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I'd get these strange dreams involving a person I knew at one point and we'd become close friends; the thing was that this guy I knew was merely an acquaintance--last time I talked to him was over two years ago.

That or my own death(s). I really need to lay off on the caffeine.


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When I was a little kid, I had a nightmare that I still vividly remember to this day.

Okay, so, in this dream I'm in my childhood home (which was a tiny little modular house that was pretty much a trailer without the wheels). I'm laying in bed and I hear this weird buzzing noise. I get up to follow it to my parents bedroom, where the buzzing grows louder and louder. I peer into the room from behind the doorframe and see this gigantic bodybuilder dude (seriously, he made Arnold Schwarzenegger at his peak look like a waifish hipster by comparison) wearing jeans and a white tanktop with his back to me, rifling through my parent's dresser. Suddenly, the buzzing stops. The roid-man turns to me and to my horror his head is that of a gigantic bumble bee! The buzzing starts up again, louder and more furious than ever before and he starts chasing me down the hall. I toss a dining room chair in his path and it slows him down a little bit, giving him a nice blue ichor-dripping gash on his shin which seems to only piss him off more.

I beat feet out to a treehouse in my front yard (my real childhood front yard had no such treehouse, but it did in my dream) and I hide. The bumble bee-headed bodybuilder guy bursts out of my front door and that's when I woke up. Maybe this explains why I was always afraid of bees....


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I'm awful at remembering my dreams, but the most recent dream I can hardly remember happend when I was half-asleep in my dad's car while he had a political radio show on, I guess I could hear it while I was asleep. All I can remember is that Obama and Clinton had some involvement with my dream and nothing else.


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My most remembered dream involved me walking around in an abandoned amusement park, dressed in classic shady guy outfit, carrying a briefcase and all of sudden for no reason a train conductor comes to me and gives me a ticket, after which a whale emerges and opens it's mouth, i enter in and i woke up afterwards.


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I had a dream where the periodic table of elements got replaced. My poster disappeared, and I had to ask around where I could get a new one. They all just referred me to an "easy-to-use" map, which looked like the world map of a super Mario game. I couldn't make head nor tail of it. I kept asking where the old one was, or even who Mendeleev was, and people didn't know who I was talking about. I finally found a small blurb about it on Wikipedia, which frankly made me feel worse. I woke up and turned to see my poster. I looked at it for about five minutes, I almost cried.

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I had a dream a few nights ago where I was sitting in an off air newsroom studio drinking champagne with Tom Brokaw at a small table.

This was especially unusual to me for two reasons; the first of which being that while Tom Brokaw seems like a pretty neat guy, he's not really someone I routinely spend time thinking about. The second reason being I don't drink for personal reasons and have never had a sip of alcohol in my entire life.

All I remember feeling at first was a disappointment in myself for not keeping in line with my prolonged vow of sobriety, though I as continued talking with the guy the feeling started to dim a bit.

Then I woke up and was actually kind of bummed out, because enjoying a bottle of champ with Tom Brokaw while listening to him tell cool personal stories about experiencing firsthand history in the making would have been a pretty badass way to lose your alcohol virginity.
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After last night's KF Movie Night featuring a weird dub of Star Wars Episode III I dreamed that Count Dooku had this group of B2 droids that were serving as his direct assistants, so he wanted them to look more "professional". He insisted that when performing duties for him they should wear pants, specifically brown slacks. The droids kept neglecting this order, and every time they reported to him his first reaction was to get very upset that they did not have their pants on. At one point the furious Count Dooku was emphatically shaking a pair of brown slacks, insisting that he just wanted to encourage "professionalism".
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I had a dream St. Thomas of Canterbury was going around beating the shit out of people with a baseball bat, but when he hit them, they'd just fly in the air. He hit me and I flew in the air and came down on a cave entrance on the edge of a sheer cliff and realized I had to be a hermit anchorite living in a cave for the rest of my life. Fuck you, St. Thomas of Canterbury.

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