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What'll it be, boys?
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Drinking alone isn't much fun sometimes. It makes you think. And really, that's the last thing you want to do.

That long, long road.

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Vodka and coke and a beer
Was gearing up to have a lil party with some friends and play vidya but they turned in a lot earlier than anticipated.
Now I'm just drunk and lonely while ringing in the new year alone.

Edit: so I just started doing marijuana for medical purposes (this shit is fucking magic, man) and I like it for the most part. But anyone got any tips on handling munchies? I thought that shit was a myth and one of the main reasons I don't do it for fun more (trying to lose mormore weight). I usually love munching veggies but they taste like fucking shit when I'm high for some reason.
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New years was pretty fuckin alright. Started at the bar with my buddy, ended up buying buying an 8 ball of coke off some random niggo who actually (and surprisingly) had some decent shit. Made sure to drop a 20 on a single fat line to make sure it wasnt garbage before I bought a whole bag. Was chatting up a couple girls at the bar and ended up inviting them back to my buddies place for an impromptu coke party that went on til fuckin sunrise.

Ended up doing many lines and drinking many beers, shit was SO CASH.

albert chan

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I’m not even drunk or high, but this gif is just mesmerizing


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