Dumb shit Yellow Flash says. -


The entire point behind "Latinx" is that it's SJW gender neutral bullshit. Spanish is very much a gendered language, which is why the worthless drones being churned out of colleges need to refer to people of Hispanic origin as "Latinx", so they don't accidentally trigger themselves/their tranny friends.
So they're so SJW they ignore and degrade the culture and language of under-privileged brown people? :thinking:

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So they're so SJW they ignore and degrade the culture and language of under-privileged brown people? :thinking:
I mean that's the entire SJW mentality in a nutshell tbh. (Mostly) white people privileged enough to be sent off to college on their parents' money and not have to worry about doing actual work so they study gay shit like social sciences and liberal arts screeching at normies how everything's a product of the oppressive system of straight white "christian" male capitalism.

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The implication is that youtube is running bots that listen for certain words and demonetize videos accordingly. You see this sort of shit in Tim Pool videos a lot. He won't say Sex or Nazi most of the time.

Counterpoint, Flash plays into this meme in order to insinuate to his followers that he's sharing forbidden knowledge.

And no, dude never liked anime. Any implication that he does is just him trying to widen his demographic scope.

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This is from a well circulated spreadsheet on google docs that lists the known demonetization triggerwords. Say 'tits', get demonetized. Say 'ta ta', stay monetized.
I figured as much myself, but the baby talk words are pretty cringy.


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I am glad someone find a way to make a thread about Yellow Flash and make it interesting. The guy is the least interesting to talk about. Like TUG and Hero Hei, he talks about the lack of views being related to people not caring to support Vic anymore. Honestly, do we really have to? Vic has now the opportunity to go after these people. All we have to do at most is wait and drink tea (I suggest Cranberry Tea, it's delicious and healthy).
Personally I like being here in case I want to read what stupid stuff people say now and read the discussion people have that observe it. No need to wait for the opinion on somebody on Youtube who accassionally will complain that he got demonized again.
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Speaking as a southerner who is much more intelligent and better educated than YF, I resent that dumb SJWs always have southern accents when he mocks them - and that is despite his being buddies with TUG.
You'd think he would do a valley girl accent or at least a San Fran lispy queer accent if he were going to voice them, not the accent that is associated with the polar opposite political sphere.

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I instantly didn't like him when he did a stream with TUG, drunk off his ass, repeatedly talking about how Marchi isn't "fuckable" anymore. It was so horrendous that TUG mercy killed the stream archive.

Honestly, in retrospect, everybody directly involved in Weebwars sucked ass except for Nick, and even Nick made a few boo boos if I were being completely honest (which isn't to say I don't love the guy).

These "-gate" things almost always devolve into autism.