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I have recurring dreams where I'm a senior at my old high school but my current age. In the dreams, it seems that I've been held back x many years. Everyone stares at me weird and I overhear teachers complaining about me.

I have recurring dreams similar to this myself, however they are more akin to the classic "showing up in public naked" dream in that nobody but me notices that I am much too old to be in high school. When I am in them I usually feel ashamed and inferior because I know I am either incredibly incompetent, or being somehow withheld from my actual potential, even if nobody else around me notices or cares.

Less frequently but still often enough, I have dreams about my dead friend who died over two years ago who comes to me and reveals that he did not in fact die and is still around. Usually we'll be hanging out casually before or after this revelation occurs, as if absolutely nothing is wrong. The last dream I had about him was about a week ago. I ran into him out of nowhere walking down a random neighborhood sidewalk and we chat each other up. Then later I read an interview with him in a newspaper where he reveals that he was brought back to life via extremely top secret government tech experiments that he refused to go into detail about. This dream occurred so smoothly and casually that I didn't realize until shortly after waking that I'd had this dream, and that it had only been a dream, and that my friend is still dead.

Neither of these two dream scenarios are nightmares but I would still call them bad dreams. They're becoming frequent enough that they're starting to bother me a little. Most of my other dreams are fairly benign and sometimes just a little nonsensical. Sometimes they're just really cool.

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lately i've had three reoccurring subjects in my dreams: beaches, hermit crabs, and aliens/ufos. the beaches aren't anything new because i've been seeing bodies of water in my dreams for a long time now, but the other two items are, although i will admit it is pretty fucking awesome to imagine ufos flying over your neighbourhood while sleeping.


A Trump Dream

I was staying at a spa town at the German seaside, not sure whether Baltic or North Sea. There was a luxury hotel there which was owned by Donald Trump. He ran a competition: The participants had to prepare a marketing campaign, whose campaign was the most successful won the hotel. All participants were allowed to stay at the hotel for free for a few days, so I signed on in order to enjoy a short holiday. I didn't intend to win -- I didn't even bother preparing a marketing campaign. After a while, Ivanka Trump came into my room and patted me on the head: "You'll never win if you don't try, you gotta do more for the competition." "But I don't care about winning", I replied, "I was just interested in the free stay at the hotel."

This baffled both Trumps (Donald kept bustling around in the background). They looked at me completely aghast. That someone could not be interested in owning a hotel was unbelievable to them. Then Donald Trump said that I couldn't stay at the hotel if I didn't intend to win. Thus, I asked the hotel staff about other, cheaper hotels, to which they replied very helpfully with a list of hostels and inns in the area. They prepared to check me out of the luxury hotel, which took a lot of paperwork.

"You should walk down the road towards the light railway station", one hotel employee said, "after some miles, there's a hostel at the side of the road."

This I did, I walked away from the Trump Hotel towards a line of hills. Here, the dream ends.

Possible interpretation:
Donald Trump raises some mighty emotions among people, with some seeing him as a savior, others as Hitler, Satan and Cthulhu combined. I myself have never had such strong emotions towards him, firstly because he's not even my head of state -- he doesn't have any direct influence over me --, secondly because I just don't mind him much. If I was American, I probably wouldn't have voted for him, but also not for Clinton; I would, most likely, have abstained from voting in 2016.
The competition at the hotel stands for capitalism and the value system of the US, me signing on for it without actually playing could represent the way I observe America from the outside. When the Trumps told me to leave, I felt a very mild tingling of semi-sympathy for them; walking towards the inn at the light rail station in the hills gave me a great feeling of freedom. This might indicate me understanding Trump's aims while being adamant about following a different value system myself which I think gives me and others more liberty.


Later that night I dreamed about a nuclear-powered train, and then about fireworks.


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So last weekend I had this fucked up dream where I was in this dystopian universe where me and some other people were tasked with finding a way to flood this small office building with poisonous gas, to kill the occupants of the commercial area. It went over well until some armed forces in blue berets stormed the area with cybernetic panthers. Yes, fucking robotic panthers. While I was hiding, apparently these panthers killed everyone inside. Some guy with dead looking eyes stared out the window in a split second before the area fell dead silent and everyone had disappeared.


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Last night I had a Dream about my Life Continuing as normal, but then I Die and Time Starts all over again, right back to the moment I Was Born, Sort of like Groundhog Day but Weirder, Also I Find Out that the Cause of Death was a Brain Tumor somehow, Maybe with Clues Scattered around Life, Also I Kept the Memories from the Previous Life and I Could Change Anything I Want for Worse or For Better.


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Right after New Year's, I had a dream starring Chris.

My brain swiped a scene from Rounders, with Chris as Teddy KGB, beard and all. Chris's Russian accent was terrible, and when I pointed that out, he laughed and swept all the chips onto the floor on his side of the table, then dealt another hand.

The other characters in the scene were all dogs, like in those paintings.

I woke up very tense because some of the dogs looked like biters.

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What about a dream about being a bowl of ice-cream, trying to spellcheck a potato?

Or controlled flight over a landscape covered in huge bas relief calligraphy & gunsmith engraving, as a plain 8x12 sheet of 6ply, like a magic carpet would.

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Had an... odd dream about a furry mass suicide this morning.

For science; what was the means by which the furries helpfully self-murder, and was there a Jim Jones-style furry who drove them to it?

Or was it a subliminal trigger transmitted thru furry porn that made them go Manchurian on themselves?

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For science; what was the means by which the furries helpfully self-murder, and was there a Jim Jones-style furry who drove them to it?

Or was it a subliminal trigger transmitted thru furry porn that made them go Manchurian on themselves?
imagine the nazi gas chambers but it was a fat wolf providing the gas

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Do you ever have those annoying dreams where your door doesn't lock right?

I forgot to secure my footlocker once; the essay portion of my corrective training was the easy part, but I still have nightmares about forgetting to lock things down, or having a lock that doesn't.

It also turned into a peeve of mine, when my guys would forget to lock their shit up. But, being in the position and place we were, I could get creative with their corrective training, and they only ever had to be told once.

Of all things I hated doing, it was paperwork for "lost" gear.

imagine the nazi gas chambers but it was a fat wolf providing the gas

Was it Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS?

Herr Himmler might have some insight.
This is like the fourth time I've had a dream in which a tooth randomly comes loose. So I keep doing whatever shit I'm doing in my dream but all I can think about is my loose tooth and how much it bothers me. So eventually I just pull it out myself, and then spend a good 20 minutes of real time sitting in a dream corner and bleeding out. The fuck. The whole thing is disturbingly vivid as well and I have phantom after-pains once I wake up.


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I just dreamed I was a kid in school again. I just finished a quiz, only to find it missing. Turned out this other kid stole it, wrote Xs over my answers, and wrote "SLAYER" on it for some reason.


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recently, ive had a lot of dreams about arcades and chuck-e-cheese-esque places. ive only had 2 so far, so i'll only be able to tell yall the more serious of the 2, as the other one was more goofy and nonsensical.
so it started in a sort of bigass building during the nighttime in the winter. this is the closest thing i have the energy to make that resembles said building(its nearly 11 o'clock at the time of writing this in my time zone so give me a break).

at some point in the dream, this building caught fire and i was force to run from the 3rd floor to the 1st. i was told to go to a chuck-e-cheese-esque arcade and wait for my dad to pick me up, with animatronics, arcade machines, and so on, even with those cliche rug patterns in the arcade area on the floor, you know the ones. i basically played till i got bored and, soon enough, my anxiety kicked in. i looked out the windows to check if my dad was there frequently, and eventually ran outside in the cold just to get a better look.
after that, i woke up. i know, anti-climatic, it bothers me too. ill probably post more of these stories here sooner or later, as i find my dreams pretty interesting.


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I've been reading in my dreams the last year or so. The letters can be fuzzy or indistinct at times, but after a moment of focus (almost like trying to focus your eyes) the words become clear and sharp. Though, after I read the word or words, they tend to change into other letters.

Also, I've been appropriately using words while dreaming that I never have the opportunity to say while awake. Words like "suzerain". I have no idea why.

I also have this certain recurring element in my dreams. I once dreamt of a stream that ran between to steep hills or mountain faces, leading up to a waterfall. The waterfall goes off of a cliff, the height of which varies each time I return to it. This cliff forms part of a plateau right before the highland area.

Right before the waterfall, there's a particular geometry to the waterflow and stream bed that causes a large pool of slow moving, nearly standing water, before going over the edge. I don't think it's possible to actually happen like that for real, but that's dream logic for you. I must have waded thru this part of the stream dozens of times now.

But the real maddening part of this is that I only wind up back there by accident. Every time I go looking for it in my dream, I never find it. I'll see its location on a map sometimes, but that's it. And I get really nostalgic for this dream area. It bothers the hell of of me.
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Last night I had this nightmare of being held hostage in my home by this 6'10" faun-like monstosity. It was grotesquely musclar and covered with greyish-black, uneven fur not unlike barbed wire. As my dream took place in the night, I couldn't take out its facial features save for its never blinking, expressionless, bone white eyes devoid of irises. For some reason I was aware of it wanting me to take care of its every need, sort of like a needy pet or child, but I also knew that even the slightest wrong move could trigger a murderous tantrum that would leave me ripped to ribbons. I couldn't make out its mouth either, but somehow I knew it was full of horrid fangs whose sheer sight would leave me paralyzed from fear. While I was cleaning up after it trying not to provoke it with any sudden moves my stomach was constantly in this iron grip of fear from death.

Led by curiosity, the thing has suddenly jumped off my balcony (I live at the 4th floor with a little garden that's surrounded by apartment blocks from all sides). At first I was relieved it would abandon me, but then I heard the death screams of my neighbors who had most likely come across the thing and mistook it for some stray dog. I wasn't sure if the creature could climb back to my balcony. Had it somehow found out upon returning that I was secretly relieve by its absence its retribution would surely be of pure terror. I think I was also falling in and out of consciousness within my dream, and I had begun to question whether the monster was real or if I was slowly going insane. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I was still groggy and barely conscious, and for what had felt like half an hour I was unsure what was dream and reality. It wasn't like the nightmares after which you awake with a sudden, sobering fright, rather it was this subtle, but constant sense of dread and fear that stayed lingering well after being awake.

After falling asleep again my subconscious must've thought it went a little too far, because after that my dream was mostly about buying a brand new electric guitar and teaching some licks to this neon orange haired, but otherwise cute girl.

Can't remember the last time I was this horrified by a dream. I might try to draw the being just for the sheer fuck of it if I can still remember it.
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