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Didn't get any good sake for Christmas 2019, just some $10 300 mL stocking stuffers so had to buy my own with my Christmas money (thanks Grandma). Wasn't too expensive of a bottle (25 bucks for 720 mL) but noticed it came from Fukushima Prefecture. God bless those Japanese rice farmers and their radioactive crop (probably still radioactive almost a decade later!) since it makes for damn good sake, better than the cheap shit I normally drink.

I went to that liquor store before Christmas to buy stuff for myself and gifts for family and though I didn't buy any sake then, I noticed the sake selection had way more of the fancy/cool looking bottles. The other night when I went there all the cool bottles were gone. At least this store's expanded their sake (and shochu/umeshu/weeb liquors) selection in the past year, a bunch of stores in my city have really which is nice.


*hacker voice* I'm in
Got high off my ass and played spyro for a while last night. Never have I been more fucking comfortable and chill in my life.
Technically I use it for medical reasons, but I'm starting to really like it recreationally as well. I finally understand what all the fuss is about.

Now if only it wasn't so fucking expensive for medical shit...


thank you Dr. Purr, very cool
Wednesday night I found 2mg of valium that I'd forgotten about for a couple years, I tapered off and stopped talking my prescription ages ago, but I found them and was like "eh, what the hell"

Apparently I was totally out of it all night and the entire next day. I woke up today feeling just fine, but my boyfriend was like "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU ON YOU WERE BEING SO WEIRD!" So I guess I lost two days there. I've never experienced anything like that, benzos only ever helped with anxiety and never made me feel particularly "high" but I guess I was slurring all kinds of nonsense and smeared a bunch of lipstick on my face Courtney Love-style.

Oops. I only regret having no memory because I was probably feeling pretty chill. I'm still baffled why it hit me so hard.


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I'm on a 50/50 mix of Super Lemon Haze 17% thc 80/20 Sativa and Pink Kush 21% thc 90/10 Indica weed bud. Started super energetic now as I type this chill/happy and a bit sleepy.
It's also got a nice body buzz to it. Happy with my purchase. :)


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Smoking on some really nice purple MOAB, 10mg valium. Feeling pretty chilled, warm and fuzzy. Generally blissful.

Hope you're all having a good week!
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I finally qualify for this thread (well, I guess since making an account)

Man! I wish I could just become an alcoholic, but I work out of my car and local cops are fucking overbearing (a ticket for going five over are you kidding me?)
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I guess I’m drinking alone again

Buddy of mine got me drinking these hard seltzer’s/lemonsdes
I’m fucking all about strawberry lemonade

Drank a case and watching cop videos in youtube

Wishing I was a better person

Edit: didn’t realize u already had an idea to post in this thread the last time I was derunk
Though I figure more people would be posting here.


To the best of my knowledge I guess that I'm fresh
I finally have enough bud to make some dynamite hash. I’ve been buying an eighth of 9lb hammer every week and sticking it in my freezer. I have a pound of bud, my yield is going to be nutty.