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Might be decent but who knows. It has people working on it that have worked on pretty good shows in the past but the trailer didn't make it look that great.


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Not going to lie, I wasn't enthralled with the trailer. Scrooge and Donald were okay, but I'm not digging either the nephews or the animation.

I dunno, maybe when the episodes start coming I may think differently, but I can't say I'm getting my hopes up.


Domo Arigato
Why does it look worse than the over 25 year old original?
The designs, probably. The animation itself also looks to be hand-drawn, but looks to be choppier without all the smears and stretching.

Also Webby's more annoying than the 80s series. Something I never thought was possible.
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I think the art direction is really weird since they've combined old-timey comic style with contemporary redesigns of the characters. The voices of all four children are rather off-putting since they all sound like adults. Launchpad is okay though, but I'm going to have to say Alan Young definitely portrayed Scrooge a lot better.

This show has extremely big shoes to fill because the original was just that good, and so far it's falling flat. Maybe the writing will be good and largely balance things out, but ultimately I don't think it's going to live up to the original.


Eh. I kinda like it. Art kinda looks too Cal Artsy but whatever. Plus they got an actual Scot to voice Scrooge! (No disrespect to Alan Young though) I was kinda put off of the triplets having normal voices instead of sounding like mini Donalds but I think it gives them a personality beyond just being "Donald Duck's nephews."
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She was in the original cartoon.