Dumbest things you got in trouble for at school -


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Original stuff no, but at Christmas that year I got replacements of some stuff like my game cube and some of my books. It wasn't really both my parents just my mom. Shes a rabid man hating feminist in all but the name, and believes every single stereotype about teenage boys. So being a teenage boy at the time I was clearly just as bad as my teacher said if not worse. So obviously I deserved it if not more. She spent years believing I was leading some sort of drug and alcohol fueled orgy filled secret life that would have made Caligula blush. Why? I honestly don't know. Technically I do lead a secret life but just involves laughing at people on the internet.

lol not in my house.

How old are you?


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In first grade I was joking around with a friend and blew a raspberry at something she said. Not mean or anything. My teacher pulled me out of class and called my mother because “I spit on another child”. My mother was quiet and said “Did you tell her not to?” And thought the teacher was nuts. Apparently this was the teacher’s first job out of school, she had no children of her own, and did not like 5-6 year olds.


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I was talking to my friend in gym class and this one weird kid wouldn't stop scratching his nuts, so I said to my friend "Does this dude have herpes." Little did I know the gym teacher was right behind me and he gave me a stern talking to.

A little bit later at the end of the school year, teachers were telling us about giving out rewards for the best students of the year. They said "We were gonna give the reward for best student (or best behaved cant remember which) to this one person but we have changed our minds after something they did in PE class." Since I was a pretty good student, I was immediately like "oh shit was that me."


It was in gym class in high school. The gym teacher was your typical lesbian gym teacher who (badly) hid it under "Christianity."
She was known to do shit like quoting Bible verses in class, tarding out if she thought she head a swear word...that kind of stuff.

So here's me, a junior at the time (am female btw), but I like to swear as much as (or more) than Ricky from Trailer Park Boys. So the gym teacher decided to start a swear jar for her students. Can't remember what it cost for basic bitch words like "hell," "ass," or "damn." But what I DO remember was that if you said fuck, it cost you a dollar.

So me, already over her stupid ass (I had her ALL FOUR YEARS), walked right up to her at the beginning of the hour. She was standing there holding her clipboard, blowing her whistle at us, and yelling at us all to "hustle!"

I handed her a five dollar bill. I remember the bewildered expression on her face (maybe she forgot the swear jar? Maybe she was worried about attendance IDK). She barely got a chance to ask me what the five dollar bill was for when I proceeded, in front of God, Jesus, my classmates, and this closeted dyke, to give her FIVE. BUCKS. OF. FUCK.

See... she had an agreement with her students. Pay the money, and you don't have to run laps all hour. God, that was so cathartic.

She's still alive, about 76 years old now. I'd see her in our local supermarket once a week before this COVID stuff. Every time she sees me or senses I'm in the area, she bristles visibly and scuttles away...

[EDIT] I realize it's DUMBEST shit you got in trouble for, but I was ALWAYS getting kicked out of gym in high school. I swear, I must be the only one in my graduating class that actually earned Ds and Fs in gym.

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All sorts of dumb shit in middle school (years 6-8). School discipline in middle school is often more about placating people than upholding standards of behavior. If you minorly aggrieve someone with your behavior, and they're a whingy bitch about it, then admins/teachers can always find some pretense to punish you. Meanwhile, you can get away with really egregious shit if it would be more of a hassle/embarassment for admins to acknowledge and deal with the situation than it would be to ignore it.
To some extent, this problem exists in all levels of education (and beyond), but middle-schoolers are so volatile that any imperfections in standards of discipline are going to be very acutely felt.
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On Mother's Day we had to make a note to our mothers and I dedicated it to my aunt.
For the teacher that was offensive, even when she knew full well that I got raised by an aunt and she was my mother figure, because my actual mother was too busy screwing a different lover every month and living the party life instead of taking care of her own children.
So, I got a written reprimand, and here you have to show it to your parent/legal tutor to sign it.
Guess who signed it, and why bitch teacher never bothered to check if it was signed because she probably realized she fucked up?


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It got confiscated by the teacher and never returned.
The same happened to the only thing I got proper punishment for, a butter knife.
I even got sent to a kiddie psychotherapist for it, who ruled I was an average teen and my mom needs to chill.


I've got another one. However this story more than simply being something that I got in trouble for was an incident that would help to paint my view of the world and people around me going forward. The first thing of note is that at the time I was a small child, though I don't remember my exact age at the time it's important to note that I did not yet know any "curse words" or "slurs" as I had never heard any before and went to a nice private school wherein those sort of things were simply never discussed. One day however due to our aftercare program being shut down for a few days we had to be bussed to a different nearby public school for aftercare upon which time while introducing myself to the other children a group of black kids from a table across the room began to shout "You all better not come over hear saying that N word." I responded with "What N word?" to which they said "You know the one! It means black." Now the only N word I knew at the time that meant black was Negro as we had just recently learned it in our spanish class and so I not knowing the context said "Oh, you mean negro?" As you can guess I got in a lot of trouble for this as I was soon swarmed by black children and a negroid teacher who were all loudly berating my and screaming. My parents were called and my father as he tends to do was just like "Who the fuck cares."

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In elementary school I got written up because the playground monitors thought I pushed some faggy kid off the play structure. I did no such thing, but I did laugh about it as asshole kids are wont to do, so maybe I was being punished for being a future shitlord. Didn't do anything to correct my future behavior since I grew up to be a KF member.


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I did no such thing, but I did laugh about it as asshole kids are wont to do, so maybe I was being punished for being a future shitlord. Didn't do anything to correct my future behavior since I grew up to be a KF member.
Sorta sounds like me:
One time in fourth grade we had to watch an anti-cyberbullying video, and when we were giving our thoughts afterward I got scolded for saying it looked fun.
Also, back when I was like 4-5 in preschool, people suspected I was autistic (a second time, after presumed speech delays as a toddler) because I kept breaking social rules and saying socially unacceptable things to other kids, but they eventually realized I was deliberately doing it because I thought social rules were for normies and it was other kids' problems if they couldn't handle a random kid calling them an idiot. According to my parents, any remaining suspicion of autism fully dropped when I scored 99.9th percentile on the WISC-IV Comprehension subtest in first grade.


Doublepost because I remembered something else

In 3rd grade, I was just fidgeting and playing with my hands in another world, have ADHD and had trouble paying attention. Teacher was showing some pictures to the class that he took from some foreign country, sees me not paying attention and then makes a big deal out of it and stops showing the pictures to everyone, just because I was being quitely autistic.

My 7th grade algebra teacher would do stuff like that, not directed at me though. We'd all be sitting, quietly listening to the lesson, no one was chatting or being disruptive, when he'd just suddenly cap his dry erase marker, set it down, and put his hands on his hips and say,"You all have GOT. TO. PAY. ATTENTION."
Everyone would kind of look around trying to figure out who exactly he was talking to, because we had been listening to the lesson until he just abruptly interrupted it to say that. He did this almost every day.


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Fighting with my best friend during the outside break.
When I explained my father what the thing I was forced to bring to have him sign as a punishment meant, he called the teacher a retard. I agreed.
Fought my friend many times more, because it was fun.

I also ignored about 90% of all homework but I guess that made sense from the teachers' point of view a lot more.
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It was somewhere in the middle of high-school. We had some asshole hall-montors who went around harassing folks for being in the halls after the bells went off signaling the end of the transfer period between classes. They weren't students. Just some of the office folk going on a power-trip looking for a reason to justify berating students. The problem was that the door to the classroom was locked all the time. Ya see, it was our art teacher and she was apparently afraid of folks stealing supplies from the class so whenever a class ended, she'd lock the room while she went off to her car to do whatever while the students of her next class were stuck out in the hall putting up with the hall-monotor bullshit despite showing them the locked door multiple times. She never showed up on time. It'd always be fifteen to twenty minutes after the bell before I'd hear the jingling of her keys as she came down the hall so I'd mostly just be sitting down by the wall with a book out trying to tackle some of my homework so I could have some free time that afternoon to play videogames. The hall-monotors were still a pain though. They wanted me out of the hall, fine. The door to the art room was easy to open. Just take a card out of the wallet and slide it down the crack by the handle and it'd open right up. Once it was open, I'd just walk in, flip the lights on, and have a seat at one of the tables before getting back to my homework. Well, as good a solution as that was, the look on the teacher's face said otherwise. The first time, she probably figured she forgot to lock up before wandering out. Second time was confusion with a hint of worry, and from there she'd be visibly more and more agitated, undoubtedly convinced someone was stealing her stuff. Wouldn't be a problem if she showed up on time. Well, eventually she drops something on her desk to get everyone's attention and just flat out demanded to know who unlocked her door. Some snitch girl ratted me out and I got sent to the principal's office. She probably thought I was gonna get ISS or something. Got to the office and said hello to the guy. My tone of mild irritation might've caught his attention contrasting against the usual cases he dealt with but regardless, apparently the teacher had been talking to him a lil longer than I expected and had blown the story way out of proportion. He asked me to pick a lock to one of the rooms that had an actual deadbolt and instead, I told him that's a different type of lock than her door. So we went on a lil walk to her room and I told him anyone who wanted could walk right in with a bookmarker slid through the door. Showed him how, pretended to guess at how it worked by vaguely describing the part that slid into the hole when the door shut, and right there in front of her, asked why the door is locked when we have to get in before the bell. Didn't really get a reply but I was left to go back to class and the next day, they put some metal plate over a section of the gap between the doors. Still easy as hell to pop open without messing with anything on the lock itself but at least the hall-montors backed off. Teacher couldn't do shit. Every class was a participation grade and she was too lazy to do anything more than just tell folks to try and draw stuff. Things just kinda fizzled out from there.