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Nov 14, 2012
8chan blacklisted themselved. Seriously, they set up their site so it couldn't be scraped by Google bots after some asinine crap I can't remember.
The large amount of child pornography present on 8chan forced Google engineers to publicly delist their site, but crawling bots continued to index in case it was allowed again. Before Ron implemented the OCR bot to weed out the child pornography spam, he made the decision to ban all of Google's IP ranges, effectively blackholing them to the search engine.

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Nov 14, 2017
"Alexa, who is Jesus Christ."
"Jesus Christ is a fictional character. [end]."


Some people have claimed that Crowder was lying and/or rigged the results, but he didn't. For a period of time after his video came out, the Jesus question still worked. I laughed my ass off at it, likely it was some rogue employee or scraped some dumb site somehow, or something.

It sucks that Google, Facebook, et al have become synonymous with "Silicon Valley." This is a social media software thing. The guys blasting silicon with ion beams aren't bothered with this shit.

Google isn't social media, and their attempts to move into that field have failed, half assed as it was. It really is all of Silicon Valley. You just see it more with social media because the effects are more immediate and obvious. It isn't just something among tech assholes, it's something to do with the culture of the area, the city and the surrounding region. This is the city where Jim Jones made a name for himself and his communist cult. A lot of people don't realize that Jim Jones's cult wasn't wacky religion so much as it was wacky communist infused with religion. It's also the city of the Black Panthers. It's no coincidence that Berkeley specifically almost had a riot because a short Jewish man spoke there.
With all the other garbage that comes up when you search for Liz Fong-Jones, id say 2nd page on google is pretty good.

View attachment 368061

Would mentioning Liz Fong-Jones by name specifically increase the Google rank? Like, if I said Liz Fong-Jones and Liz Fong-Jones and Liz Fong-Jones again and again would that rank higher? Maybe a word filter can be created to change some word to Liz Fong-Jones, like changing the one for tards.


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Dec 28, 2014
Wouldn't be surprised if Googles health insurance covers sex changes after a certain time. Apply and get hired as a "normal man", come back from a 6 month sabbatical as a man with longer hair and a overdose of estrogen.

Castrated males are more docile. That's why they want to chop their cocks and balls off, to render them unambitious sexless drones in their brave new world.

well, no matter what happens, i'm still gonna use google anyway

Sadly, indexing the entire Web is so resource intensive it takes a megacorporation to do it. The only way Google will be upended is if some popular, easy to use distributed method of indexing is created and adopted by millions of people, such that each computer using it contributes resources to the indexing tasks and the database is itself distributed redundantly over millions of computers, rather than by gigantic server farms.

It is Google's phrase for entry level systems employees. This is not a person in any position of power.

So it's basically someone who turns something off and then back on when it's not working and then calls someone with a brain if that doesn't fix it?

She also proposed a code of conduct for Bitcoin development years ago:

The only code of conduct software needs is write code or shut the fuck up you worthless cunt.
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Jul 3, 2016
the news about Google generally, has been extremely depressing to me

It sucks but don't count on it lasting. As you can see, this culture generates so much toxicity and intolerance (which ironically is what they preach to fight against) that it's unsustainable for any amount of time. Just like in the season South Park addressed it, where the two rednecks which were tie-ins for Trey and Matt say that it'd blow over in a couple years "like last time".

The only reason why this is happening at Google is because they have way too much money to spend and instead of using it in an intelligent manner, they hired someone who's way too concerned with being inclusive of minorities and started spending all that money to hire lesser qualified people who cannot work as well as they can bitch for the whole day long about non-issues.

And they know that too, consciously or not, which is why they put so much energy into getting the good people either fired or scared enough for their jobs that they'll just shut up and pretend everything is fine - because otherwise these SJWs are going to look bad by contrast to actually competent, hard working people. As it's beyond clear right now, they've been hired because they're culturally diverse, not because they're actually good employees, people and coworkers.

If there was a new financial crisis today, all of these snowflakes would get fired to let the real folk at Google continue working. Damore was a white men with stellar performance reviews, made clear in his trial documents - he's the type that keeps Google going. The diversity is there because Google has so much money that they can afford to hire a ton of them just to look good socially.

I'm not for a second saying that latinos, blacks, transgenders, gays or plurals cannot be great people and hard, competent workers - I just doubt that 90% of these currently on Google are.

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Nov 14, 2017
. The diversity is there because Google has so much money that they can afford to hire a ton of them just to look good socially.

No, it's because it reflects the politics of the leadership and more importantly the people that directly do the hiring, HR. HR departments in corporations are basically extensions of the furthest left faction of the Democrat party. Sounds like crazy bullshit but I think it's true.

edit: the liberals didn't like this post very much
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Dec 16, 2013
Wow, the more time I spend on here, the more I realize that we are doomed.
We shall fight on the forums, we shall fight in the courtrooms, we shall fight on Discord and on IRC, we shall fight on the wikis; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Forum or a large part of it were taken down and blocked, then our Community beyond the site, armed by the enduring human desire to laugh at trannies, would carry on the struggle.


Jan 17, 2017
Unfortunately I sort of doubt that would garner much public outrage, given the way that any media coverage on the matter would be sure to characterize this site.

I mean, obviously I find making fun of people on the internet amusing or I wouldn't be here, but I don't think the media would need to add much in the way of baseless slander to make KF look bad.


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Mar 8, 2013
I love that Google's motto is supposed to be "Don't be evil."

It will change after they hire Indians amass on H1Bs and kick out all the tranny/SJWs after more nonstop drama in corporate.

In twenty years, expect a ton of fat sad men wearing dresses or tumblr snowflakes to be unemployed. On last days trying to start a Marxist political group but eventually falling to heart attacks or diabities. Could have saved that tech job cash and gotten early retirement, but instead lived in the most expensive areas of CA and pissed it all away.

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Jul 13, 2017
I don't mean it as a personal offense but I don't think you understand the heights of Googley culture. They are scalp-deep in SJW culture. All it took to get someone illegally fired internally was a bunch of looneys misreading a comment and telling management that it was racist and hostile.

Another one fired said people should be treated as individuals, not tribes. Do you see any problem with that sort of statement? It's fucking harmless, yet it got people in an uproar internally, resulting in the guy being fired and for internal HR to actually approve financial bonuses for the people who helped "out" the guy as a fucking naz or whatever (even though this one guy wasn't even a conservative). The trial is a class lawsuit, hinting that these are not isolated incidents either.

The point is: as everyone will see if this actually goes to trial, it appears that Google is absolutely unhinged at this point. May not be the most concrete example but take a look at @AnOminous' comments in this thread... and I've always known him for being a pretty calm poster usually :\

If enough employees go to HR and start saying that Kiwi Farms is stalking them because they're minority Google employees, it being true or not, there's actually a chance that it'll get enough internal traction to actually eventually force them to action - not because it makes any sense but because that's the type of company that Google is turning out to be, apparently, in 2018.

I'm not an expert, just saying I don't think it's very smart to poke the beast for the sake of weening.

(I'm writing this not only as a response to what you wrote, but also as a discussion point, so if it seems I'm discussing stuff you're already aware of that's not my intention)

I more understand your point since the USA Today article, however my opinion is that its so far unfounded and its not the first time a similar situation has risen in recent history:

"Censorship stems from a primitive belief in this country that there are certain words in our language that will corrupt you instantaneously the moment they are uttered into the atmosphere... That's like animism... It's so stupid that an idea like that persists in an industrial society."

Similar to Frank Zappa fighting against the recording industry over the morality of having music which has "dirty words" this is an argument about the simple usage of words. Absent there being legitimate threats against people's safety, there isn't any law that has been broken which means the only way to attack a site like Kiwifarms is try and launch an all out offensive against any similar website or forum.

My understanding of the law is that to threaten, slander or libel someone is a legitimate legal complaint. Merely talking about them or following what they do online and criticizing/praising it is not a violation of the law.

The difference I see between 8chan and Kiwifarms is that 8chan had a reputation for child pornography which made it a far easier target. Kiwifarms as a non-imageboard has a lot more staying power which means it affects things like search results a lot more.

Google itself is a company founded upon selling advertising. They've had several legal battles where they have worked hard to try and defend the concept of "safe harbor" which is something this website and almost every website on the planet relies on. If a provider is made to be liable for the content of its users, then its basically required to have people who monitor/approve anything that is published (which will only fuel the creation of spaces where such a restriction doesn't exist).

Ironically in this instance, Liz Fong-Jones is someone who has a history of being a Bitcoin user dating back to 2011. You may ask why I'm pointing this out, and how it is relevant and I'll answer. Bitcoin is an immutable beast that works independently of any government. It is effectively impossible to censor.

A very similar debate came up when the AACS encryption key was discovered and shared online:

All you had to do was publish the following letters and numbers, and your website would be sent a DMCA notice and you'd be threatened with various lawsuits.

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

Liz Fong-Jones attempt at trying to shut down this website by misusing her work email account are laughable. I see Kiwifarms as one of the sites at the very center of the current debate regarding the limits of freedom of speech. Much like piracy websites, anyone that successfully shuts anything down will only lead the successor to be a stronger creation which has less flaws.

The flaw of websites like this one are that they have to be hosted on platforms which involve humans who react accordingly to complaints, threats and blackmail--Liz Fong-Jones, as a Bitcoin aficionado is hopefully very aware of the next wave of internet hosting which will not involve humans and will not at all be susceptible to the complaints of anyone (Google employee or not).

Given my interest in technology and my recognition of Liz Fong-Jones arguments and attempts at shutting down this site as being positively exceptional, I will do the following:


I will be posting a screenshot of a certain post by @zedkissed60 which lead Liz Fong-Jones attempts at trying to shut down this site:




Now the post is not only on here, but also hosted on a collection of hundreds of computers around the world! Liz had better get busy sending emails!

The great irony is that Liz actually contributed in part to the success of Bitcoin and made my above action possible:



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Feb 6, 2013
So for giggles I wanted to see if this whiner had any real power, and this could be a huge coincidence, but I used google to look up stormfront, white power, 4 chan and lolcow with no changes.
I looked up kiwi farms and got request to know my location.
I've tried it a few more times and it's only for us that the tracker is triggered.

Like I said, maybe it's a coincidence, or I'm being dumb but fuuuuck them if they gave that kind of power to one employees feelings. Especially one whining about how they should be able to post whatever they want on the internet (about their sexuality) without the risk of censorship, but demands the censoring of others.
Fuck anyone who wants to use the internet as their own hugbox.
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