Dunkey, Leah Cuck Videos -


A lot of people keep saying (lel) that girl isn't leah because of one detail. A face mole.
Don't know how much that is a valid evidence. You can hide moles with makeup. The image, comparison photos can be flipped.

The facts are: the girl in that video looks like leah from the back (same body type, same skin ton, same hair style) sounds exactly like leah and suspiciously, tries her hardest o hide the face, like she is a well known person.

And then you have the other evidence. The boyfriend holding the camera.
We don't see him, but we hear him. He sounds exactly like Dunkey.
So, this are the evidence: girls resembles and sounds like leah, being recorded by a guy that sounds like dunkey.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is hard to argue it isn't a duck

we did it reddit :stress:
Once again, another e-celeb that is going to meet his demise while DSP stays firm, unmatched!
Praise him.
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A lot of people keep saying (lel) that girl isn't leah because of one detail. A neck mole.
Don't know how much that is a valid evidence. You can hide moles with make up. The image, comparison photos can be flipped.
yup, the majority of camwhores I see have their shit set backwards.


This probably is very late into the game, and for may be surprising for others. A post was recently made on 4chan on the "b/" forum. As much it must upset or disappoint cuck fanatics alike, but it was also debunked in the same forum. Someone uploaded the full video and images of the "actress" that gives concrete evidence that it was not leah, others also noted the physique of the women being significantly plumper than leah, who, and no offense to leahbee, is pretty thin and definitely doesn't have the features as the women there. I love muh boy dunk, and I've watched his videos for many years and actually feel I have created this deep emotion for this YouTube couple.


Osama bin Ladkin
Nothing to see here, just having a normal afternoon, drinking gallons of Diet Coke, watching terabytes of cuck videos and matching them up to various e celebs...
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Please... I go by Gold Diamond now.
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Dunkey would only ever let himself be cucked by KNACK BAYBEEEEEE
that would be ten outta ten, mastahpeece


Accidental Spy Kids reference
Oh so wait, it’s been debunked? Thank fucking god I just found this and thought, “I am going to pretend I never saw this and stay off kiwi for a couple months.”

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