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DSP's Data CalculationHow many drives does Dark need?

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by Destro1986, Dec 1, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. So, I was thinking about how many drives he really needs, considering how much of his content doesn't get uploaded (prestreams) and was trying to figure out how much data he really should have.

    I figured if anyone else speculates might not want to clutter up main.

    My estimates have him with a pretty wide range of hours; I can't actually seem to find the # of videos he currently has, but it's around 50k right? I estimated an average time of 7 minutes, puts him at only having 6k hours of video; but if we look at it from 30hrs a week (seems low if anything) every week for 10 years, we get 15k hours.

    I'm curious if anyone who's been here longer might have some insight about the best way to estimate the amount of total playtime on DSP's videos.

    My initial estimates have it at a range of 18-40TB of data he needs to store.

    Not really that much if you store it all on an NAS or Fileserver and just roll them over.
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  2. This was the subject of discussion back in late January. Here's some quotes you might find helpful:

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  3. Lmao so I'm not the first, that fits right within my ranges.
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  4. I don't math, so after reading this, all I keep hearing in my head is R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket, screaming

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    Nurse Ratchet

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  5. I've personally set up 30TB NAS arrays for people it's not even like a large amount of data for anyone who does HD Video rendering or deals with HD map data.
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  6. I particularly enjoyed this post crunching the numbers on what it would take to use those external drives for their stated purpose: to reupload them all in case of accidental YouTube deletion or the opening of a new site that DSP can spam to miIk for some form of monetization.
    Also the quality of available external drives over the past 10 years needs to be taken into account.
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    Prince Lotor

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  7. @Prince Lotor Ah, thanks :) I had been searching for that @Wurstbrot post. His numbers were so well put together, I had thought neger had written it :like:
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  8. Knowing DSP, he probably stores as little as is possible
  9. Knowing DSP he probably tries to store as little as possible but still winds up with terabytes of cahntent directly on his desktop.
  10. I find it hard to believe Phil is a data hoarder, I think he just claims he keeps everything to appease random jackasses. Even a part-time data hoarder spends ten minutes making their “filing system” easy to root through. I’m an amateur data hoarder and sitting on about 15 TB of crap, but it would take me twenty seconds to find that random ROM/anime/porn/aslongasivegotit you need me to give you because I know which drive is which and you don’t have to write a command to execute a search for file names. Just type it in the box.

    If the dude has externals at all, they’re filled with home videos of him and Rambo. I’ll bet you one American dollar he just uploads to YouTube and considers that his “storage”. He says it’s an archive, he might be actually serious and YouTube is just where he stores his shit. When it gets deleted, like his vaunted suicide kings shit, he just chalks it up to a hard drive failure or whatever else and tells himself he was never gonna watch it anyway.
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    Commander Keen

    Commander Keen in GOODBYE GALAXY!!!

  11. He's not a "data hoarder" he's a dummy pretending to have a big boy business, and big boy businesses back up their data.
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  12. He probably just uploads all his shit to memory storage devices because it’s a visible, quantifiable measure of his, “life’s work.”
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    thebonesauce The North American Jape

  13. I wonder how many large kahntent creators use services like Amazon AWS or some shit to back up data remotely.
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