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Greetings, Kiwis.

As promised in the John Enter and the Entersphere forum, I am compiling the pitch bible for:

This thread is for the posting of pages of the bible for criticism, corrections, and discussions of improvements. I am currently undergoing some surgical procedures, so aside from vomiting up my meals from the opiates the hospital will be pumping into me, I will be vomiting text onto one or two pages a day and posting them here.

To begin, this show was inspired by the homage to a short clip of a Disney show called “Flip-Flopped”, however it deals a lot with the horrifying implications that would arise from such a show.

Premise: Dying Inside is a show that takes place in the horribly oppressive, vaguely Soviet Era nation of West Onchandleristan, where kids are forced to labor in jobs reserved for adults in the “real world”, and grown-ups moving beyond the teenage years are allowed to retire to a life of relative comfort. These adults are released from bondage and are encouraged to pursue many avenues of aesthetic arts.

The nation has these flipped roles due to a mad, child-hating dictator who endeavors to make the lives of children as miserable as possible, while forcing them to see the injustice of the freedom the adults have. The dictator is also a wizard.

The show follows the adventures of the Knezhevich (Кнежевић) family in their daily struggles to make sense of their existence in this child-dominated world. It deals with the lives of the parents, Lyaksandra and Baldo, their two children Bratisalv and Sofiya, and their state-issued pet, an Onchandleristanian pygmy bear.

Since everything is a work in progress, it is malleable in its story ideas, names, and concepts. Text will be edited, and suggestions taken into account. The only thing I likely won't budge on is the names of the four protagonists. I like those names.

My goal is to make this bible as professional as I can, even though the show is likely to be dead on arrival with any network. I can consider this my new labor of unrequited love. I have some experience in failure when it comes to pitching a show idea. But then, it was for a science-fiction show, and networks are really, really afraid of taking risks on something that isn't branded already. If anything, it gives me practice on compiling a pitch well. And hopefully it will help me improve my horrid English.

TL;DR = I'm writing up a bunch of bullshit on a cartoon that will never see the light of day, but I will be having fun doing so.
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