DSP Stream Discussion - 2nd November 2017 (1 year twitch return anniversary)

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neger psykolog

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Jul 13, 2017
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Prestream breakdown:
  • upload_2017-11-2_23-27-33.png
  • upload_2017-11-2_23-35-14.png
  • He's talking further in the chat about some changes he did with Muxy, apparently Patreon pledges should integrate or something
  • Says someone pledged to Patreon this morning.
  • Says that if someone tips him he should now show in the chat log with their message (as well as on screen)
  • Yet again doesn't have any sound running for prestream and then asks people if prestream is working (because its a Switch game so obviously too much truble to run an MP3 of prerecorded background music)
  • upload_2017-11-2_23-43-24.png

  • upload_2017-11-2_23-39-47.png
  • Some guy called 'the1whofarts' got instadeleted for unknowingly mentioning a bad word:
  • upload_2017-11-2_23-41-1.png

  • upload_2017-11-2_23-41-21.png
  • Discussion by DSP's Twitch chat about Phil's "free time" situation:
  • upload_2017-11-2_23-44-54.png

  • upload_2017-11-2_23-46-51.png
  • After doing so many Twitch streams, you think Phil would understand why its important to have background music while he's not actively playing/talking:
  • upload_2017-11-2_23-47-5.png
  • I usually don't screencap so much from chat, but this is worthy of it:
  • upload_2017-11-2_23-48-46.png
  • Phil comes on stream, says he's back "but not 100%"
  • Now he's talking at length about what day it is and what games he's playing. Has turned it into a 15 minute discussion so far about pretty much nothing.
  • Says his throat has been "gummed up"
  • Talking about his nose dripping or something into his throat while he's sleeping
  • "Swelling... deep in my throat... in my neck"
  • "my lymph nodes.. on the left hand side of my throat... are swollen"
  • "I rarely get a viral infection"
  • Says his post nasal drip usually causes infections but this is different which is weird
  • Goes on about his Halloween stream
  • "I was here 9 hours straight"
  • "45 minutes of uploading videos"
  • "I was so drained.... so drained"
  • "I woke up yesterday feeling so shitty, oh god"
  • Says he skipped stream yesterday and slept for 5 hours extra
  • Says had errands to do because he had no food at home, so he had to go out and get some
  • Says he's falling more behind on his gaming schedule and he's gonna address it soon
  • Wants to finish current games and then move onto new games, but still aims to do midnight streams of new releases
  • upload_2017-11-2_23-56-45.png
  • Reacts to suggestions he goes to a doctor for his throat: "American healthcare is shit... especially for the self employed like me"
  • Says he has the worst healthcare in America
  • "I'll give you an example... 2 years ago, out of nowhere, my foot swelled up out of nowhere!"
  • Says that he asked his family at the time and they all said they'd never had it but apparently they did and its hereditary
  • "and by the way, DO NOT TYPE GOUT INTO THE STREAMCHAT or you will get kicked"
  • Says its not a big deal now but when it happened people wouldn't shut up about it.
  • Says his diet back then was a lot of red meat, and seafood (shrimp/lahbster)
  • Says when da gout happened, he was in a lot of pain "I was in a baaaaad way!"
  • Claims to have paid $1300 for the gout doctor's visit with health insurance that cost hundreds of dollars a month. They covered basically nothing apparently.
  • Goes on about his financial situation and "stuff going on in the background"
  • "I have no idea what would happen if I had to go to a doctor" goes on to say it'd cost a lot of money
  • "The only way I would go is if it was life threatening"
  • Claims he is middle class and as such doesn't get tax cuts and so on
  • upload_2017-11-3_0-3-53.png
  • Says he doesn't qualify for tax breaks because the amount is calculated before his expenses, and not of
  • "think of all the costs I have each month... 2 mortgages, electricity, all the games, my expensive internet"
  • Says his health insurance and phone are business expenses
  • "tons of operational costs"
  • Says that politicians and "da people who make da rules" are stupid
  • "I make a certain amount, but that's before all my costs. They don't get that because they're stupid!"
  • Whines about people mentioning doctors visit
  • "If you want me to visit the doctor, send me $2000"
  • "If anything goes wrong with my health, I'd have to open a gofundme"
  • "Some people say sell the house, but that'd be worse"
  • Says if he had to sell the house because of health, he'd be worse because he'd have to focus on selling the house and moving across the country rather than relaxing and focusing on his health.
  • Talks more about politicians
  • "They don't do anything, they just deadlock"
  • Then goes back to talking about the games he's gonna play and how he's not gonna be able to play 4 games at once.
  • Mentions holiday in early December again
  • Says he's hoping to have more information on the "background problem"
  • "Maybe I'll have some time to work on that"
  • Says today is the 1 year anniversary of his return to Twitch
  • Says if he didn't have Twitch he would've had to sell his house and likely move back to Connecticut
  • Tries to hype up the 2 year crown, and says he hopes he's still on Twitch then.
  • Says on his Halloween stream he hit the highest number of concurrent subscribers he's ever had on Twitch (he couldn't figure out the word for it though)
  • Says it dropped down a little since then
  • Says it was 283 or 284 subscribers at peak.
  • Talks about Patreon, says it missed its goal by about $200
  • "I'm reevaluating Patreon"
  • Mentions the possibility of integrating Patreon/Stream but he can't get it working. Claims there is no way to link at the moment. Muxy will track Patreon pledges but not show them on screen.
  • He's looking to have Patreon tie in with stream events
  • Hypothetical event: "Dual event celebration"
  • "say we hit 300 subscribers on Twitch, I'd do a special event, and if you pledged $5 or more on Patreon you'd be able to vote"
  • Seems like he read the post mentioning how pointless his Patreon has been (just as I wrote this, he gave a shoutout to the Nich dude who wrote about it)
  • It seems that for the first time in the recorded history of mankind that Phil may have taken constructive criticism and tried to use it to improve things
  • November's Patreon goal: "A holiday gaming marathon. Christmas themed"
  • Says he'll either stream on Christmas day, Christmas Eve or the day before (23rd December)
  • upload_2017-11-3_0-25-49.png
  • Mentions the crappy Christmas games on consoles and PC. Says it would be funny to play some "crappy bad games"
  • Says he's "super excited"
  • "I swear to god. I will dress up. At the least... at the very least I'll have a christmas hat on... I'll have christmas popcorn balls (?)"
  • "We will have a really fun holiday event"
  • "Maybe I will even be drinking eggnog... with alcohol in it... on the stream!"
  • "Imagine I get sloshed on eggnog ack ack ack ack"
  • He actually, dare I say, sounds kinda "enthusiastic" about his Christmas marathon in a sort of way.
  • Plugs his teespring as a good way to buy things for holidays for people you love or hate (goes on to say you could watch the people you hate open the item on christmas morning and cry)
  • Very profusely refuses to redo poorly cooking with the king ever again. Says he'd consider doing a livestream of something, but not poorly cooking with the kind. Says its like 8 years old and people need to move on as its dead:
  • upload_2017-11-3_0-38-25.png
  • upload_2017-11-3_0-40-54.png

  • Replied to that cheer by saying the person would go to jail and that they're a dick. Also says he doesn't really think people wear livestreamer outfits when they go outside.
  • Says this is the longest prestream ever "officially" (it's 71 minutes since scheduled start if I'm correct)
  • Finishes prestream then makes a joke about going for a break (as in implying he is actually laughing at himself for taking 20 minute long breaks before playing da games)
  • And prestream is over


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neger psykolog

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Jul 13, 2017
Today is supposedly Phil's 1 year anniversary from his return to Twitch.

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Oct 14, 2017
BIG Patreon changes incoming folks.
DSP said he has a throat infection. will be interesting if he gets looked at by an actual doctor.
His alcohol intake has got to be having significant effects on his throat and overall health by now.

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Oct 14, 2017

@Null He should try and get a sponsor from these fuckers since he's just allergies wearing a human suit.


Kwhality Khantent
Feb 19, 2015
I think he went to an urgent care for his gout so it was a bit expensive. So now he thinks going to the normal doctor cost a million dollars so he said he's not going.


Aug 9, 2017
"I'm gonna be here for the whole fuckin' stream, not gonna get to any other worlds. This is it." -Phillip Burnell, while playing a 3D platformer designed for children.

Cyber Bowling

Jan 2, 2017
Even by Phil standards, his Christmas plans are pretty damn sad. I think what's really sad is the fact that he's actually getting excited about it. I think he's trying really hard to make it seem like he's spending Christmas with people, so he's making it out to sound like he's going to have a fun time playing games with his friends, when in reality he'll just be playing some awful Christmas themed platform games in a mostly dark room while wearing a santa hat and trying to chug eggnog fast enough so he doesn't have to feel the loneliness. At least he'll be putting on a good performance for the viewbots.

It would be great if some of his loyal watchers showed up, but then the chat turns into everyone discussing about how much fun they had with their family doing Christmas things.


Sep 8, 2017
As far as I can tell his first stream was November 29th not November 2nd.

View attachment 306942
Tweet here. (archive)

Interestingly he got the same views back then as he does now.
View attachment 306944
Graph and other stats here.
This I can confirm, he waited until he got his Twitch partnership set back up before streaming, so he actually did the FFXV premiere stream earlier on November 29th on YouTube, then did his 2nd stream on Twitch. From the viewership caps I was still doing back then (edited the Twitch one to remove middle white space):


DSP justified this as the 'anniversary' because he claims this was the day he decided to go back & contacted Twitch to get his account reactivated. A known detractor had told him on his forums weeks before how to use OBS Studio for separate streaming & recording so he could stream at Twitch's lower limits, this produced that test stream I condensed down when DSP claimed leaving HDCP on his PS4 from watching WWE Network caused the $3K lemon to reboot & OBS had lost all his settings.
I also found this tweet chain on November 2nd, where DSP was informed about the SureStream adblock evasion system for Twitch video ads (it's why I don't watch directly on the Twitch site, my uBlock Origin Chrome setup does not block them) and told he could stream at 5000Kbit for 1080p60... DSP now thinks 7-8K is needed for 1080p60, for his late 2014 end on Twitch my understanding is he used 6000Kbit for 1080p60. http://archive.md/RmG1u
I'm honestly not sure if he even remembered that cheering existed, I think he mainly wanted to return to Twitch to get more exposure & some subs money. DSP did shit all over cheering when it launched, I tweeted the 1 year anniversary of that back in June 2017, here's a couple of his tweets from June 2016 shitting on it:
upload_2017-11-3_7-12-25.png upload_2017-11-3_7-12-56.png

Nightbot now shows donations. Great even easier to track his income.
I can confirm Nightbot does show tips now, including the sub $2 ones. However it does not show messages. DSP did read messages for a couple of the $1 ones, but I can easily confirm the $2+ ones that had messages but didn't via Nightbot:

Nightbot tip messages said:
[13:09] <nightbot> nich2440 just tipped $1.00
[13:18] <nightbot> WaifuDestroyerMatt just tipped $2.00
[13:26] <nightbot> nich2440 just tipped $1.00
[13:31] <nightbot> ratchefan12 just tipped $10.00
[14:02] <nightbot> ratchefan12 just tipped $2.00
[14:48] <nightbot> Nagito Komaeda just tipped $2.00
[15:31] <nightbot> cammy just tipped $1.00
[15:44] <nightbot> tom just tipped $1.00
[20:49] <nightbot> Do Dem Duties just tipped $2.00
[20:59] <nightbot> Do Dem Duties just tipped $2.00
[21:07] <nightbot> derin just tipped $1.00
[21:11] <nightbot> nich2440 just tipped $1.00
[21:23] <nightbot> nich2440 just tipped $1.00
[22:51] <nightbot> CollegeMan just tipped $1.00
We're yet to see if Nightbot will message on tips offstream, but for now I'm not planning to do tip screencaps any more if this is available. That's 8 $1 tips I wouldn't have tracked before, $20 total for Mario & $8 for CoDWWII.


Bullying Βancho
Jan 14, 2017
I wonder why Phil lets his health go down the drain like this, is he trying to receive Nurgle's mark?

It's actually getting really sad and scary, seeing the deesp rot away like that, the stupid thing is he could drive up to Canada and get checked out, operated on, and medicated, for under 500 bucks.
It's to do with being a manchild who can't take care of himself I guess, bet his dental situation is even worse.
I was a foreigner without healthcare in Canada for a while, it's crazy cheap, makes me wonder why medical tourism for Americans just south of the border isn't more popular.
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