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DSP tries it: never addressing drama again after March 8th 2018

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell, the Onion Man' started by neger psykolog, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. In this thread we can keep track of DSP's new life goal of never addressing drama again (explained at end of post). Everyone that posts on Kiwifarms is an undeniably stable and positive person and by seeing what goals Phil has set for himself we can play a large part in coming together and helping him to achieve this!
    Current score:
    91.5/100 points
    Tally so far:

    Definition of "drama" / negative points:
    • Any claim/accusation/insult made against Phil that he addresses by way of response or calling a "troll cheer/tip" but also including a tangent about detractors. If he just calls it a troll cheer and moves on then it will not count.
    • Any renewed discussion about drama that has occurred previously
    • "drama" does not involve his bugged tax mechanics or ragequitting games, unless he addresses what other people say about it.
    • "drama" does not involve him commenting on popular events involving other people and not himself (like Logan Paul) however if he randomly goes into a completely toxic slant against someone who is popular then he will lose a point
    • Each point relates to a topic/allegation/specific drama. So if he responds to a drama both on his stream and on his Twitter in the same day it only counts as one point. If he responds to the same drama the next day then that is an extra point.
    • If he mentions 2-3 dramas in a single outburst, then that's only 1 point.

    Definition of positive points:
    • Says something notably positive that doesn't relate to just money or the amount of interaction on stream and doesn't relate to indirectly having received benefit (like praising submitted artwork etc)
    • Gets a meme cheer/tip and successfully turns it into a joke that is actually funny showing that he isn't taking the drama too seriously.

    In his prestream on 8th March, 2018 he said he'd never address drama again:

    Alright, so Astrojetboy, who was being very negative in the stream chat and repeating detractor garbage in the stream chat cheered to ask me about the detractor garbage in the stream chat. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I've had enough of this, it's very simple, every single--I've said this before, I'll say it again--every single fucking day, people make shit up about me. Here's a new thing about DSP he said on stream that's terrible. Here's a new leaked document that proves this or that about DSP. Here's a new person on YouTube who doesn't like DSP. I'm done with it. I'm not addressing it anymore.
    You can believe whatever the hell you want alright, you can, at this point there's been so much fabricated bullshit about me I've had it. I'm not going to be addressing ANYTHING anymore, EVER AGAIN, I'm done with it! Well pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back for me was the fucking escort story because it was 100% fabricated, not a shred of evidence, yet all this fabricated shit came out okay oh this is true and that is true, and look here's a link here and here's a link there, okay, in particular one of the things that supposedly was leaked about that escort story was from this person who apparently I guess... I guess they're saying this is a PM or something that leaked. I don't know, I don't care.

    Since he has set this goal for himself its only true & authentic that we work together to make a scoreboard keeping track of Phil's goal. He'll get given 100 points to begin with and lose a point every time its pointed out that he addressed drama.

    (note: I'm not gonna watch his shit to keep track of this, so any incidents you find of Phil failing to meet his life goal, please post them here so I can add them to OP)
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    #1 neger psykolog, Mar 13, 2018
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    neger psykolog

    neger psykolog moon goons for communism detection
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  2. btw I would give him plus points for things he says that are positive but I've yet to hear any example of this happening so I have no idea what I'd even use as an example (and no I'm not going to count talking about positivity or saying that the interactions/finances on stream as being positive because its not)

    I guess if he ever says anything notably positive or complimentary about a game/person or something then he might get a plus point to even it out.
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    #2 neger psykolog, Mar 13, 2018
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    neger psykolog

    neger psykolog moon goons for communism detection
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  3. Beautiful. Though i think we know how few prestreams its going to take for that amount to quickly be at 1/4th of the total. Dibs on end of the month
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    Moritsune Time to buy a bear suit and break reality

  4. He's going to bottle it up for a tiny little bit and only occasionally splutter, but eventually the pressure is going to build up and he'll explode into a gout frenzy. My bet would be something Kat-related, when she dumps him or otherwise tells him off.
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    AnOminous send more cops
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  5. Phil slightly alluded in the Kat video that it was a positive thing that a detractor signed him up for small business flyers because it is what made him aware of the fact he wasn't paying business taxes, and he would have kept on not playing them while growing the money he owed for the forseeable future.

    Now I am fairly sure he didn't outright admit it, but he did say something to the effect that he was thankful it happened when it did?

    Not sure if this counts neger but it's the only example of anything "positive" he's said about detractors maybe ever.

    Ptolemy Companion

  6. The positive thing doesn't have to include detractors, it could just be an unusually positive thing he said about something.

    Actually I guess if he takes a negative and turns it into a positive then he might get a point.

    For example if someone cheered with a meme about penne pasta and he managed to successfully joke about it then that'd actually be better than not addressing the drama because it shows he's taking shit in stride and not overreacting.
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    neger psykolog

    neger psykolog moon goons for communism detection
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  7. How far retrospective will the “Adressing the haters/drama” go? Only 2018?

    Edit: March 8th onward. Will watch out for the drama

    GnomeofDoc What? I like weird old guns.

  8. Is this the same guy who prefaces every stream with 30-90 minutes of whining about the shit people are saying on the internet? That guy's not going to talk about drama?

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  9. Hasn't he made similar claims in the past though? So in a sense he's already lost many times over.
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    Dirt McGirt

    Dirt McGirt It's for the children
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  10. I checked his stream a few minutes ago and he thanks someone for giving him a tip about the game. I don't know if there was money attached to the tip, but Phil said something along the lines of "so and so was right, I can move faster. Thank you for the tip.".

    Has he ever done something like this before?

    Normally I wouldn't count thanking someone as a positive, though.
  11. Nah if its positivity in relation to something he's benefited from (indirectly or directly) them it doesn't count. As it is he rarely ever reads or responds to anything when he isn't getting paid, so that shit doesn't count.
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    neger psykolog

    neger psykolog moon goons for communism detection
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  12. He's only gotten one tip ($) so far (got a few more as I typed this). He's been reading comments out loud regardless. A few minutes ago the chat began to complain about lag. Phil apologized for it in chat. BTW, he's having the same problem again and is calmly and politely explaining the situation right now.

    My brain is breaking. It's like an alien stole Phil's skin and is streaming.
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    SoapQueen1 speed bump, failed business owner, 'tism wrangler
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  14. I do wonder if a mention of the accountant counts under "bugged tax mechanics" and therefore is ineligible. The man himself has not responded or made himself known at all, refusing to abet drama. But I guess you could say the same about Leanna?

    The second bullet is good, because it is expansive enough to include backpedaling on things Phil knows he did wrong (letting the word "faggot" slip, bullying some preteen on VRchat). But, maybe this one should be reconsidered.

    Some of the most delicious clipped salt comes from him unloading randomly on other e-celebs who just happen to be the object of one of his pet jealousies or hatreds. Floe, Daigo, iJustine, Tobuscus, Jilted Javier, Pewds especially! The waiting sperg army immediately caps or clips and then circulates what he said on Twitter, with the mentions of the person at the center falling victim.

    It creates "drama" in itself, though by the rubric established in the first bullet even that wouldn't count as drama until Phil responds to it. Right...?
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    Monday Michiru

    Monday Michiru The Washing of Dishes

  15. "They've beaten a dead horse. There's nothing to talk about. So they make shit up! There was a time when what they said made sense -- now it's so stupid."

    From tonight's stream. Seemingly unprovoked? I don't know, because I wasn't paying attention right before he started in. If need be, I guess I can listen to these videos on YouTube tomorrow to re-find it. Not sure if something like this counts. Awaiting our custodian's verdict. xoxo
    Monday Michiru

    Monday Michiru The Washing of Dishes


  16. March 13, 2018 [-1 point]
    March 13, 2018 [-1 point]
    March 13, 2018 [-1 point]
    • Brings up a bunch of shit about trolls being dumb and unfunny and goes back on a history trip about shit from 10 years ago
    • https://youtu.be/Wp-AV0URqVY
    This brings his score down to 92 points.

    Correct. I don't think its a real situation to call "addressing the drama" since it isn't internet based and doesn't really relate to the da trolls and da haters.
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    neger psykolog

    neger psykolog moon goons for communism detection
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  17. By god, with this metric the man will hit rock bottom 0 in only 2 months. At least he could have made this a new years goal, at least people expect others to fails those by default, but I guess we don't need that for DSP.
  18. god, i love it when phil talks all pretentious like

    ZehnBoat Scrungy Mungus and the Funky Fungus

    His buttons are very easy to push, even by lolcow standards. Ironic, considering how hard it is for him to push buttons.
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    Bridge to Nowhere

    Bridge to Nowhere Feeling that moment

  19. Can the point total go down into the negatives after it inevitably hits 0?
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    A Witty Name

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