean, imagine if half a dozen people you know and call friends are literally hanging out on your block, and they know how to get into contact with you, but don't. Then they message you the day after and tell you all about it. But then you ALSO find out one person in the group purposefully didn't want you there, and made sure not to tell anybody until after everyone left.


I didn't feel that hot either.
Well, you were at the bookstore I hangout, chilling at my building, and you didn't think to stop by and say hi? No. But, I was kindly told that you privately only mentioned I lived in the building you were all hanging out after you all had left, so you didn't have to deal with me.

So, was I upset? Yes. Yes I was. Wouldn't you be if half a dozen of your friend were hanging out in the very place you live and didn't even consider the courtesy of saying hi?

You know I lived there. I know you ignored me. I was kindly told.

Thank you.
As for the PA Furry rant, it wasn't a rant, it was a pure sarcasm, not rantage.
It was during his time in Philly that Dragoneer developed his long-standing grudge against fellow furry bigwig Uncle Kage. The catalyst for this grudge was Kage upstaging Dragoneer at a meet he was hosting. This event was so traumatic for Dragoneer that he didn't host another furry meet up until the creation of his vanity convention FurAffinity: United.

Weekend At Firepyro's
In 2008 Dragoneer announced he was over the "petty crap" of the past. He had moved on and become a better person. To prove how not mad he was over events that happened 5+ years earlier, in 2010 he created sockpuppet accounts on the FurAffinity Forums and the now defunct Watch Your Step forums to shit talk Uncle Kage, Anthrocon, and the Pennsylvania furry community in general all while whiteknighting for himself.
I can share a story, too: a guy I used to know (he used to go by "Preyfar" - you may know of him) started up a bunch of meets and art jams years ago in PA. Small, but had a bunch of people. Mostly at coffee shops in Philadelphia. He told me he did a meet in the King of Prussia mall (old AC stomping grounds). Kage and his crew showed up, and said "Screw the mall, let''s go to the zoo!" and over half the meet blindly followed Kage and everybody else to the zoo. In November. In the rain.

Preyfar got pissed, never held a meet again after it was taken over. Who goes to a zoo in the cold ass rain? Short of FAU, he never ran events since. As he tells it Preyfar/Dragoneer got banned from the PA state furry mailing list and excommunicated from the local group due to him and Kage not getting along. Said there was some stupid argument, and got perma-banned from the list and PA furry events after the mailing list mod decided to fuck with him, changing his settings and continually deleting his profile behind his back.I think that was back in like 2002-2004 era. Used to talk to him a lot back then.
It''s been a while since we last talked, but I know the Kage problems continued for him when AC staffer Furp (RIP) moved in with him in Kyrgyzstan. Furp was bestest buddies with Kage and other AC staffers, and Neer bitched Furp kept causing a buncha butthurt drama, leaking everything he did/said back to the AC staff, causing all sorts of general problems for him at his job where they both worked. Dragoneer had said that the last thing Kagemushi ever said to him was "Welcome to my shitlist, asshole" because they had some difference of opinion, and some twat in his journal called AC "Kagecon" and Neer didn''t blindly jump to his defense, so Kage shit all over him. Been a grudge on Kage''s side against him since.'
Between Kage and the Dorsai there''s a lot of "bad shit" that goes on, and most people are just sort of blind to it. Dragoneer used to be AC staff before getting thrown off of it after getting into a huge fight with one of the board of directors there over some rape issue. I don''t remember the entire story, but one of the AC board of directors was fucking everybody he could while dating one of Neer''s friends, and Neer called him on it and Kage and the other guy defended his right to sleep around.\r\n\r\nI can''t remember the other guy''s name. Damuth or something. Been a while since I heard the story.',
Kage wants the fandom to be his ideal. He tells people what furries are and what he thinks they should be. If they don''t fit his image of the fandom then he tells people who. Kage tells everybody NOT to use FA, not to recommend it. And yet he''s on it. Why? Because Dragoneer and Kage/Giza hate each other, so he condemns the entire community. Never seen Dragoneer bash Anthrocon though, but they''ll tear FA apart non-stop the other way around. I imagine Dragoneer would say something but Kage has threatened FA and Dragoneer multiple times. Play Kage's way or GTFO of the fandom.',
If Dragoneer banned this dude because he fucked out upside of the site, just because Neer felt this dude didn''t deserve to be on the site, what''s to stop him from banning of any of us? Yeah, dipshit fucked a dog, but half of us are actively going after people on FA and ragging the shit out of them. The same shit that protects this fucktwat protects us.
Oh no, Dragoneer is balding. END OF THE WORLD! Yeah, attack the dude over shit he has nothing in control over. Fat fuck? Sure. But wow, what a low life prick.I may be an asshat, but even I won''t attack people over shit they have no control over. Some things are low even for me.'
The name he chose for his socks, firepyro, was the name of a former roommate of his and another Pennsylvania fur he hated. The real Firepyro (sometimes called Furp) had been killed in a traffic accident just a few months earlier. The ruse was discovered when leaks from the WYS forums database revealed the IP addresses for the Dragoneer and firepyro accounts were the same. Leaks from FA further proved Dragoneer's sockpuppeting antics.

Keep Your Friends Close (and their sockpuppets closer)
Dragoneer is a paranoid bastard. He has stated multiple times that he does not trust anyone and multiple former staff members have complained of an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion. Because of this he prioritizes hiring his friends over volunteers. The problem is his friends are more often than not incompetent nitwits with shitty reputations in the fandom. Rather than grow a pair and stand up for his decisions and his friends, Dragoneer will "fire" controversial staff members and then have them create sockpuppet accounts to mod/admin from. He has done this with his now ex-wife Sciggles, his best friend (and admitted zoophile) Chase, and a certain someone worthy of their own section.

Hack(er) Fraud
Perhaps the worst example of how stupid Dragoneer can be when it comes to who he brings on to the site is "Starrykitten." In November of 2014 Dragoneer announced that a user by the name of Starrykitten would be joining the Dev/Ops team. Starry’s duties would include “bring more transparency to what we’re doing.” There was just one problem. Well, two problems. First, the Starrykitten account was an obvious sockpuppet as it had been made less than a week before the announcement. Second, there had been no admin sign ups prior to Starry joining the team. After being grilled by several users Starrykitten eventually broke down and admitted that he was actually Zidonuke.

Zidonuke is a hacker with a history of sabotaging the projects he is involved with including Pokemon World Online, F-List, and various mods for Terraria and Starbound. Needless to say users were less than thrilled to learn Dragoneer had hired him. Dragoneer didn't see a problem with it because Zidonuke was his friend and neighbor.

Before his true identity was even unveiled Zidonuke went about throwing Dragoneer under the bus. He revealed that he had actually been a "hidden admin" for over a year prior the public announcement and a server purchased with user donations had been sitting unused for over a year. Despite his "friend" publicly stabbing him in the back Dragoneer defended Zidonuke, deleting negative journals and comments and claiming anyone who said "Starrykitten is actually Zidonuke" was harassing and doxing him.

Zidonuke publicly quit about a month after the announcement. Whether or not he actually left staff is unknown.

Testimonials From Former Staff
FurAffinity has gone through many staff members throughout the years. Few, if any, have anything good to say about their experience. You'll see the same narrative over and over again: people come in with high hopes, eager to help change the site for the better, only to leave dejected when they realize Dragoneer and his friends simply don't give a shit about improving the site.
SimbaTheLion: Dragoneer & Co. are lazy, dumb, and lie to their users
DoodleJudge: Dragoneer & Co. foster a toxic, unfriendly environment and hate newcomers
Eevee: Dragoneer & Co. ignore security issues in favor of shitting their pants and doing nothing
Silver Eagle: Dragoneer & Co. are impossible to work with and Dragoneer nearly fucked him out of 400 hours worth of pay
Renashe: Dragoneer & Co. are overly defensive and can't accept criticism or deal with problems
Kalmor: Dragoneer & Co. ban staff who speak out
DaveHyena: Dragoneer & Co. host a fuckton of drama
Kitashi: Dragoneer & Co. won't even allow minor changes to the site's code
Furocity mods: Staff constantly break site rules and Dragoneer is too spineless to fire them

Pedo Dramas starring Daniel Llamas
Daniel "TORA/Growly" Llamas is a friend of Dragoneer's. He is also a registered sex offender who was convicted of raping a fourteen year old boy. In 2009 a user was going around FA posting comments and journals outing Daniel as a child rapist. Daniel ran to Dragoneer, begging him to deal with the "troll." During their conversation Dragoneer discovered Daniel had been soliciting underage FA users for nudes. Rather than be shocked or enraged that someone he trusted had used his site for criminal activity, Dragoneer was sad that he had to ban his friend.
Preyfar (9:50 PM): I like you, dude... I really do. I don't WANT to have to do this... but members of FA staff work in law enforcement, others have jobs in the security and government. There is no way I can verify that information, and I know what I'm reading and I'm not really, REALLY not fucking comfortable with this.
Daniel Llamas (9:50 PM): I already paid my debt to society and now I'm being punished now?
Preyfar (9:52 PM): Yes, but you are a convicted pedophile... I know you paid your debt, I know you served time, but dude... those comments...
Preyfar (9:52 PM): He admit he was 16. You knew he was 16. It states it in the notes, and you persisted about the images of him going down on himself
Preyfar (9:53 PM): Do you even realize that by law I probably HAVE to report that?
Preyfar (9:53 PM): I am so fucking torn right now...
It is unknown if he reported Daniel to the authorities. After banning the pedo from FA Dragoneer went to Twitter and cried about having to ban a sex offender who was using his site to prey on minors, saying he hated himself for it.

Must Love (to fuck) Dogs
Dragoneer doesn't seem to have an issue with people raping animals. On multiple occasions he has gone out of his way to defend zoophiles, refusing to ban them and protecting them from public ridicule. Hell, he even lets them become staff. Chase, a self-admitted dog rapist who posted photos of dog penises to his FA gallery and openly discussed his interest in fucking dogs, is one of the three staff leads alongside Dragoneer and Sciggles.

Fun fact: That Kamo guy? He's the COO for Bad Dragon.

Waffle House
Dragoneer loves to flip-flop on what is and is not allowed on the site. The rules are whatever he feels like they should be on that particular day. A prime example of this involves two users, ChewFox and Tarangryph, and FA's position on off-site behavior.

ChewFox is a furry who went on the Tyra Banks Show to talk about her and her husband's love of murrsuits. Needless to say this pissed off many in the community, including Dragoneer. He proceeded to ban ChewFox from FA despite her not breaking site rules, saying that talking about fursuit sex on television was worse than being a pedophile.

The ban was rescinded, only to later be reapplied when ChewFox wore a shirt mocking FA at Furry Weekend Atlanta.

So you can be banned from FA for off-site behavior, even if you don't break any rules while on FA? Well...

Tarangryph was an FA user who fell victim to a stalker. This person was posting her personal information and harassing her across multiple websites including FA, even going so far as to write stories about breaking into her house and raping her. Tarangryph tried to bring this situation to the staff's attention only to be ignored. Frustrated with the lack of action she wrote a journal outing her stalker and warning others about his behavior. Her journal was promptly deleted for being "harassment." Dragoneer went on to say he didn't see the problem with how the issue was handled because the stalker's actions were mostly off-site and therefore out of his jurisdiction, and he doesn't think being ignored by staff while a stalker is harassing and doxing you is a good enough reason to leave his site.
The admin took the right course of action in this case. I don't feel it's something to leave FA over, as if it happened on FA, it will happen on /any/ site. It's unfortunate, but a choice they have made. I'll respect that.
Shortly after saying this he banned a user over troll comments made on Twitter.

Project Phoenix Phailure
In December of 2013 Dragoneer announced that a team of volunteer programmers was going to start work on FA Rewrite attempt #4, dubbed Project Phoenix. The leader of this ragtag team was Zaush. Zaush is a popular porn artist who is best known for being a massive jackass and for being an accused rapist. In PMs leaked during the 2010 Yiffy Leaks debacle one of Zaush’s ex-fuckbuddies, Ferality, came to Dragoneer claiming Zaush had emotionally manipulated and intimidated her into having sex with him. Dragoneer told her to keep quiet about it. Despite Zaush’s less than stellar reputation in the community and how catastrophic his hiring would be for PR, Dragoneer saw no issue with bringing him aboard. Many users were upset over an accused rapist becoming a staff member, and a great deal of shit flinging went on between Zaush's whiteknights and his detractors. Dragoneer said he was neutral on whether or not Zaush was a rapist. Then he went on to say Zaush couldn't have raped Ferality because she willingly drove to his house.

Behind the scenes things weren't any better. It turned out that two months earlier a user named Myr had approached Dragoneer and asked if he could work on a rewrite of FA's code. Dragoneer approved it. Myr organized a small team and started work on the project, but because he failed to communicate Dragoneer forgot he gave someone permission to redo his entire fucking website.
Myr said:
I was involved in the recent rewrite work that was going on publicly in the forums here. I haven't heard of this other effort until today. I haven't heard from anyone about it.
Ben Anderson said:
Me and Myr along with Nanuk are already developing a website Myr got blessing for, directly from Dragoneer, back in October 2013!

If Dragoneer has turned his back on us three just because Zaush is a pop-fur I am going to be steaming mad. All three of us have worked our arse off to get FA 2.0 off the floor - Myr has a good Database Schema in place, nanuk has been bouncing ideas left, right and centre and I've almost completed the front-end design language and was going to start rolling out final templates sometime in January 2014.

Please, if someone out there has a direct line to Dragoneer and Zaush, could you give them a gentle prod and remind them that us three already exist? We should combine our efforts together, not have two conflicting teams.

Dragoneer said:
I'll be completely honest and state that things slipped my mind over the past three months
Myr's team agreed with meet with the Project Phoenix team and collaborate on rebuilding the site. But Zaush was such an unbearable asshole that Myr and Ben abandoned ship within 24 hours of meeting him.
Ben Anderson said:
He said that anyone who didn't share his drive was dead weight, he didn't want to motivate people and he was going to be a hard ass, me being busy with my real world job and Myr trying to pull money together to fix his car meant that "we were not suitable for the position" because our full attention was not on the subject - he even went as far to call Myr's money management pathetic if he couldn't afford to fix his car! It was a LOT of money Myr had to fork over! Like, A LOT, he needs to make it back somehow!

Zaush lives up to his name of being an insufferable jerk.

Me and Myr bailed.

According to Zaush it is HIS project, along with ONE of his friends. Two people in total, everyone, and I'm not even sure they really know what they are doing.

Likelihood of this actually going somewhere? HA.
Myr said:
Nope! He wants to do the site in JavaScript. So all previous work in Python and PHP is out the window. Anything I would have done in JSP is likewise not going to work. He already has his own HTML and CSS so no concepts or mock-ups shown here can be used either. The only thing that could be used is the SQL database setup that I was working on, but they're going to be working from the existing database apparently (wow, how did they get that?). If this is successful, and that's a big if, you'll get a new coat of paint and new background logic which may or may not improve things on FA's scale (purely depends on implementation). Maybe it'll work, maybe not. Who knows! All I know is that I'm no longer contributing and therefore I will stop reading this forum soon.
It was also apparent that Zaush was lying about his qualifications.
Ben Anderson said:
It became even more worrisome when he started belittling me and Myr, thinking we were unintelligent in the subject - according to himself, he has been a "PHP Pro" for 12 years! Pretty sure he's not old enough to have been doing Pro PHP for 12 years.
Zaush was only 30 at the time.
Ben Anderson said:
The final nail in the coffin was when he flat out patronised me, asking me basic questions like "Explain to me, what are Database Indexs?" - I didn't answer, playing dumb, and he replied with how Index are slow (???) even though by definition an Index is a faster method for data retrieval. He actually dodged his own question with a hair-brained answer that in itself was incorrect.
Ben Anderson said:
Could someone tell me if he has ever actually worked for British Airways? He told me he did, and it was a good example of how a bad PHP website:
1) I worked for British Airways on their global website, they use JSP.
2) BRITISH Airways! What, did he fucking fly all the way over to Newcastle Upon Tyne in England to get this Job!? That's where the main offices are that house all the IT and Dev staff! He lives in America!
When it became apparent Dragoneer had hired an unprofessional, under qualified, lying jackass who was happy to chase off qualified volunteers, he tried to pin the blame for Project Phoenix's inevitable failure on Myr and Ben.
Dragoneer said:
I won't take the blame for this project dying when three people could not be bothered to take the time to discuss things with me, nor so much as work with me.
The most that came of Project Phoenix was a few front page mock ups. The project eventually died, like all other FA rewrites.

Buyouts, Backlash, and Dubious Donations
In March of 2015 Dragoneer posted a journal announcing FurAffinity had been bought out by IMVU, a company that runs a freemium chat app. The buyout had happened in January but Dragoneer saw fit not to tell users for months. He insisted the two communities had a lot in common and that it was a perfect match. In reality furries hate IMVU for being a cheap version of Second Life and IMVU users hate furries for being furries. The buyout was not well received by the community. This worsened when users learned IMVU had rights to use their artwork in advertising, and Dragoneer admitted he still needed clarification on what exactly IMVU meant by that months after agreeing to those terms.

But secret buyouts and uncertain user rights were far from the shadiest thing going on.

In October of 2014 Dragoneer ran a fundraising campaign to help with DDoS protection. Three days after the GoFundMe page was set up FA and other furry sites were hit with a massive DDoS attack. Once the attack was over donations came flooding in. The GoFundMe raised nearly $20,000 before being shut down. After deductions Dragoneer had $10,002 to spend on improving FA. Between November and December he spent $391 of the original $10,002.

But then along came IMVU, who was happy to throw money at the site and shower Dragoneer in $20,000 worth of hardware. Updates about what FA was doing with the donations came to a halt.

So what happened to the remaining $9,611? Nobody knows. Dragoneer says it went towards servers (even though he already had a spare server, paid for by users, sitting around collecting dust) and towards services like CloudFlare (despite spending less than $500 for those services before selling the site). He has not provided receipts to prove his statements. It's suspected the money actually went to pay FA's $10,000 tax bill. If that seems like a lot, it's because it is. He admitted the site's finances had not been properly appraised, leading to the site being hit with a massive bill.

So basically he ripped users out of twenty grand to save his ass from the IRS because his accountant is a re'tard. That, or he simply pocketed the money.

Update: The money may have actually gone towards the house Dragoneer and Sciggles moved into around the same time as the fundraiser. When she eventually got pushed out of the house she made posts suggesting Dragoneer had indeed taken the DDoS fundraiser money for himself.

My Little Brony: Cuckoldry is Magic

In early 2016 Dragoneer’s wife Sciggles started posting a lot (30+ pieces of gift art over 4 months a lot) of artwork featuring her and her new ‘friend,’ a brony who goes by the name FIReNVY. Fire is the department head for exhibitor relations for BronyCon, a convention Sciggles regularly attends to sell artwork. When BronyCon was cutting down on vendor tables and vendors struggled to get a single table, Sciggles somehow managed to get two tables just for perler beads and other trinkets. Sciggles started calling Fire her “squish” on her FA page and knocked Dragoneer down to what was effectively second place before further demoting him to being a friend.

After months of Sciggles publicly cucking him and stirring up rumors, Dragoneer posted a journal saying he and Sciggles had separated. Sciggles left a comment saying she felt it should have stayed private. Other users piped in and said that Sciggles had been getting with Fire for months before she and Dragoneer officially split.

Many people believe Sciggles only hooked up with Dragoneer because of his e-fame. She wanted the power and "prestige" that came with dating such a big figure in the fandom. Now that Dragoneer no longer owns site and can technically be kicked off at a moment's notice, she decided to abandon ship and shack up with another guy who could give her the popularity and power she craved.

Update: It turns out Sciggles did worse than cuck Dragoneer on his own site; she did it in his own home. After the divorce he let her and Fire continue living in the house. Dragoneer's parents technically owned the house as the mortgage was in their name, and rumor has it Sciggles and Dragoneer hid their divorce from them so she could keep living there. She was eventually kicked out when Dragoneer's parents decided to sell the place. As of 2017 she was $20k in debt because Dragoneer put house repairs in her name instead of paying cash like he said he would.

Like all furries Dragoneer has a myriad of bizarre fetishes. These range from bog standard deviancy like dickgirls and feet to beyond redemption degeneracy like cub, crushing, cock and anal vore, inflation, and what I can only describe as "fucking your girlfriend until she melts/explodes and then eating her remains."

There's a lot to Dragoneer's story, but this OP is already way too goddamn long. Let me know if I fucked up any of the links or attachments.

Miscellaneous Additions
FurAffinity Forums drama
User gets banned for alerting staff that the 2016 hack lead to some users' ID cards, driver's licenses, and passports getting leaked
A history of the FA: United convention
Some of Dragoneer's early internet footprint
Personal story from someone claiming they went to high school with him
Dragoneer's cool with pregnancy and inflation fetish porn featuring kids so long as there's no dick or vagene
The Alt-right gets banned from FA, Antifa given a free pass; Allegations Patch of DogPatchPress fame was somehow involved
User gets banned for off-site behavior, claims they didn't even do the things Dragoneer accused them of
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Mar 24, 2017
I knew that Dragoneer had dirt on him, but never this much. Great OP, seriously! Keep it up!

Edit: I see that this Eevee is the same as mentioned in the PurpleKecleon thread. Any chance that "SimbaTheLion" is Simba?
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Aug 19, 2015
Excellent OP. I'd heard some of this stuff before, but it's cool to have all this information in one place. So that makes a total of two people who've been cucked by bronies that have threads here...

Why is it always the furries with mythical or fictional creatures that are the most exceptional?


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Mar 24, 2017
Why is it always the furries with mythical or fictional creatures that are the most exceptional?

Maybe it's that half of them actually believe that those creatures exist or something, and therefore we associate their craziness to said group. Trust me, there are plenty of furfags that are downright insane with real animal fursonas.


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Jun 27, 2014
This dude's saga with Zaush was actually what led to the creation of the FurryScumbags community, since FA steadfastly refused to reel in any sex offender that Dragoneer was friends with.

The community would later go on to be destroyed by Vade.


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Dec 8, 2014
Edit: I see that this Eevee is the same as mentioned in the PurpleKecleon thread. Any chance that "SimbaTheLion" is Simba?
I don't think so. Simba already got the username "simbalion" on FA so there wouldn't be a reason for him to add a "the." He also would have been banned for speaking out against Dragoneer. There is a SimbaTheLion account but it's been disabled.
What a fucking nightmare.
I'm curious about the DDoS incident. Has he been accused of being behind it to push donations? Because that timing is pretty convenient.
A lot of people suspect he did it. If it were just FA that was hit I'd say he was the culprit, but I don't know if he's smart enough to pull off a multi-site attack without leaving some kind of smoking gun. Still suspicious as fuck no matter how you look at it.


Jan 7, 2016
Its about fucking time for a thread on him.

Its strange that a lot of the forum drama that he caused isn't mentioned here. At some point he decided to require moderators of Furaffinity Forums to send pictures of their ids to him. Upset by this alongside every other stupid things he did (especially in hiring Chase but also him wasting away donated funds that were supposed to go to improving FA), all the moderators of FAF collaborated to quit moderating and shitpost alongside the users of the site all over the forums. This lasted for about a week until he took the forums down, at which point a couple of the moderators and users left and made their own site whilst Dragoneer worked on recreating the forums with new moderators. The thing is, is that before he pushed his mods over the edge, FAF was a forum that hated the hugbox and acceptance of all the furry bullshit that happens, but Neer repeatedly hated this and wanted to make it a more welcoming community for furries. Now that he's recreated FAF, the forums have turned into exactly that and now look like every other typical furry forum you might find.
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