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Dylan Hafertepen / noodlesandbeef / ekigyuu / beefdumplings / California CowGay BDSM Muscle-Bear with Ball Inflation Fetish Linked to 3 Deaths

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by Hamplanet Fitness, Oct 19, 2018.

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  1. "Thank you for allowing me to serve you."
    -Jack Chapman, 1990-2018, last words



    Noodles & Beef, aka Dylan Hafertepen, is not your typical gay muscle-bear. He's into BDSM and polyamory; while most gay couples have the occasional threesome, Dylan's relationship is something else. He is the alpha of what is often referred to online as his "harem" of submissive muscle "pups."

    What Dylan instructs his harem to do to show their loyalty is frankly horrifying. According to posters online, he tells them to get tattoos that say "property of Master Dylan." He has also allegedly helped them all get on steroids, and supposedly withheld steroids for misbehavior. Oh, and did I mention he's connected to three deaths?



    The Harem

    Chuck "Alpha Pup" Osborn
    He writes about video games, and in the past has worked for PC Gamer and IGN. He also seems to have done his best to separate his professional and personal lives.
    Phone: 415-786-4861

    Matthew "Angus" Scott
    https://www.facebook.com/brandedbullangus (archive)

    Daniel Hafertepen, née Balderas
    Yeah, this one is actually married to Dylan. Their wedding was as classy as you could possibly imagine.

    He works in business management, and was the social media manager for Dylan's Studiomoh.com a few years ago.

    Phil "Biff" Myers
    Webp.net-resizeimage (1).jpg
    https://www.facebook.com/phil.myers.75 (archive)

    Jack "Tank" Chapman
    Died October 15, 2018.
    https://www.facebook.com/brandedbulltank (archive)
    https://brandedbulltank.tumblr.com (archive)
    https://foursquare.com/user/93677694 (archive)
    http://internationalpupplay.com/asia-pacific/pup-tank/ (archive)

    The Contract

    Dylan has a contract with his harem, which was posted by Tank on his Tumblr a while ago (archived). The contract requires the pups submit to body modifications, surrender their salary, legally change their name, and cut off contact with people outside the harem, among other demands. Basically, Dylan has taken away the pups' identities and means of leaving.

    con1.jpg con2.jpg con3.jpg con4.jpg con5.jpg con6.jpg con7.jpg con8.jpg con9.jpg

    Why is Dylan on KF?

    Aside from relentless attention-whoring all over social media, Dylan's relationship drama has spilled onto most platforms. He has body dysmorphia, which he has written about at length. He strives to grow ever larger, and encourages his pups to follow suit. He also injects silicone into his balls to inflate them as well, and some of his pups/friends have done the same, which is believed to have been at his encouragement. This has proven fatal twice and led to a third death.

    The First Death, Peter Dovak

    The decedent was named Peter Dovak, a fellow fetishist and friend of Dylan's who was not part of his harem. He went by the username gitbigger and had a husband. He died of an embolism caused by a silicone injection.

    githusb.jpg gitdeath.jpg git.jpg
    This is what Peter said about his injections. He references having a "mentor," who is believed to have been Dylan:
    pete1.jpg pete2.jpg pete3.jpg
    Twitter (archive)
    gitbigger.com (archive)

    The Second Death, Joe Quader

    Joe Quader was the person Peter aka gitbigger was referred to by Dylan for the silicone injections. As the screenshots in the above section state, he reportedly committed suicide shortly before he would have been arrested for manslaughter.


    This Joe Quader followed Pete on Instagram, so it's reasonable to assume this is the Joe Quader in question.


    Tank, born Jack Chapman, was from Australia and quickly became enamored with Dylan. The two hit it off, and Tank was accepted into the harem. However, all was not well. Here are some screenshots of posts Tank made after he spent time with a friend Dylan didn't approve of.

    Tank posted this under his old username, brutesndaddies, and it was screenshotted and circulated.
    tankpost1.jpg tankpost2.jpg tankpost3.jpg tankpost4.jpg tankpost5.jpg
    Dylan monitors and controls his pups' online activities very closely:
    Despite the extreme WTFness of what you just read, Tank and Dylan got back together after their split and didn't seem to have any drama until Tank's death. And yes, Dylan did apparently try to take Tank to small claims court (see next section.)

    A blog called Bears I'm Disappointed In (archive) has been chronicling Dylan's abuse of his pups.

    boy1.png tm2.jpg tm3.jpg tm4.jpg tm5.jpg tm6.jpg tm7.jpg tm8.jpg tm9.jpg tm10.jpg tm11.png tm12.png tm13.png tm14.png tm15.png

    This Tumblr user is the one who was talking to Tank.

    During Tank and Dylan's split, Dylan groomed another pup, Angus:


    An interview Tank did about his relationship

    Tank's Death

    Dylan claims it was an "undiagnosed lung condition" that took Tank's life at 28. The death is widely believed to have been caused by an embolism brought about by unsafe silicone injections into Tank's ballsack.

    After Tank's death, Dylan kept posting on Tank's social media as though he were still alive, trying to quell rumors of his death. It was only after people figured out what was going on and that Tank was actually dead that Dylan dropped the act.

    blib1.jpg blib2.jpg blib3.jpg blib4.jpg blibm1.jpg blibm2.jpg blibm3.png blibm4.jpg blibm5.png
    Here is the post Dylan wrote after Tank's death, claiming the rumors were about himself:
    (Archived Source)
    And a bunch of affiliate links (archive)
    nbc1.jpg nbc2.jpg nbc3.jpg nbc4.jpg nbc5.jpg
    matteo1.jpg matteo2.jpg
    The guy on the floor crying is pup Angus. This video, titled "Angus saying goodbye" was uploaded to Dylan's Flickr account, which is now private.

    Tank's death certificate (archive):


    Dylan likely tried to cover up the death to divert suspicion until Tank's body could be cremated so the evidence would be destroyed.

    Dylan posted on October 16th, the day after Tank's death, about "wildfire smoke," to imply that the smoke was involved in Tank's passing. In the post, Dylan suggests Tank is alive.

    tmink1.png tmink2.png
    These next five screenshots were from a conversation that happened Tuesday, the day after Jack's death.


    This Tumblr post (NSFW, archive) is written by a guy (username Aphyr) Dylan tried to groom to be a pup.

    aphyr3.jpg aphyr4.jpg aphyr5.jpg aphyr6.jpg aphyr7.jpg
    These are screenshots Aphyr posted of a conversation between himself and Dylan:
    aphyr8.jpg aphyr9.jpg aphyr10.jpg aphyr11.jpg

    Noodles & Receipts

    There is a blog dedicated to documenting the abuse inflicted by Dylan upon his pups called Noodles & Receipts (archive).

    Raymond Smith




    Yes, he's a fucking furry. In fact, these names and identities that he's made some of the pups take on seem to stem from when he was more deeply involved in furry fandom. At one point, Dylan even ran a furry art website called Furry Art Pile (and later just called ArtPiles), but it's now shut down.
    d1.jpg d2.jpg d3.jpg
    His furry accounts:
    https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ekigyuu/ (archive)
    http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Ekigyuu (archive)
    https://www.deviantart.com/gojita (archive)
    http://us.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Ekigyuu/ (archive)
    https://www.deviantart.com/ekigyuu (archive)

    The Project

    Linda, Jack's mother, convinced Dylan to return his ashes to her in person. An Australian TV news crew had picked up the story and was present for the meeting, which turned into a confrontation. Three weeks before Jack's death, he had changed his will to leave everything he had to Dylan, including $200,000 AUD that was in his name, but intended for his autistic brother. Dylan said he'd be willing to return the money, but "not with this animosity."

    DOB: April 24, 1987
    Phone: 415-632-6860
    507 Maynard Avenue South #504
    Seattle, WA 98104

    Dylan is a web designer who worked for Indeed.com until this past July. In the past, he's also worked for Adobe and MTV.
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    #1 Hamplanet Fitness, Oct 19, 2018
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  2. He's a Big Guy
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  3. For you.
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    Guts I like that!

  4. Ha! I fucking knew it. I got kicked from a chat for "kink-shaming" before when I saw that blog post and talked about how fucked up and mentally abusive it was. I had no idea of the rest of it. What a train wreck.
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    totse hardcore faggot

  5. He has weird bad posture
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    Cricket Evil from Concentrate
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  6. Not even a lolcow, I'd be his pup anyday.
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  7. Fucking gross.
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  8. murder aside, can you imagine sitting in an open office next to this dude, whose arms, legs, and BALLS are bulging out of his business casual attire? It would be terrifying.
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    chunkygoth the man of today, the woman of tomorrow

  9. He also looks really short. He has midget calves. My vote is on manlet with Napoleon complex

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  10. Well, he was working in San Francisco. They'd probably just assume he was a delicate troon flower.
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    Lackadaisy chew jew

  11. He has the body of an actual Minotaur
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    Guts I like that!

  12. The furry community seems to have some awareness of this guy despite him not having recent online involvement with them. Talk of him is buzzing HARD through those circles right now.

    It might be because he lives/lived in San Francisco and there seems to be plenty of inter-chatter through the kink communities in that area?
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    #13 Hamplanet Fitness, Oct 19, 2018
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  13. The furry fandom in the SF area along with some other parts of the USA (Notably the PNW) seems to have an enormous overlap with the kink communities. Dogpatch for example is tweeting a bit about this and he's also known to be in the kink community. Furries will show up at kink events and "pups" will show up at furry events.

    That tweet thread also highlights Dylan's ties to the fandom.
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    CIA Nigger

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  14. This guy has killed more degenerate furries than Kiwi Farms.
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  15. His body looks like something you would see at an old timey circus sideshow.
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    Lunete Nighty night...

  16. Have we even killed any furries? We kill more troons than furries, I demand this be fixed.
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  17. My main question is, why has there not been any charges pressed against this guy?
    Those silicone injections were probably not made by a hospital considering the person who did them killed themselves when the police looked to investigate. But even with him not doing the injections, he must be liable in some manner, right?
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    MorganaIsMyReligion Go to sleep.

  18. Dylan locked down his Twitter and calls it "deactivated."

    And bad news:

    Another of Jack (Tank)'s friends shares his perspective:

    (Source / archive)
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    #19 Hamplanet Fitness, Oct 19, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
  19. Unless they get the media in on it the police are unlikely to do anything about it. And unless someone like his family sues about it, nobody else really has standing to do anything but name and shame this scumbag. He may be morally equivalent to a murderer, but it's unlikely anything will be done without it being demanded in a way that forces action.
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