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I thought manwithoutabody's reading of My Inner Life was pretty funny. I really like how he gave each character their own distinctive voices, even giving Link the voice of his Zelda CD-I counterpart.
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Read along here.
Edit 2: lol, I forgot the author added this disclaimer. Link changed to skip to the original Chapter 1.
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About a literal decade ago, one of the first readers on youtube was named Aliento. He was a flamboyantly gay Texan and read really degenerate fucked-up smut stuff like the that Hank Hill urethra cuck fic, the Bulma abortion fetish fic, and he read nearly all of Sonic in the Search for Love or whatever that trainwreck was called. He was a minor TF2 meme for a bit because people would mic spam his reading of a heavy x medic fic where the dialogue was their actual voice clips. Anyone know who I'm talking about or what happened to him?
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I remember that the MLP fandom had a sizable subculture of fanfic readers on YouTube. As you could expect, pretty much all of it was terrible. There were also Tumblr ask blog readings that were usually pretty bad.


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Since some folks are bringing up ... interesting ... fan fiction, any one have the videos of Bennett The Sage reading "Root Her" or that really F-ed up one about Silent Hill mutational p0rn ?


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DeadwingDork did a stream reading out...(shuffles cards) Supernanny fanfiction.

Supernanny is a British reality show about parenting that somehow has an extremely devoted fandom. This fandom is so dedicated, they create their own OCs for it and write tryhard fanfiction inspired by GRIMDARK anime (seriously, some of the stories even have Japanese names in them).


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This guy does multiple fanfiction readings and reads things verbatim which I find funny. His My Immortal is particularly great. He also read "Master of the Universe" and many others.

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