drama drama drama (i kinda go off) 05/18/20 - Your gorl just applied a hair nourishing product to her face.


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She's back to wearing scrunchies again? Eh, at least it's not quite as bad as those children's bows.

EDIT: lol at the end she tries to claim she's got anxiety about the WuFlu. Sorry boo boo, your livestreams have shown that claim to be a LAH.

Also, that was a pretty impressive stream of consciousness rant. I didn't think it was possible for a rant to be that vague, but Amber pulled it off.

9/10 Cuntylynn, 6/10 Rantlynn, 3/10 makeup and hair/accessories.
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I'm only 10 mins into the video as of this post and holy shit

Come on, Amber, sue the reaction channels for "slander" because they say you're doctor shopping, do it, you fat bitch, I want you pump out mookbong videos one after another to pay all those fees and make yourself look like a clown and shoot yourself in your fungus infested foot even more, do it you fat bitch :story:


Amber: "I don't do illegal things"

There are literally videos of her riding in the front seat of the car with no seatbelt on because she's fat and a clip where Destiny gets pulled over and you can hear Amber putting her seatbelt on, fuck outta here


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SmugLynn is pissed off at people for accusing her of doctor shopping. According to Amberlynn's doctor, Dr. Google, doctor shopping can be defined as the practice of visiting multiple physicians to obtain multiple prescriptions for otherwise illegal drugs, or the medical opinion that one wants to hear. While she is right about the first definition, Hammy doesn't understand that a word can have multiple meanings (as seen in her writeen). So yes Hammy, you are a doctor shopper. You actively seek out the opinions of multiple health professionals until you are satisfied with their diagnosis and it fits your agenda.


ETA: look at that overwhelming support!
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if you're so upset over "slander" then lawyer up cunt. i hear becky's family has a good one.

she goes to 3+ doctors because she doesn't accept their diagnoses.

"Some patient explanations relate to personal factors and include both illness factors (e.g., symptom persistence, lack of understanding or nonacceptance of the diagnosis or treatment)"

even without malicious intent it's still doctor shopping and it's still illegal. you can say you go to multiple doctors because you don't accept their diagnosis, but medical professionals only see you going to different doctors until you find the pills you want (the US has a wee bit of a pill addict problem if you haven't heard amber).

she says she's not doctor shopping because she's not trying to get pills to get high and i absolutely believe that she's not trying to get pills to get high. but yet again she misses the point of everyone's criticism.