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Phil stated on his stream last night that he isn't required to list his property on his bankruptcy filing because "exemptions exist up to $13,000", therefore he is not required to list his 3 TVs, 500+ Blu-rays and DVDs, his various media players, his surround sound system, his collection of art, his collectible statues, etc.

Phil says these items would only get valued at 'whatever a pawnshop would buy them for, or whatever the first buyer that came along at a garage sale would pay for it' and that his bankruptcy lawyer told him this and has knows about all the items in his house, and that she knows what she is doing deciding to list none of this property on his bankruptcy filing under appropriate exemptions because "She's a professional lawyer dood."

Video of Phil saying this

On Phil's bankruptcy filing under personal property & exemptions he only has listed: $3K of furniture & various household appliances, $500 of clothing, and $200 of Jewelry; so besides his Washington & Connecticut condos, $1,500 of 'Business Assets', and 2017 Toyota Corolla he has only listed and claimed this specific $3,700 worth of personal property.
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Who do you think filled out this form, DSP or the lawyer?
If they find out that there are intentional inaccuracies in the figures, how much blame does the lawyer get if she is the one who filled out the form?


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I likely won't be able to see this one live, but I'm very much looking forward to this.
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what expnses can he claim as business expenses?
This question is so grey with content creators on any website. What is considered a business expense as a streamer? Even more so, what will an aged court of law consider business expenses for someone that plays video games for others, aka something they don't probably see as a legitimate business venture.


I might be illiterate, but I didn't see anyone bring this up yet;
Dsp looks like he plans to hrow his lawyer under the bus if any of this doesnt pan out like he wants. Is it possible that his lawyer drop him/harass him for blaming her if he did actually lie instead of her being incompetent?

That’s my theory.



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What are the most likely legal ramifications that Phil will face due to falsifying his bankruptcy files?


Given the very questionable expense numbers, how much of a threat would the IRS be in this situation?
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This will be fun, Nick and Null have a good rapport and are usually interesting to listen to.

As for questions, the bottom line that everyone wants to know is: what are the odds that DSP is going to see some sort of ramifications for lying? Is he going to be able to cockroach his way out of it?
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Ask Nick to peg the percentage likelihood of the following events as this saga plays out:

1. Phil is forced to sell his Washington middle unit and move somewhere else?
2. Phil is put in jail or fined for perjury for any portion of the up to 20 years or $250 thousand maximum under law and if so, what portion of those maximum penalties he's hit with?
3. Phil's Chapter 7 qualification request is denied?
4. Phil does everything correct the rest of the way through this and emerges in a better long term position financially due to lower debt totals allowing him to pay down balances according to the court ordered schedule?

I'll probably stay up and catch this one live so see you farmers in the chat if I make it.

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When will Phil finally commi the Russell Greer criminal docs finally drop?


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I really hope when DSP starts calling people names, kids, mentally ill, Nick threatens to sue him for slander. I think DSP would shut up faster than he can snort, burp or throat clear.

It would be better when he throws the bankruptcy lawyer under the bus that they sue him for slander but that is just :optimistic:

Remember Patrick Klepek? You'd think Phil would have learned.
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