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What will the Big Reveal be?

  • Muh Depression

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  • Muh Taxes

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  • Elderly parent fallen ill

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  • Kat escaped

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  • Cut in Youtube Money

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  • Mystery Illness

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Jan 25, 2018
He should have done this YEARS ago. He ain't Markiplier, he ain't Dr. Disrespect. The man needs to supplement his income because it isn't stable. He could easily work a part time, first shift job, come home and get situated, run a stream for a few hours then clock out of that and do whatever he wants. Save every penny that comes from the job. He wouldn't be making a shit ton of money but Washington is moving towards a $15 minimum wage and right now it's sitting at $12 for 2019. Phil never thought about what he would do if this shit falls apart, and he obviously never expected it to since he bought a new house and a brand new car, and didn't save any money. Anybody who gives him money towards that 16k to help pay whatever bills or whatever is out of their minds. If things don't completely fall apart then Phil will never change.

I think ChocoTaco recently quit his job to stream full time. Iirc he was working full-time and and decided when he reached a certain amount of subs, and held that amount or grew he'd make it his full time job. I think it was 1.5-2k subs. That is over double what Phil has at any given time consistently. I'd argue that's a fair way of looking at streaming. If you're not covering your costs with a little bit left over for you then something needs to change.

Simple fact is I think he thinks he's too good for a "normal" job. It's a step down in his eyes.


Aug 1, 2018
"YouTube has initiated a new policy for the MCNs called “Know Your Customers”, and initiated the 50/90 rule. Basically it says that if the network ( all channels combined ) suffers 50 violations of YouTube rules in 90 days, the network will get suspended from YouTube for a time and multiple suspensions will result in a permanent ban. So YouTube says they must review every video there partners upload, or release channels that have the potential of violating YouTubes rules. That means they are releasing tons of channels. Especially gamers if you play anything but “ Care Bears” & “My little pony”, unless you are a top earner. MCNs are now increasing the basic stats to be able to join as a result, along with dropping channels."

Interesting find on plebbit. My take away from this, (if it is true) is that they got rid of all the small-time YT channels that were on their network because they couldn't feasibly monitor all of them.

The whole point of that rule was that Youtube was tired of MCN's monetizing channels Youtube had banned from Adsense. Like Dave.


The North American Jape
May 27, 2013
Oh, I forgot to mention one of my favorite parts of the entire stream...

Someone asked why he doesn’t just buy physical copies that has a trade-in value instead of buying everything digitally and wasting tons of money... He claims that GameStop takes the games and gives such a small percentage of value for store credit, but somehow buying the games digitally where he has NO incentive and cannot get money refunded AT ALL is somehow better? Correct me if I’m wrong but 1 is still a bigger number than 0, correct? Like, I dunno how much that Wii Silent Hill game goes for, but I know it’s a bit harder to find so let’s be generous and say $50. HE PLAYED THE GAME FOR 45 MINUTES. That’s LITERALY $50 wasted!

Edit: and that’s another thing... When talking about his expenses, he talks and acts like his monthly game purchases add up like $1k+ consistently. He was talking about expenses and he got to a point where he says, “uhhhh, the games, I spend a lot of money on games the games are really expensive, the games are a big expense, etc.” He bought MAYBE 6 games this month... That comes to $360. Also factor in that he writes every game off a business expense anyway, but he’s still claiming that buying sooooooo many games per month is a money hole. He makes no goddamn sense. He could be buying DOUBLE the amount of games he does monthly and it STILL wouldn’t make a significant dent in his income, write off or not.
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Cyber Bowling

Jan 2, 2017
Might be potentially entering tinfoil hat territory. Phil is notoriously bad with money, no doubts about that. He purchases items that are way more expensive than necessary because he equates his pride/success to price tags. He's also a sucker for dumb impulse buys and clearly doesn't know how to save/budget effectively. That being said, I don't think that means he has no savings entirely. I think Phil has enough to pay his taxes, but I think in his pig roach mind he believes he shouldn't be forced to eat those loses because he can't stomach the idea of spending money on something that doesn't go directly towards him. I think that's primarily what the 16k goal is for. It isn't so he can pay his taxes outright, but rather, so he can recoup the cost of his taxes. Obviously, saying it like that doesn't get sympathy or imply he's in danger, so Phil spins it to make it sound like he has nothing and needs to get this money.

It's like how a year or so ago he kept using the same excuse of losing his house if they didn't meet the monthly goals. I don't think it was ever at the point where he was just narrowly scraping by every month and managing to avoid eviction, especially since there were times they didn't meet the goal or Phil's patreon dropped.

I think that's why Phil also sprinkled in the other stuff about his parents and marriage and everything as well. He's just drumming up sympathy, and while I do still believe he owes a lot of debt and is terrible with finances, I also think he has a proven history of being a dramatic bitch and greatly over exaggerating/outright lying about his life. Phil is dumb in practically every area, but one of the few things he does know is how to fish for pity bucks.

I also think his pride gets in the way of that more often than not, which is one of Phil's amusing cow traits. He hates showing weakness, but in order to be a sympathetic e-begger you have to appear weak, or at least as a victim. That's why he has so many tweets and other prideful boasts where he likes to insist things are fine or talk about getting a 4k tv or leasing an expensive car or whatever else to make it obvious he's lying. Phil does all the detective work for us because he's too stupid/prideful to stick to his begging persona. I think that trait is also what ends up breeding the most detractors. It seems like whenever a paypig breaks away from the goutlord, it's after realizing Phil just received thousands of dollars, but is still apparently in a dire financial situation, since receiving large chunks of money is actually bad for Phil somehow. That, and they're noticing Phil's repeated begging claim of taxes. He's at least trying to mix it up with the stuff about his parents, but even the marriage thing is a rehash of stuff he'd say with Leanna. Phil is so lazy he can't even put effort into making his begging creative.


Sep 8, 2017
Edit: Pending final tip count, the tentative Thanksgiving begathon take was as follows:

Cheers = $80.47 (includes the $15 infinite left behind overnight)
Subs = $55 (includes 12 gifted subs with 10 from grazydream)
Tips = $201 (this is very tentative and based in part on gathered information)

Total = ~$336.47

That's not even his best single day this month. But we'll see if he starts to get any large tips. Same for the forthcoming Christmas begathon. Will Phil be ballsy enough to put up a $16k whoreboard goal? Tune in next time, on Dragonball DSP!
To compare, I was curious what last year's Thanksgiving begathon AKA Hate Live produced... over $750 in tips, DSP didn't even get a third of that. And November is when DSP set Nightbot to announce tips, so it's more accurate than most of my time tracking the income. Also the big tips alone totalled $750 and came after the backtaxes reveal if I remember correctly, so it's not like this was an absurdly successful Hate Live podcast stream.

You can make some allowances for added nonsense throughout but generally let's say he does owe 16k in taxes. Some folks around here like @actually , @EddyB43 and @SoapQueen1 are in a better position to comment on his profit margins. Far as I seem to recall I think these guys were talking along the lines of Phil needing to hit at minimum 5k a month before he starts to see any real profit at all? Fact is he always seems to clear that with ease.
This is the best part about how ridiculous this $16K EXTRA goal is... what is EXTRA to a normal month? I tracked his tips to some level of accuracy for over 8 full months, and partially for a couple more, plus reasonably accurate cheers & subs income for about 17 months... even I have no clue what a 'normal month' of income is. Can you find consistency in this mess from Nov/Dec 2016->April 2018? I sure as hell can't. If @actually wants to add his equivalent answers for June 2018->October 2018 in that text format of cheers, subs & tips income, please go ahead (I assume May is lost in a black hole thanks to my main computer dying and naturally no one being a backup to my tip tracking before I stopped without warning).
DSP NovDec16-Apr18 Twitch Income summary.jpg



The North American Jape
May 27, 2013
Watching tevin's reaction stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI7RGdsoSog I noticed dsp said At 2:31:35 his relationship with kat is "on hold" I am trying to figure out what he ment by this. Does he just mean they can't spend more time together?

It makes no sense because he claims they’re in love and the relationship is great and they’ve split all the chores and she’s contributing EVEN MORE and things are just wonderful man!

Him actually claiming, “the relationship is on hold,” makes it sound like she broke things off and they’re literally just roommates. Would make sense as his Hail Mary engagement to Leanna was a last ditch effort to save the relationship.

There is no way a young woman in the best years of her life, not even 30 years old yet, would not only WILLINGLY enter into a relationship with so many financial woes and constant drama (which they both claim to hate) but that she’s OVER THE MOON and wants to spend her life with this pathetic man child who won’t even get a part time job to keep up on bills. There is just no fucking way. Women won’t even date a guy who has his own apartment, works full time at an entry level job, and makes under $50k in a row because they’re not financially stable. Phil is legitimately the single most financially UNSTABLE person I’ve ever seen, and he claims that Kat is just so fucking happy and in love that she’s willing to shell out all of her money to bail out a man sized baby who refuses to grow up? Not a fucking chance in hell.


Forum Staff
True & Honest Fan
Jan 19, 2018

These are the Twitch numbers, starting with yours @EddyB43 , and continuing on with mine. Note that the November 2018 data point is an estimate of Phil's total for this month. So there's a slight upward trend, but it's probably been offset by loss of Youtube revenue. And it's hard to argue any significant growth, imo.


Jul 1, 2017
I'd never heard of a relationship being "On hold". I heard of breaking up, taking a break from each other and seeing other people though. So I googled it.

To put someone "on hold" in the romantic realm is to decide to postpone a decision about what your future relationship might look like. Nevertheless, the decision not to decide does not mean terminating a romantic connection altogether. Rather, it temporarily blocks such a relationship from either ending or from developing to its fullest extent."

I think if 16k falls out of the sky and into Phil's lap the relationship will resume.


Nov 24, 2017
I know the whole engagement to Leanna was bullshit, but wasn’t there something about how his debts would also become her debts and whatnot if they were to get married? Why would he do that to poor Kat?


Mar 29, 2018
I know the whole engagement to Leanna was bullshit, but wasn’t there something about how his debts would also become her debts and whatnot if they were to get married? Why would he do that to poor Kat?
Kat might actually have some brain cells.
"Phil, I'm not getting married to you unless you are debt-free"


Sep 21, 2018
Just watched the video - it was on another level of pathetic even for Phil standards.

I always wondered when he would get to the point where he would try to force himself to breakdown and cry. Today was that day. The desperation has reached an all-time high.

He had no one thing he wanted to lie and whine about. Instead he made a list of all the things he could use to scam people for. The result was several rants that went all over the place. Just a bunch of gibberish babble for over an hour. Lying and crying about shit that is happening now and shit that happened years ago - with a wonderful mix of self-pity and blaming everyone else but himself.

And for the main event, as expected, the King Of Gout reaches a new low by using his parents. He couldn't bring himself to say his parents are actually ill because he knows it's not true, instead says he thinks he suspects they are and aren't telling him. Uh-huh.

Remember, folks - if Phil can't see his parents before they die, it's YOUR fault. Do YOU really want that on your conscience? *SNORT*

Well said.

In his mind, which is apparently quite damaged, he is the VICTIM in EVERY scenario he has ever been in where he didn't come out on top or was challenged; AND someone else is to blame 100% for it.

It is and was totally pathetic & embarrassing.

He came across to me as a sociopathic liar - like a person arrested with blood on their hands / alot of drugs etc who can give you 100 reasons why it isn't them.

Phil’s parents want to see Phil and Kat before they die. Maybe he can make time for them during the summer game drought. If they survive that long.

Good pick up here - I heard this too.

He's SO delusional he claims his parents said maybe he can visit them in the lull of the gaming season...

1) I suggest no other human on Earth would talk like this! And

2) if his story that his ageing parents maybe hiding illness / impending death; he considers a reason NOT to visit them is the "hardcore gaming season" is ongoing!!



Retired Staff
True & Honest Fan
Feb 22, 2018
Two notes I forgot to include in my post earlier:

Back in February, Phil made a brief revision to his "Babysitting the uploads", that thing that supports his claims to a busy off-camera work schedule.

"Do you know how long that takes me? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? And then I put them in the playlist."

Now that Phil's videos are longer, he doesn't need to title each one. This has shortened "Babysitting the uploads" down to only "a few minutes".

As far as I know, yesterday's $16K hole reveal was the first time Phil's referred to Kat as his "soulmate" since he last used his relationship as a begging prop.
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Jun 1, 2018
Watching tevin's reaction stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI7RGdsoSog I noticed dsp said At 2:31:35 his relationship with kat is "on hold" I am trying to figure out what he ment by this. Does he just mean they can't spend more time together?

I guess Dave is just bad with words again.
The "on hold"-statement was when he was talking about visiting his parents if I recall correctly.
Meeting the parents is the "next step" when it comes to his relationship.
So I think he meant that he can not achieve this next step and therefore their relationship is "stagnant" at the moment.


Kwhality Khantent
Feb 19, 2015
I know the whole engagement to Leanna was bullshit, but wasn’t there something about how his debts would also become her debts and whatnot if they were to get married? Why would he do that to poor Kat?

Not really an issue. Kat could just sell both his condos to pay any debt.


Apr 23, 2018
Just watched/skimmed the stream. Kind of hard not to feel kind of bad for him, even if it's a hole he dug himself.

ive thought about this, and well. ive come to terms that he can go fuck himself. you reap what you sow. he started the hate, he started the hole. and he kept making it grow larger and deeper. maybe if he fell in a hole out of nowhere i would feel bad. but thats not the case. i will not have any sympathy for someone that deserves it