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I not too long ago had a dream that felt too real. It took place in a small city that looked like it was in Southern California. I was in a dumpy yet cozy lobby-like room filled with couches, computers, and TVs. Apparently, I was in a community college. The other people looked young like they were in their 20s to 30s. They were either sleeping, watching TV, or browsing the Internet. I was just walking around the room watching everybody. I was also wearing a green jacket and I had a backpack on. Eventually, a fat, bald, unkempt Middle Eastern-looking guy walked into the room holding a bunch of papers and folders and walked towards a desk in the middle of the room that wasn't previously there. He was collecting a final report from everyone, including me, and telling us our final grades.

This teacher seemed indifferent to everyone. When I handed him my paper that I was suddenly holding, he briefly stared at me, there was a short awkward silence, then he told me I get no credit for the class or any of my assigments or tests. I asked him why, but he just coldly told me I get no credit. After that, I stormed out of the building and found out that my wallet was missing and my car had been towed. I was also lost and didn't know my way around this city. It was also dusk. I walked down the street tired and upset and complaining out loud wondering why I didn't get any credit for my class and where my wallet and car had gone. People in the city either briefly looked at me or ignored me altogether. When I got the end of the street I was walking on, the scene blacked out and I woke up.

The dream felt so real that I actually wondered at first how I got back home! I was genuinely worried about my car, wallet, and passing that class! Fortunately, I quickly realized that it was just a dream. I was also very relieved!


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Back in June my dog disappeared. Within minutes he was gone. No one even saw him go outside. So far I have no clue and won't likely ever find out what happened. He could have went off to pass away as he was 15. But the gate was closed and I don't think he could nudge out of it without it being opened up. He's small but barrel chested.

Anyway, a few days after he disappeared I had a dream that a woman and her young daughter brought him back. And I played with him and he was very happy. He was still really active for his age.

Last week I had another dream about my dog that was very strange. He looked kind of dirty and sad. And he was telling me about his memories. Not talking to me. But it was like I could feel his thoughts in my head. He told me he remembered everything. How his original owners surrendered him because they got a divorce. This is actually what happened. I know it's probably just me still feeling terrible about him being gone. But it felt so real. I was not able to ask him what happened though. I never can.

I have no idea where my dog is or if he is still around. Given his age the more time passes the less likely it is. But I still talk to him every day. So I want to hope that dream meant he knows I haven't forgotten him. Wherever he is.

I also had a very lucid dream where I was in the house. My mother and grandmother were here. But I could only hear their voices. They are both deceased. I could not ask them about the dog. He was my mom's dog but for some reason even though I was totally free in the dream that thought was impossible.

I went outside and there was a lot of scrap wood and stuff all over the sidewalk from the roof that is being fixed. I was able to wish it away. I was surprised when it worked. I could hear my mother and grandmother telling me I had to come back in. They were really insistent. But I wanted to explore the neighborhood. So I went around the corner to a house that used to belong to this old woman named Millicent when I was a kid.

In the dream it had stone steps from the outside going up to the second floor. I opened the door and there were two apartments that were pushed really close together from the inside. You could see the stone colapsing into them. There was almost no free space in either of them anymore because of the cave in. In one of them was a guy dressed like the 40s. With one of those hats like Dick Tracy. And he said that he pushed the apartments together like that. Then two cops came up the stairs. They were also dressed like it was the 40s. They wanted to talk to the guy. I thought this was all very weird and I wanted to see more of the neighborhood so I went down the stairs.

And I started to feel really sleepy. And I knew I was going to wake up. I couldn't stay awake in the dream anymore. When I woke up I was kind of confused for a minute and wasn't sure where I was.

But it was really strange that in the dream I got really tired as I was waking up in the real world.

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I live in America. Yesterday I had a dream that I went on a trip to Europe, but it was a fictional dream version of the real continent. I was walking around the downtown area of a city and got lost.

Trying to find my way back, I ended up walking on the side of the interstate. A bunch of cars were speeding by, and I was afraid of getting hit. I couldn't find a way to walk away from the interstate because there were a bunch of exits that kept winding around for miles, and even went spiraling up in the air. There was no room for me to walk away because I was surrounded by roads.

Finally I found some shrubs and a plant covered wall. Digging into one of the bushes, I discovered the entrance to a cave. There was no other way to get away from the interstate, so I went in. I somehow met a friend, and I told her that I was lost in Europe, and had no money to go back to America. She took me to a nearby restaurant so we could ask somebody for help. The staff let us use the phone, so I let her call my family while I went to use the restroom.

We both ended up taking a flight back to America.

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Since I remember some of my episodic dreams last night:

-Snake basketball. Not what you think (snakes playing basketball). Just me on a team and we all had snakes chilling around our necks or on the bleachers. My team had people drop out so we only had two people against the other team's 5.
-I was a third-person observer to a girl who lived in an apartment. She was a normal girl, but owned a living blue wig that would latch onto her like a headcrab and turn her into a cool actress like some weird magical girl transformation.
-A slasher movie deal. I found what looked like chicken bones and barbecue sauce but realized it was blood. Looked around my house and saw two people dead so I went to try outrunning the potential killer (looked like older actor but can't remember who exactly). It wasn't scary, it was like I was casually watching in an out-of-body way.
-I was playing mandolin for some preschoolers, and then some famous musicians came in and made me feel really bad about my playing and I walked off feeling sad but the kids invited me to sit with them at lunch.

They're all over the place, but reading them back I can see where they come from. How dreams take parts of your life and shows you've seen/read and blends them all up.


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odd dream:

I was in an Apple store of all places (the computers not the fruit). There was this sign with a smug happy Trump, and the text read "watch Trump's inauguration on ...".


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I had two lolcows show up in last night's dream, which surely shows that I spend too much time here. The details are really fuzzy, but one of our deathfat cows, Anna O'Brian was making a cake that we assumed was supposed to contain panko breadcrumbs for some reason. She took the recipe to mean "breading" in general and was peeling the breading off of Chik-Fil-A tenders and adding them to a batter. She was probably totally smashed as she also added a can of mountain dew. The assmbled Kiwis and I, who for some reason were all watching this live from a street corner, screamed in horror though the whole ordeal. With us is who I assume was the mirror-universe Jack Scalfani. He wasn't nearly as fat and he was on his phone laughing along at some troll comments he was getting on his videos, someone asked him why he walks like a lobster and we was laughing hysterically at how perplexing the comment was.

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I had a Christmas dream involving the movie, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. I was walking and I encountered Droppo dressed in a green version of what the European Santas wear (minus the beard) and he says to me, "Hi, I'm Droppo, the Santa Claus of Mars." And I'm like ok, and the dream ends.


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I was in a sitcom and I remember one of the jokes being about transportation and the laugh track lasted a solid 3 minutes, probably 3 hours in real time


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I had a dream I was backpacking around Ireland and when I was going to county Tyrone to wander the Sperrin Mountains and other places, I forgot to book a guest house or hostel. Luckily I found somewhere in Omagh. It felt so real because I went backpacking this summer and an incident happened where I got scammed after booking a hostel in Derry but luckily found a guesthouse to stay in. :'(

I hope this COVID situation gets better so I can do more exploring. (:_(


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I dream elaime benes was head of a psych ward i got thrown in last night.


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I was in a random uni class taking a test. My nose was bugging me a bit during the test. I blew it on a tissue.

Nothing came out.I try again...nothing.
Then I blow as hard as I can. I hear a loud pop on top of my head,feel incredibly dizzy(like
I look down and see a huge pool of green goo on my desk and lose consciousness


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I almost never remember my dreams, and if I do they are extremely fuzzy and hard to remember. This has been constant throughout most of my life, but my dreams were a lot more vivid and memorable as a kid.

I remember one time as a kid someone said eating cheese gives you more vivid dreams so I ate a good bit of cheese and had a dream that instead of being fuzzy and not real it seemed like actual real life itself. I could smell which never usually happens, touch like I was actually touching what was infront of me, and I could even feel slight pain. Each detail in my surroundings had almost the same complexity as real life. The only real difference is everything had this weird stillness to it. The trees would sway but it wasn't...natural yknow? I don't know if it was a extreme placebo or what because I haven't been able to replicate it since.

The only real time I dream now as an adult is when im sleeping next to another human being. Everytime my girlfriend stays at my place and we sleep together I dream, but I stop dreaming when she's away. This doesn't just apply to my girlfriend but anyone I would have to share a bed with for some reason or another like a hotel room. Shits weird.

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Last night I had a dream that that 12 year old girl from Less Than Zero grew up and became a prostitute (Shandra is a very prostituty name) and was showing a new 18-year-old prostitute named Maggie the ropes in New York City while she was escaping cross country from her pimp. And I guarantee it was 100000% better than the actual sequel to Less Than Zero.

Fuck that actually sounds like a decentish movie.

My dreams are not normally this specific.

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I had an extremely realistic dream years ago that at the time I took as how I died in my past life. I was working the register at a gas station in the 80's/90's and in comes a robber. He grabs a woman filling up a drink at the soda machine and stands with his back to me at the register telling everyone to give him their wallets. On the counter below the register was a screwdriver and I took it and stabbed him in the back with it. I can still remember how it bounced around in his ribs and finally sank in. He follows me around the corner as I fall on my back and he shoots me in the head. It felt like a baseball bat had hit me and it slowly turned black as I just tried to memorize his face. I don't really believe in past lives any more but it was striking to me just how realistic it was and how there wasn't any of the usual kooky dream weirdness.


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Just this morning I had a dream where I was concentrating on something in front of me, putting something together. It felt like a large moth landed on my neck; I swear I could feel its powdery wings beating against my skin. I reacted to grab it and stuck my hands into some kind of cord looped around my neck. I woke up gasping. Nothing was around my neck, and there was no moth or any other kind of bug in bed with me. I was absolutely convinced I was choking though; scared the shit out of me.