Draw Your Avatar in the Style of Your Favorite Artcow/Lolcow -


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In order to create the full Andrew Dobson experience this image is:
-slightly traced from my original avatar drawing and visually optimized for maximum punchability
-shaded with black
-slightly off-model
-has a weird lazy background.( I don't mind the backgrounds he was doing for a while but they were the same for every image and didn't fit the feel of what he was doing.)
- the fill bucket was involved
Though I think that the eyes I drew are actually a little *too* bad. ;)
dobson esque avatar.jpg


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That's kinda cute in a "kid developing self taught art skills by drawing animu" way.
I tried very hard at mimicking Destiny’s art style, complete with the little pride motif (obviously mocking the “NaOtO’s A tRaNsMaN” headcannon). I’m glad you liked it, tho!