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This thread is where we can discuss/share artistic impressions of Phil.

A good example is this:


"Doing a bit more practice work lately. Trying to get better at drawing skin. Specifically the lighting and trying to not make it look dead. This was a quick study. Took about an hour maybe less to do. Could have probably polished it up a bit more if I spent more time on it."

"Your colouring style is accomplished; clearly you're moving in the right direction. My only grievance is that your learning process involves this sack of shit, when there are so many beautiful people in the world to use as reference material. Will he ever just shut up and go away?"


15 bucks little man, put that shit in my hand
Is it artistic if somebody sent Phil a 29" long cardboard dick from Shipadick.com that says "kwality kahntent" on it?

cuz if not, i totally didn't do that


This is a hurt-box I can't leave
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3 good fan art images ≠ "a lot". The other 97% of the fanart out there is godawful and looks like it was made by a drunk toddler with the downs.
True, I meant it more like; you actually have somewhat talented people drawing stuff for him. Obviously the vast majority of drawings he get are garbage but I thought it was amusing that he actually got decent drawings to begin with, even if it was just three.

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