Dunkey, Leah Cuck Videos -


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Zooming in to say that without taking into the account the other autistic mole evidence in this thread, I think the girl in the video is larger than Leah proportionally. Not necessarily fatter/thicker, but just a larger woman (length of body, etc.) in general.

I don't think Leah addressing this issue was helpful. It does make her look guilty even if she isn't. I feel like she should have not said anything and let it die out, or... somehow provided some kind of proof in her post other than saying "it wasn't me," though I'm not sure how she could do that without it being weird as hell. So maybe just don't Streisand Effect it.

schizoid PD

I am 99% sure this is them. The weird squeaking noises she makes are the same as in the videos with her. In the 2nd video, the person recording talks and it sounds just like VideoGameDunkey.
I think the photo is more telling than anything else. You decide to take a photo with your fiance and you have a guy between you, and you and the guy are looking at each other? I would never take a photo with us separated by someone else and I was looking into that persons eyes if we were engaged. It just feels wrong. It gives the impression like the guys are closer than either of the guys are with the girl. "Like yeah my man, lets fuck this stupid slut later"