Dramacow Dred Foxx / Lukan D. Outdawzman / John Simpson III / @parappasvoice / DredFoxx68 - Voice actor of PaRappa & Knuckles turned wash-up scammer, has "500 million fans", I GOTTA BELIEVE!

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Enter Dred Foxx. Video game voice actor for a children's game about a rapping dog who decided to use his former fame to make some quick cash without working. After fans came asking for their money back he told them to "drop dead", threatened to use his Chop Chop karate skills and tried to sue them for defemation.

More about Dred Foxx AKA Luke Outdawzman AKA John Simpson III AKA PaRappa the Scammer

This guy's a self-described rapper known for playing the title character in the PaRappa The Rapper games. If you don't know what that is because you're not a fucking fossil, here's the Wikipedia article for it. It's basically a slightly influential but badly aged rhythm game.

Other than being an unironic version of Poochie and having too many fucking names, his only other claims to fame are performing The Knuckles Song from 1999's Sonic Adventure and and the mashups his voice acting has caused due to him tryharding so much. Take the rap about almost shitting himself, for example, that's pure gold (Or, well, shit). So, all in all, his legacy is doing the voices for two different meme characters in two different meme series. Good start.

Now this may surprise you, but other than getting a gig rapping as Knuckles in 1999 and a slight comeback in 2013 for a Sony-themed fighting game, Dred's basically got nothing going for him post-PaRappa. He has no body of work to support himself, and the only people that know about him are kind of difficult to market towards unless they're emotionally stunted manchildren. Lucky for him, those are abundant in the land of vidya...

Money money money, is all you need

Back in 2013 some fans asked for Foxx to voice some lines, in-character, for a PaRappa fanimation. This was on the PaRappa facebook, Dred's soon-to-be hugbox, and the lines asked from him would take minimal effort to voice (especially for a VA like him, who puts in minimal effort anyway). Most other voice actors, like Mike Pollock or Charles Martinet, would do such minimal work for free. Not Dred Foxx, however, he's clearly so hot you need to pay him upfront for him to be in your cartoon. He's the Robert Downey Jr. of shitty video game voice acting.

At first he asked for a hundred USD, which was ridiculous, but the two fans were able to scrap up thirty each and paid him with that. Adding to the suspicious air Dred has about him, he also asked not for the money to be sent via something refundable like Paypal, but rather the Western Union. Keep this in mind, it'll come up later.

So they send him the full hundred ("his managment", which is probably his mother or something, found out about the deal and forced to only accept full price - according to him) and Dred says he'll get the lines out by that Friday. Huzzah, right? Well...

This was around the time of Hurricane Sandy, so allegedly Dred couldn't be online to send the lines for a while, but promised he could get the lines out by the deadline and if he couldn't he'd refund the purchase.

Not only did he not do that, but he was also asking for even more money for a new iPad from the rest of the PaRappa facebook group.

A back and forth went on for months, to the point where the commissioner prodded him with the idea of legal action, causing Dred to have a shitfit and threaten to write a song about the guy who sent him money(?) So basically: man tries to scam his fan out of money, fan makes benign reference to legal action, man threatens him with diss track.

Now this story is sourced from a blog called "PaRappa The Scammer", which is linked at the very bottom of the page. I wont go over the other three blog posts in much detail, but to summarise further: Lukan goes apeshit over people calling him a con artist, members of the Facebook page white knight him and whoever criticise him gets BLACKED- I mean BLOCKED.

Highlight reel

13 - Dred Arrives.png

Here Lukan unironically says he has 500 million fans, which already sounds like a farce, then you take into account the sales of the PaRappa and Sonic Adventure games and it becomes even more ridiculous:

With this in mind, he's either a compulsive liar or extremely delusional. Or both.

Cheap's Cheap behaviour is something that can be confirmed by other people, Ryan Collins interviewed him and had to spend twenty bucks buying lunch for the both of them because Dred didn't want to pay for it. As is to be expected, he claimed he'd pay him back when the interview was done.

In the end, after enough poking and prodding, Lukan did what any cow in his position would do and tried to sue for defamation. Of course, this lolsuit hasn't gone anywhere in the past few years, but it puts a nice cap on his status as a lolcow.

Other discoveries

In what I can only hope was written by himself, Foxx's discog page refers to him as "one of [Brooklyn]'s finest rappers today. He carries the torch of those... legends that did before." Keep in mind, if you haven't heard him rap, here's a little sample of him in PaRappa The Rapper 2:

Even if you were generous and considered the fact that his voice was meant to be chopped up and recited by the player via pressing the buttons, Foxx's actual delivery and flow is still stilted and awkward even outside of gameplay. This guy is apparently one of the finest rappers in Brooklyn, which I can only imagine is filled with some tough competition considering it's fucking Brooklyn.

Digging around I found a YouTube channel, possibly his, featuring some of his... 'freestyles.'

Every video on this channel has been reuploaded below:

If you can get past the shitty quality and Lukan trying to put on an occasional 'rasta' accent, the rhymes are dreadful for someone so full of himself. In the last one he pretty much uses the classic "spiritual lyrical miracle" line like he's a SoundCloud rapper. It's the exact calibre of rapping you'd expect from someone like this and it's one of the funniest things I've seen from a "celebrity".

In Conclusion

John Simpson is an interesting man. Going from rhythm game icon in the '90s to an obscure anomaly in the 2000s to a full blown cow in the 2010s.

All of this - his cow status, his lack of money, an entire blog exposing his greed, him threatening a lolsuit - could have been prevented by opening up a commission service for fans who wanted lines from him, making it something of a job and actually delivering on what people paid for. He could've been making a nice bit of cash from his fans and it would've all been legitimate business (and much easier than trying to scam them, ruining your reputation in the process). I'm sure someone would pay big money to get him to reenact the Nazi pug video in that stupid voice. Heck, if I was a failed voice actor I'd jump at the chance at saying anything for a cool hundred.

Maybe he's got some sort of mental illness, I don't know. I don't think many sane people would go to the lengths of spending more money trying to sue someone to get out of paying back a hundred dollars.

But where is he now?

Well, his alleged Twitter account is protected, possibly due to people telling him to stop being so cheap and give back the fucking money. I haven't looked too much into the PaRappa Facebook group, but it's safe to say he's retreated back into his hugbox and won't come out without some prodding. He can't resist responding to critics, so it's safe to say this ain't the last we've seen of Poochie the Penny Pincher.

Sources and Their Archives
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I think a better way of introducing him would be as "that guy who made that knuckles rap that became a meme". Otherwise great OP.
Also that guy that was in the game with the noodle guy that became a meme also.
Yes, really (to both the grammar and to the meme).


Gone Forever
Op acts like the Knuckles Rap isn't the greatest thing for mashup music since Guile's Theme. Its so mashupable, it mashes up with itself.

He deserves a thread, and good work for digging enough about his scamming to warrant a good read. But Dred Fox will still live on in the hearts of every shitty YouTube memer.

Also Knuckles is Maki.

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A sickness of the mind.
I think the whole "500 million fans" might just be him intentionally metaphorically saying "a lot". Then again... I sometimes underestimate the delusions of lolcows... anyway. Fun read/OP, the legal shit is just like so fucking typical lolcow... god damn, another one :biggrin:
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