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My hash package was supposed to arrive Thursday. Then by end of today. Now end Monday! So much for trying them out over the weekend.
EDIT-It arrived and sampling has begun. Here are a few pics. Nice glass jars, labeling and free 1g of kush.
I tried the Bentley and it is comparable to what I can buy from my dealer, but I saved a good amount on these 2 ozs by buying them online that's for sure.

With the savings I decided to try some of the other hash they had, and these other 3 gs are more higher quality (supposedly) to the Bentley. I am saving those 3 for the weekend so I can enjoy without the job BS going on during the week.
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Celebrating my negative covid test with some cider. Since I can leave the house tommorow I'm gonna grab the stuff to make iso hash.

Now if only I hadnt run out of epilepsy medication yesterday... god I hope I dont have a seizure


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Building up tolerance again after overdoing it, which lead to my self immolation in general chat. 🤦‍♂️ Sticking to 3 vapes a day, currently on something called Blueberry Seagal 16.4% thc 60/40 Indica. The name sucks but its nice happy chill/sleepy indica. Taste is mixed for me, initially musky/sharp cheese then it tastes like sweet blueberries. I could do without the cheesy starting taste still was worth the money.


I'm a stupid self-destructive fool
I just had some God Bud, its MUCH nicer then the other strain in the taste department. I guess it would be best described as sweet herbs with fruit. It's a 16.97% thc 0% cbd 60/40 Indica strain. It's a very uplifting happiness boosting strain. Since its Indica it is also relaxing and comes with a comfy body buzz. If it couldn't get any better its also pretty cheap. I am very happy with this strain!
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Ok I don't want to detail the Floyd riots thread. But I'm drinking, it's my birthday, and I'm miserable over the state of my country.

One of the guys that got shot last night in Kenosha was a convicted pedo. Good riddance and everything. But do you really think this is a coincidence? Do you think it's a coincidence Jacob Blake was a rapist and George Floyd held a preggo at gunpoint? Everyone getting killed right now has this kind of history and it's being done for a reason. They want you to say "yeah he was a bad guy BUT..." That's how it starts. If George Floyd or Jacob Blake or this white pedofork had no prior record and got shot you never would have heard about them. They were chosen for a reason. They don't want squeaky clean victims. We are being made to tear each other apart over criminals because that makes the fire burn faster. Maybe I should stop listening to Joe Rogan and Ground Zero but holy fuck, how is this actually happening and nobody is speaking the obvious???


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Don't really drink all that much, not out of any personal choices, but simply because I'm not around the stuff that often. Last time I got drunk was about eight years ago, was told I had (probably in jest) a gallon of booze that night, woke up the next morning feeling like hammered shit and swore I'd never drink that much again.