DSP Fan Art - Archival, Preservation and Mockery -


I'm making a thread with the sole purpose of archiving and preserving DSP fan art. A lot of DSP fan art is submitted via his forums and due to Phil filing for bankruptcy and his forums costing "literally thousands of dollars" I'm not sure how much longer the fan art will be around. Detractor fan art is welcome here to.

You might think archiving this is a huge waste of time, which it is; however I for one welcome the opportunity to ridicule and critique the art submitted to a fat man playing games who doesn't appreciate such fine pieces of work.



I love this one. It seems like a window into DSP's soul, the latent, vulnerable part of him that hasn't been allowed to surface its neglected little head in over a decade. I get the feeling that it will finally be pulled to the forefront when his day comes and he takes the stand and needs to speak Truthfully about what he's done with his life, and in that shame this piece of fanart will be born in full.


Who is the guy who does horrible fan art of Phil as a Samurai?
Hey now that's some of the better ones, its still shit though because a good artist is wasting their time on this unappreciative fuck.

I also couldn't seem to find it but I did find these gems along the way.