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In this thread u can talk about "real criticism".

No infighting, no arguing semantics, just focus on "real criticism" and if your post doesn't provide that then it'll be moved out.


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Hmm I'd be inclined to agree with you but then I remembered, he cut off his friends, girlfriend, and parents for his ego. He made a video exploiting his then Girlfriends panic attack for pity bux. He cut off his friends because he wanted to keep all the money instead of pay them. Yeah it'll be hard for him to find a job but tough shit it's his fault he has a 10 year gap in his employment and the personality of a 12 year old. No one told him to move across the country to a house he couldn't afford, no one told him to by a brand new car he barely uses, and no one told him to by the newest games, consoles, and in-game purchases. He did and he has to face the consequences as an almost 40 year old man.

A little A-loggy but my point is Phil is his worse enemy. Pity him if you want bit some lunatic RP escort/Fred Fuch wannabe wasn't going to fuck him over more than Phil already has.

(Taken from The Shit Street Thread. )


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He should have shorter prestreams and longer streams. That seems like a no-brainer to me.

Also he should get his post nasal drip fixed or blow his nose away from the microphone or something like that. The constant snorting does not improve the quality of his content.


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He should actually work on his speech skills. Ummms and uhhhs in every second sentence is just annoying. That is, if you can get over him rocking back and forth.
Saying "you know", "people" and "stuff" every sentence - there's no use of synonyms here. Whenever he talks about suggestions that "peepul" sent him, he never, ever gives credit to those who submitted said idea. That also ties to what millais said a few posts above mine - the mute button should be used more often.

And he should also stop repeating himself ever so often. Again, tying this thought to millais' comment: he could easily slash the prestream length by simply taking a minute or two a day to add in a schedule image into the prestream image rotation. That could cut the Week In Prestream portion out: you hear him say what's coming every single day when it could be avoided.

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If Phil really wanted to waste his money on something, it should have been hiring an editor. It would have made his YT uploads a lot more bearable. It could also open up a lot more options in terms of making videos. I think the one part of his "career" that Phil enjoys is the long rambling prestreams where he just gets to talk and feels like someone is listening to him. He could easily transition into doing vlog/review style videos. Hell, a lot of his fans ask him for his opinion on various things that he claims to be too poor to afford, like going to twitchcon or even seeing movies.

With his loyal paypig audience, Phil could easily run "fundraisers" for these projects. He could record himself rambling for awhile and toss it to an editor to turn into content.


Phil could be in shape, over the now almost 10 years that he has been streaming he has gotten tons of advice that would require tiny bits of effort a day to get in shape. Alas he never has listened and as Leana is not there to make him healthy meals anymore he is gaining weight rapidly.


taking his financial woes at face value, phil should stop shilling out to monthly subscriptions and start budgeting his money. while his twitch/youtube money may waver month to month, he has a pateron that stays about the same. or he could do some research on what his mediun twitch/youtube rev was for the past six months to get a rough estimate on what money he can expect.

learning to cook simple and quick meals with inexpensive ingredients vs buying frozen dinners could make a huge impact, too. there are tons of websites and cook books dedicated to cheap (but still healthy) meals phil could benefit from

he reminds me a lot me when i first started both having money to spend and bills, always living pay check to pay check, barely paying my bills and clueless to where all my money went a few days after being paid.


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Honestly? Phil should probably do drunk streams more. Like I said, it smoothes out his personality somewhat, he comes off like he's less miserable, and he actually handles trolls better when sloshed than sober.

I would also recommend doing games with no stream chat open to him too, at least for one of the games streamed at a time per week (like one of the three games in the schedule0; most of his old views was because of not being able to look at chat for tips.

I'm mostly just going with simple changes, but these two would help his bidness IMO.


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I don't think he will listen, but here goes:
  1. Phil should try to select his games based on Twitch interactions and move on from YouTube, he may hate PUBG for example, but it brings him a lot of interaction and tips, far more than say, Shadow of War. Twitch audiences seem to value more emergent moments than scripted ones. Also, more legacy games are welcome IMO.
  2. Vidar giving him money is fine by me, I don't understand it, but I don't mind it either. However, he shouldn't give Vidar the keys to the Kingdom. Vidar for example is clearly a terrible chat mod, and everyone there clearly hates him because he kills discussions before they start. Someone like KingJezal is far better suited to be mod because he knows how to be chill with supporters and detractors alike.
  3. If you overshare with the internet, the internet will try to poke into your life, it's just the way autism helps, and creating mysteries around your girlfriend or whatever makes it even worse.
  4. Phil should learn to laugh at himself sometimes, this will kill a lot of the trolling, if you show people your buttons, they will definitely press them.


Phil should stop taking personal offense to the gout meme.

This expanded to stop taking personal offense over [joking/teasing/making fun of] in general; not just as a person but as a streamer. He shows himself to be thin skinned when everything jabbing at him results in a twitch ban followed by a two minute chiding at his fan base and ends with an extra 10 minutes added to the Pre-stream monologue. Also, by taking offense of these things, he just enables and empowers the people that make fun of him. You're 35 going on 36, this stuff should not even cross your mind.


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Own up to your shit. I know Phil loves to play up to his ridiculous moniker of being "the king of hate" and how he is always blunt with his opinion, but the amount of times that has come back to bite him in the ass is phenomenal. Stop shitting on things other successful people do, because the chances are, you'll eventually adopt that approach to your business. Direct capture, streaming, Twitch, bits/cheers/shoutouts, Minecraft, PUBG, memes - these are things you have shit on in the past, but eventually come to rely on or enjoy. Your excuse is then extremely defensive and weak "the world isnt black and white d00d, people change" - yes people do change, but it's the sign of a "mature adult" to admit they were wrong, and that includes admitting you acted like a twat for shitting on those things before really even trying them. It's embarrassing and childish. So stop trying to be so outlandish and edgy with new/popular trends, or if not, try being humble when reneging on those opinions.

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