DSP Disabled Comments to Thwart Trolls -

That Hedonist Nerd

Pig Whisperer & Boomer
These are on DSP videos? Not detractor videos, but actual DSP ones. As in, these people are his audience?

Fuck, these are some well written insightful comments. Good job Phil is putting a stop to that, forcing people to then go find detractor videos so they can talk about them.

Edit: And honestly, these suggestions are fucking GOOD. This is constructive criticism that you rarely see on YT. These are the good people. And he wants to toss them out.


This was my depression
A sensible person in Phil's shoes would read that and turn up the panic mode by 100%, but with a bass of hope, while overflown with productive adrenalin. He would be motivated to try completely new stuff, ask the audience of their opinions and what to improve, change the current mindset because there is nothing to lose.

In reality:
Closes the comments and goes full "Guys I'm in panic mode and trolls make stupid suggestions. Gimme your wallet so I can survive!"