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Last night mark my first really vivid dream I've had in a while. it was the usual fair of me in a bizarre unfamiliar place acting like it was a normal day. How it started off was that i went to visit my older brother who was living a in storage locker. when i first enter the locker it felt crammed, it was filled to the brim with stuff that i thought belong to my mom. My bro was standing in the middle of the room and it looked like he had plenty of space. As i slowly start to get closer to him stuff start to slowly taken away by some unknown mover i couldn't see. By the time I got to him there was plenty of space for the both of us. The space had the feeling of him moving out. Bro and I talked for a bit about minor personal things. Then he moved towards a big wardrobe dresser and when he opened it it was filled with chairs. I looked into the dresser and noticed a blue box tucked away in a corner. He pulled it out and handed to me. When i looked at the box it read that it had a PS4 and a copy of World of Final Fantasy in it. I excitingly open it to only to find a wallet and some cash in it. My bro chuckled to me and left. I pulled out my homemade wallet and a capsule from my pockets. I put all the money i had into my new wallet. But I knew it was in run down Target with my family. The place didn't have much to it. I wandered around, not really looking at anything particle. I ended in pretty bad toy aisle that barely had anything, until I noticed a batttle damaged Sazabi figure in a beat up box. i eagerly walked closer to box and picked it up. then i noticed a Super Shadow The Hedgehog figure that come with arts and crafts Shadow figure. I was planning buying both on the spot. After i left the aisle i started to remember why i was there in the first place. I was there to find cheap and nice work cloths for myself. I put both of them thinking they would cost too much. I started to move towards the men clothing part of the shop. but i came across bookstore looking aisle filled to the brim with Gudam figures I've never seen before. I when in there hoping to find a cheap figure to buy. but when asked an employee there about the prices, he just gave nice, but somewhat nasty remark saying he didn't known. I was taken aback by what he said. as left that aisle empty handed, it was time to go and without spending a dime i woke up.
just a vivid dream i felt like sharing.
While my dreams are usually vivid, they tend to be random and I pretty forget most, if not all, what happened in them upon waking up.

The last dream I remember was that I rescued a cute, grey colored kitten from the rain. For some reason the kitten would bring death to anyone for some reason and I was always keeping a close eye on it. I need to lay off the junk food before bed.


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So I had a dream a few nights ago where Looker from Pokemon and I were investigating a never-ending library. The fact that I had been playing Pokemon Moon right before going to bed probably had something to do with him being there. There was this woman we were tailing, and every time we caught up with her she would teleport away. We eventually found her and when we did she gave me a job interview, during which I somehow knew very clearly that this mystery woman had exactly 13 minutes left to live for some unknown reason.


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The last super interesting dream was about a month ago, where I was lollygagging around the woods near where my parents live, when I suddenly came across some land dwelling, salmon colored manta rays who climb trees by spiralling upwards around the trees' trunks, jumping off the three tops and gliding through the air like so many flying squirrels, finally capturing their prey: the aligators native to these woods. Thankfully they were content with preying on said gators, and weren't interested in finding out how my flesh tastes.

Still, I'm not sure which fact has left me more flabbergasted: the fact that there are creature like that or that apparently aligators have been native to European forests without my noticing.

Half a year ago I also had a fever dream of being reprogrammed into a killer cyborg, trying to cling to my original memories while rejecting the articifially implanted ones without my captors noticing.
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I had a weird dream that Trump was doing everything politically by analyzing books on the matter I was arguing with my dad of whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.


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I can't remember the last time I dream. I know you probably technically "dream" every night, but I don't remember the last dream I had. Actually one of the most recent dreams had to do with someone i'm in a relationship with, and the other one was something about 40k. I can't remember really many details.

I find it strange when people tell me the dreams they have every week or so, because I can go 2-3 months before I get a dream I can remember. The most vivid dream I ever had was years ago, and it was nightmarish because I was being chased by something that wanted to kill me.

Does lack of dreams mean anything? Or is it just normal not to remember/have them?

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I nearly forgot to post here, heh.

A few nights ago I dreamt of Chris-chan and his mother moving to Florida. Before they did that, they put their pets up for adoption.


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I had a dream that I've slowly turned into an independent video game project

I dreamed I was a skeleton and I was running around a shopping mall trying on clothes in various stores. And eventually I was in a store and I found an eyepatch. And the lady behind the counter said "That's not just an eyepatch".

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When I was a kid, I used to have recurring nightmares featuring this:

It's a deformed, dead oak tree near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It used to be a part of a heavily irradiated Red Forest that was bulldozed in the late 1980s during decontamination procedures. Imagine encountering this in the middle of a dead forest with mutant monstrosities possibly lurking around.
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I had a dream I should salt the walk out front. Which makes sense considering it's wet and about to get cold.

Some dreams are actually rather mundane, and can be practically useful as little reminders.


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I had a dream recently about a British adventurer named John Gatka (the name of Sikh martial arts) who travelled around the world and studied martial arts in an anthropological context. It may have not made sense, but I think it would be fascinating to write about.

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Last night I dreamed that I was living in a different house with different roommates, none of which I think I'd ever seen before. It began with me waking up not knowing where I was and not recognizing anybody. I was asking my dream-roommates who they were, but then I started to remember my dream-life and explained to them that I had just woken up from a really intense dream. The rest of it was pretty mundane but I went through that whole dream thinking that I had dreamed my entire life before that.

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