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DSP's Thanksgiving Day Victimhood 2018A Holiday tradition

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by Haunter, Nov 18, 2018.

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no one can help you


What will the Big Reveal be?

Poll closed Nov 23, 2018.
  1. Muh Depression

    4 vote(s)
  2. Muh Taxes

    65 vote(s)
  3. Elderly parent fallen ill

    14 vote(s)
  4. Kat escaped

    9 vote(s)
  5. Cut in Youtube Money

    19 vote(s)
  6. Mystery Illness

    8 vote(s)
  1. In John and Howard's 2015 response to Phil's defamatory video, John noted Phil's strange animosity for Thanksgiving:

    "... It's a video he puts out on Thanksgiving Day, which I don't really understand. And last year Thanksgiving, he decided to un-follow me... So something with Thanksgiving..." Howard adds, "He un-followed both of us, and there was no real rhyme or reason to it..."

    I dunno what troubles were created for Thanksgiving 2016, but it was Thanksgiving 2017 that he chose to "reveal what's been going on behind-the-scenes": his massive tax problem.

    Phil has now announced that for Thanksgiving 2018, he will again be revealing "behind-the-scenes" troubles.


    If he's attempting to repeat last year's Thanksgiving-to-Christmas e-begging tandem, I'm expecting this Beg-a-Thon to prime the pump for Christmas' Beg-a-thon, essentially setting up the victim-narrative for the coming month.

    People have pointed out that unlike last year's E-Begging Day(s) success, this time he's out of emergencies: Kat is working full-time (it would make her look terrible for to Phil claim she doesn't help alleviate bills, leaving him to "tread water"), the push to move the "soul-mate" in with him is gone, "taxes" is more or less a dead-horse, and of course there is the lingering specter of tutnakhmannn's recent mountain of gifted money.

    Possible problems to be put forth, like those guessed at here by @Noob-Noob, have been speculated, such as: a worsening of Phil's supposed Depression, the Mystery Illness he's hinted at, or the dark horse bet: Kat, last year's "soul-mate", has left.

    Phil has said that him and Kat are both too busy to cook a special Holiday feast themselves, so Phil's mother will be sending them a dinner ordered from QVC.

    @EddyB43 has noted Phil's projected Thanksgiving stream schedule: "Ask the King stream timing depends on Kat's schedule, might be in the main or second stream slot depending on when she's around to eat dinner".
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    #1 Haunter, Nov 18, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018

    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  2. Who the fuck order one through the mail when I guarantee any number of grocery stores/eateries that do take out and ready made to go meals will have holiday offerings?
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  3. Because mommy is paying for it. Otherwise, Phil would have to work out how to get her to order one at a local store. And since he's obviously too busy for that, QVC it is.

    Also, re: thanksgiving begathon. Given that Kat is mentioned in the plan for scheduling, I think he's just going to try and lean hard on the whole "MUH TAXES" thing. Probably bring up Youtube demonitizing him for a few weeks like that totally decimated him. Will mention Tut without mentioning the amount of money Tut gave and claim that that suppressed other whales, because obviously that's a solid business strategy.
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    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  4. I think he will just make a big fuss about his YouTube cpm not going up for holiday season, like it like it did in previous years. Then he will throw in some trigger words like taxes, tevin and detractors, and just do his normal hissyfit about nothing he could do (a.k.a couldn't block).

    BTW shouldn't the praying thank you pose come back for this holiday begging seaons? I remember him doing it for the '17 begathons.
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  5. Kat must be working black friday at her retail job. Why else would she busy on thanksgiving? Phil taking his day off on Wednesday instead of thanksgiving just baffles me. This is a man that is "too busy" but makes his own schedule. Take off the holiday like any normal human being and help cook a meal for you and your hardworking girlfriend Phil.
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  6. I wonder why Phil has such a weird relationship with Thanksgiving?

    Then again... I guess a holiday that is primarily about sharing thanks in the company of friends and family that care about you isn't easy for Phil to celebrate.
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  7. I always just assumed that in his twisted little mind that he essentially equated Thanksgiving to mean people should give him something. I forgot all about the John and Howard stuff happening around that time. Probably some childhood trauma, like his Dad telling him it's time to grow up and get a job.

    Brain-dead detractor Dad.
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    samovski feelsoldman

  8. Is it any surprise Phil has animosity towards a holiday that's all about being thankful for people other than yourself? He has to twist the holiday spirit to cry about his problems and make others feel sorry for him, make them say they're thankful for him. Or rather, show they're thankful by giving him money. Such an asshole.
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  9. I think a Tevin lore stream explained that he has a history of not liking Thanksgiving for 'reasons' but DSP has never elaborated on it.

    Anyway, the reason he does beg-a-thons on thanksgiving is because its a holiday to 'give' along with Christmas. He preys on peoples good will. If I had no idea who DSP was and I stumbled across him begging on the day, im MORE likely to give than if it was the day after
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  10. I could see DSP disliking Thanksgiving simply because it's a holiday where you don't traditionally get anything but instead show gratitude towards other people. He enjoys Christmas because it has such a big gift association for him. Even Halloween at least has the association of getting stuff when he was younger. Last year was one of the few times he dropped his usual mask and talked about not having friends/family around for Thanksgiving. I think it is one of the few times of the year that breaks through his delusion.
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  11. Yeah this seems to be seasonal depression hitting him hard, especially not really having friends/family around to celebrate Thanksgiving.

    So I'm assuming DSP likes to cheer himself up around this time by spending money on random shit to hold him off until Christmas, to buy even more shit. Also consuming lots of gin. I expect a drunk tweet from him on Thursday talking about how thankful he is for all the support and blah blah blah aka money.
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  12. I’m not surprised Phil has such a disdain for Thanksgiving. You see, in order for thanksgiving to mean anything, you first have to have gratitude, it’s all about giving thanks so I imagine it’s a bummer when you don’t have anything to be thankful for...

    As for the scheduled emergency, hasn’t he already hinted at taxes being the issue? I could’ve sworn he’s mentioned it a few times now.
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    thebonesauce The North American Jape

  13. Phil thankful for what? He created the 10 year legacy, he created the whole fun experience, YOU should be thankful he did that, being still here against the odds. This man needs no real job, he created the perfect business model: You step up and you have the job, for him. Because he is the originator of Let's Plays, he should be rich by now but youtube changed the payment model.

    Disclaimer: This might literally be Dave's thought process for all we know. He created a 10 year torture, a painful experience which can only ironically be called "fun", everyone can do it this poorly so no need to be thankful, but yes he is still here against the odds. He needs to resocialize and get a real job, he can do his futureless streaming part-time. Other people should not compensate for his failed life decisions. The only useful thing of worth he's ever done in his career were templates to laugh at his cost. Yes Youtube changed some models but he refused to do anything to adapt and ran with his micro-penne between his legs to Twitch where he tries his best to be hated by everyone.

    So, the new behind the scenes catastrophe will be solved the usual way, throwing money at him, I predict? Then color me unsurprised when he reveals his solution to the 102% self inflicted (or not existent and/or just the usual) problem:
    Credit card fees! Gimme money!
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    Wurstbrot Basic Understanding Of Time

  14. I think he gets amusement out of doing this kind of stuff on Thanksgiving. I can see him sitting there in his pajamas, hand hovering over the mouse, and thinking to himself "I give my thanks to you, for nothing, dummies! ackackackack."
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    Shick Body by Nabisco

  15. DSP has since confirmed Ask the King will be in the usual 'early' stream slot, as Kat will be around for dinner at least on the day, confirmed on his schedule tweet for the first time today and mentioned on prestreams for the last couple of days. Also random aside, the 'open' Monday 'late' stream is now confirmed to just be more Dragon Quest XI.
    https://twitter.com/TheyCallMeDSP/status/1064356926274789378 (archive)
    As others have mentioned, I would expect the big problem to be... TAXES. DSP has said over this year that he hasn't paid the first 2 quarters of his 2018 IRS taxes (my understanding is these are optional quarterly pre-payments so you don't HAVE to pay the entire lump sum around March/April? 2019, so he's not defaulting yet) and with his 'my credit card payments have doubled to $1K/month!' crying implies he put the Washington state B&O backtaxes for mid 2014->2016 either completely as a credit card payment or a monthly payment plan is on his credit cards.
    Thanksgiving 2017 was when DSP hinted about a health problem right before talking about the state B&O backtaxes situation, he hasn't gotten more specific since, so that's a possibility. Anything more wild like Kat leaving or some behind the scenes plot against him I'll leave to be amazed by on the reveal... but it's likely just the IRS taxes and maybe even 2018's state taxes.
    As these taxes are likely due in March/April? 2019 for the IRS and January? for the Washington state B&O taxes, Twitch income (cheers, subs & ad revenue) are fine for now, he'll receive November's money (e.g. Sunday's CoDBO4 prestream $200+ cheer war) in mid January. Once we get into December it won't help for the state taxes, but should be usable for the IRS until the end of January, end of December at the worst.
    Another change is DSP plans to put up the festive holiday decorations & his stream layout/notifications on the day after Thanksgiving. In 2017 he waited for December, maybe even after the 3rd & final staycation with Kat so they could buy decorations together. Cynically this is so he can get people in a festive giving mood ASAP for whatever problem he reveals on Thanksgiving.
    As for Thanksgiving 2016, nothing special specifically on the day I recall. This was less than a month after that first hour long Business Update vlog where he begged for more patrons... and got them, getting him 50-100 more small ~$1 patrons. The YouTube stream attendance had been going terribly, we've had rants about Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2 and infamously Pokemon Moon getting poor attendance. Also a few days before this OBS Studio's stream&record dual settings feature was explained, so he tried it out and was mid trying to return to Twitch. He would do so on November 29th, between Final Fantasy XV 'premiere' streams because his partnership is confirmed (sub button appears) during the 'early' premiere stream.
    Here's a quick sample of drgnkiller's tweets quoting the Thanksgiving 2016 Ask the King. upload_2018-11-19_7-39-13.png
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  16. I’m genuinely wondering what the straw that breaks the camels back will be, the event that causes his slobbering tardlets to finally wise up to his bullshit. He has CONSISTENTLY had a financial issue every couple of months for a few years now but continues to receive funds for begging... Is there honestly anything he could say that wakes them up, shy of telling them he just wants their money?
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    thebonesauce The North American Jape

  17. Expect Taxes and Diabetes. Maybe even a mention of a gout flare up

    Im still amazed that people in the current year get gout
  18. Exactly my thoughts, just written down. This might be subjective but I got the impression he overloads the camel quite heavily since the failed Halloween stream with Kat. There must be a limit to what his piggies can swallow until they vomit all over the place and shout "Enough, this is getting ridiculous", and his next bullshit emergency won't help (Why tho? Because no other streamer begs more than he actually does his job. And he doesn't do his job in more than one way).
    This might still be a time where Phil will not fall, because whenever we predict his downfall literally nothing happens to him and he just raises up on the smug-scale. But I can't help to get the impression he tries his best to challenge this rule lately.

    This reminds me of Drachenlord a lot (oh no Wurstbrot, not again!). His motto is "Ich bin unbesiegt!!!" or simply "Unbesiegt!!!" as his detractors phrase it. Translates to "I'm undefeated". Not knowing his entire career is a defeat, he already lost, which makes it so amusing when he thinks he's won a little fight with a troll. How long does he think he can play that game? Where is the point of no return where he can't even get an education, let alone a job? Nobody wants an uneducated slug in his company with a decade long gap in his resume. He gets older and withers away in his loneliness. People on the internet grow up, they lose interest, all he can do is to gather the most autistic kids on the internet who don't know better. Where is his plan to gain and maintain a fresh audience, in which way is he on their level to speak with them? Nowhere, they are all idiots to him. So the question remains: Where, when and how will he die?

    How long does Dave think he can play this game, year after year after year while falling apart, inside and outside? There is a limit to his legacy.
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    #18 Wurstbrot, Nov 19, 2018
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    Wurstbrot Basic Understanding Of Time

  19. Umm, okay, so I started looking into it and the IRS calculates what the penalty you owe on late quarterly Estimated Income Tax payments is based on the amount owed and the amount of time that has passed since the due date.
    Dave flat out stated he skipped his Q1 and Q2 payments and has been silent about his Q3, although the way it works is he would want to pay the earliest payment he owes + penalties because as more time passes the penalty that is applied can increase. The penalty I'm seeing is ½% of what is owed per month late the payment is, which ends up being 6% for the whole year plus a 3% interest charge, so 9% if he waits until April 15th to pay his Federal Taxes. The only payment you can skip without penalty is the Q4 payment due Jan 15th if you file and pay your Federal Taxes by Jan 31st. If he does that he would only owe the extra 9% penalty on ¾ of his Federal Taxes (if he didn't make any payments at all).

    The TL;DR is he likely increased his Federal Taxes by an extra $1,000 to $1,500 this year by skipping his quarterly Estimated Income Tax payments.
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    Prince Lotor

    Prince Lotor My dreams are trying to kill me. Fuck you dreams!

  20. ...possible hard sell to the CPM is that other YT'ers have talked about how CPMs have not only stabilized, but risen. D$P, of course does not watch other YT'ers. His fans....may not live in so small a bubble. I have, in fact heard folks ( and not the D$P 1 person=Folks ) I sub to saying ad revenue is the best it's been since the Ad-Apocalypse and things seem to have stabilized. Granted, some of these folks had returned to working ...*cough* ....jobs! ( or never quit them ) while still managing to maintain their channels so what do they know? I feel compelled to point out one that that I know of has since eschewed sponsors after returning to irl work because of no longer wishing the some times fan felt conflict of interest these things had entailed.*

    additionally....I recall D$P waving off some thought to be a rather large CPM earned by another YT'er was normal which has since lead me to believe he rakes in well over $1/1k . I ( powerlevel ) have not ever reached 1k subs in my TEN years of YTing , so I don't know what a 100k sub channel CPM would be. I use,however, my over Ten years experience following YT'ers that are still around and now have staff, offices and homes with their own bills* and $1/1k don't add up for them. These folks have LEGIT BILLS!!!!!!11one not some shut-in in his WhaKhando
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    Raven'sChild Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one

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