drama drama drama (i kinda go off) 05/18/20 - Your gorl just applied a hair nourishing product to her face.

giga melt

vibe check
"I don't take medicine."
"Here's the medicine I take."

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This is such a classic amber look though. The scrunchy, the tacky grandma earrings and cardeegaan, the messy braid that shows every split end in her hair per layer, splochy face with mouth crust despite the make up. The chipped nail polish. We truly stan a fashion goddess.

For real though if she wanted to take care of her splits she could just braid it like this (more neatly) and have necky trim off the bits that stick out. It wouldn't take care of all of it but it can work in a pinch.
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WOW what a fucking trip. I am like 6 minutes in but I got the con-census. So Amber you fat bitch two occurrences have happened whom have accused Micheal Petty 2 years ago in the summer and Jet Austin who is a reaction channel was flagged by Chantel and Amber who always lives by the creed that she doctor shops also Jet is bipolar and fucking hates Amber for faking it. The only other constant is of course our beloved forum, I personally am one of those who believe she does.

The gaslighting in this video is fucking INCREDIBLE like Onision should study this bitch. Amber you do doctor shop if you are going to 4 doctors for fucking an eye twitch then you are doctor shopping. Amber you ride in a car without a seat belt constantly.

This bitch also thinks she is bigger than she is, Amber boo boo on the scale of youtube you are nothing a ripple despite you shelf ass. She also says its ruined her life, Amber you ruined that you were greedy and ate yourself to 600 lbs its all on you but remember Amber is the constant victim.

This video is the closest to live Amber we will probably get but I feel she is unravelling because her go to content is very much failing she has had to spam click bait copiously to get it and that shows your channel is dying gorl.

Also quit at 15 mins its incredibly dull she repeats herself multiple times, even at that point.


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doctor shopping has the connotation of drug use or munchausens. Getting 2nd and 3rd opinions isn't illegal and isn't doctor shopping. Anyone who has had a complex medical issue typically has to be seen by many doctors before one of them figures it out.

By getting these appointments, Amber is helping the doctors out a lot. GPs have been totally screwed out of most of their income because people are putting off their non-covid medical needs. Any other time she would be using an appointment that someone else could have used for something urgent, but now the situation is totally different. Now is the time to get your 3rd opinion about something dumb, if you can afford it please do so.


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What is wrong with you is you're fucking almost 600lbs.
She has never been normal and found a physician to stick with like most people do.
She just doesn't want to be told she's a huge fucking whale and needs to lose weight.
She's talking in circles as usual.
I could give a shit less what your symptoms are.
No sympathy. You ate your way to where you are.
Blah blah blah
Manipulative lying cunt.
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amber's hump #1 fan

people in the replies are saying it's an amika product. i put on my autism hat and dove in.

amika is pretty common beauty box fare. i don't know if a shine cream would be considered a leave in conditioner but this is the most similar packaging i could find.

it looks most closely to this

TLDR amber maybe used a haircare product as face moisturizer. i'm bored sorry
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It's interesting that after all those years she still doesn't understand why she's such a perfect target. She thinks it's the haters. Not really - every youtuber has them. It's the fact that she's so incredibly frustrating that not only she's a great source of material to forever feed those retarded reaction channels, but that it also makes it very difficult for anyone to stand up for her, because like she said herself - she just can't stop letting people down.

If you feel empathy towards her, you'll eventually arrive at the "I can't anymore" station.
If you feel disgust or even hatred, you'll be unopposed in her comment section, which may give you the idea to base your online existence around her and turn into a lolcow yourself.
Only if you manage to grow a certain kind of scientific fascination with her, you'll stick around comfortably.