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Life of DSP:
A time management simulator where you have to manage finances, health, happiness.

Happiness is low? Drink a bottle of gin. You drink to the point of vomiting. "WHAT?! NOW MY HEALTH IS LOW?"

Health is low? Walk around your house on your tip toes to exercise. Unfortunately, you could have used this time to stream! "Now I'm in the worst financial situation of my life."

Finances low? Do a 12 hour marathon where you actually only play games for 6 hours. Uh oh, detractors are calling you out on your stupid bullshit. "BRAINLESS MENTALLY ILL DETRACTORS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

Happiness is low again? Angrily masturbate before stream. Whoops! You were live for the entire session! "Oh the camera's on? The camera's been on the whole time huh?"
a DSP tamagotchi would be pretty funny

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An old-school 2D beat 'em up game where the players are Kiwi Farms posters and the bosses are lolcows. Think Final Fight or Streets of Rage, but a lot more autistic...

Null would be at the end of every stage to display your score and you can buy upgrades for your character from him in between levels.

I did have a few ideas for what forum members to include and how they would be depicted. There would be six playable characters, five of them playable at the start.

@AnOminous would be a Phoenix Wright knock-off
@Syaoran Li would look like his namesake, but dressed up like a Union soldier from the American Civil War
@Trilby would be a totally radical 90's dude (think Kid Vid, DJ Jamsta, or Poochie) because why the fuck not?
@It's HK-47 would be America from Hetalia and all of his dialogue would be quotes of Liberty Prime and Ronald Reagan
@Kari Kamiya would basically be a female Digi-Destined leader, complete with spiky hair and goggles
@Gym Leader Elesa would be the Confederate palette swap of Syaoran Li and a secret character you have to unlock


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A strategy game where you play as God and your subjects are trying to prove you're not omnipotent by making a burrito so hot even you can't eat it. The only way to win is to
destroy all the microwaves and stop any more from ever being made

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Two from Peter Molydeux, he had the thunkiest ones.

“You know, my dream for gaming is where in one game you’ll shoot someone and then during a game of say Fifa you’ll see their son crying”

“You live in a little house made of guns. You need many guns to fight invaders but also need to keep a roof on top of your many children”
I'd like to see the first one adapted into the story line for the next NBA 2K.

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This idea is genuine, but I'm posting it here anyway, because it's still dumb:
A retro, Doom/Quake-style FPS (with a pinch of Half-Life enviromental storytelling) featuring you, the player, as a nameless soldier stuck in a massive, high-tech Nazi fortress. It's got all the usual stuff: cool weapons, secrets, hordes of enemies, but there's also various upgrades for your weapons in hidden spots (explosive shots, short power-ups for killing enemies, etc.), though each weapon can only have one upgrade at a time.
There are also four enemy "factions", each with their own leader, who contacts you throughout the game and is eventually faced in a boss fight:
1. The personnel of the base, basic Nazi foot soldiers led by a general (who's also the base's commander).
2. An army of cybernetically and genetically enhanced soldiers, plus Nazi robots, led by a mad scientist.
3. The Black Sun Cabal: a spooky cult dabbling in the occult: demon summoning, necromancy, dark magic, you name it. They are led by some shadowy priest dude.
4. Demons - monstrous beings from another dimension, summoned by the Black Sun Division. They don't really have a leader, with the only thing close enough to fulfill the role being the giant god-like demon who serves as the final boss.
One of the plotpoints is that the demons are fiercely protective of each other, which comes in partway through the game after you kill some of them. As a result, the rest chimp out and turn on the other factions, though they are quickly joined by the Black Sun Cabal, which worships them. Thus, the rest of the game is a 3-way battle between you, the Nazis + the Scientist's army and the Cabal + the demons.
TL;DR: It's fancy, less grounded Wolfenstein
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I'd like to see a game like VtM: Bloodlines, but done with the Mage system. Vampire seems to be pretty much the only thing White Wolf pushes anymore. Problem would be that the magic system for Mage is so open ended and allows you to come up with pretty much any kind of spell you can imagine that it would be quite the task to make it work in a video game without severely neutering their potential.

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Dungeon Keeper clone where you run a FEMA death camp. Challenge bonus: you have to people out AND in. Obligatory maymay DLC that reskins everything to a wwii concentration camp.

I'd like to see a game like VtM: Bloodlines, but done with the Mage system. Vampire seems to be pretty much the only thing White Wolf pushes anymore. Problem would be that the magic system for Mage is so open ended and allows you to come up with pretty much any kind of spell you can imagine that it would be quite the task to make it work in a video game without severely neutering their potential.
Or you could just forget balance entirely, that's really a lot more fun. Look at how well it worked for Morrowind, a game where you can use magic to buff your stats so high the game crashes within the first few hours.

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If Netherrealm Studios didn't go full woke on Mortal Kombat 11, I'd love to see them do a remake of CarnEvil for modern consoles and PC, but done as a parody of survival horror games.

Basically, this remake of CarnEvil would be to the Resident Evil 2 remake what Saints Row 2 was to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Gameplay would be similar to the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2, but a little more open world. The player can explore the carnival in its entirety (although some areas are more dangerous than others) with the sole exception of The Big Top, which would be unlocked after a certain level of in-game progress is reached.

Not sure if you should create your own custom character like Saints Row or Fallout, or if they should go full "Ascended Fanon" and include official canon versions of Jacob and Lisa with their own unique scenarios. Either one would be great.

Then again, given how obscure the game itself is, I'm surprised nobody decided to get in touch with Jack Haeger and help him either buy the IP from Netherrealm/Warner Brothers or get another company to license it from them.
A Prisoner of Azkaban and Bully mix when the player character goes to a magic masquerade school with monsters, has puzzle/RPG elements with Spells and Sword combat, got a mystery plot about the hidden threat inside the caves in the woods
Dude, the youth of today would make you a billionaire if you made that. That shit would sell crazy well since it's Harry Potter, but without reading.


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Tactical squad based graffiti vandalism game, like Shadow Tactics but with spray paint.
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A first-person open world game that's deliberately done in the vein of the old FPS games of the 90's such as Doom and its many clones or the similar Build Engine games like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior.

It would be M-rated, with lots of blood and fanservice elements, and the graphics would be done in a style reminiscent of 90's anime. There would be a wide variety of weapons, enemies, and locations in the game and lots of hidden secrets and all sorts of Easter Eggs.

Of course, one of the hidden secrets has to contain a diss directed at ResetEra, just to see the inevitable temper tantrum on their part.