Dunkey, Leah Cuck Videos -

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I am 99% sure this is them. The weird squeaking noises she makes are the same as in the videos with her. In the 2nd video, the person recording talks and it sounds just like VideoGameDunkey.

I have to sleep before I kill myself, but here's a picture of Leah showing off her engagement ring and it doesn't look like the ring in that video either. Even more suspect, they got engaged on Oct 11, 2017 and the video was posted on Aug 30, 2017. So in order for that to work, she would have had to have some sort of pre-engagement ring that was a very simple band and they had to have been into cucking with that pre-engagement ring but before their official engagement.

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This is a hurt-box I can't leave
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How did you even find this, Null?
I have a question.

Am I out of the loop of anything that led up to this or were you just randomly given cuck videos?
I remember someone posting this in the videogamedunkey thread on the games subforum a while back, with a line like "Enjoy your favorite youtuber ;)"

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