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I'm furfag trash myself so there are some layers of irony to this, but this individual is weapon's grade autism. So enjoy.

Dylan's first known crusade was against the now defunct "awsw" general threads on /trash/, in February 2017, wherein, much to his displeasure, he quickly earned the nickname 'botanon', probably due to the way he posts the same crap over and over again like a broken record. His posts were mostly the same; autistic screeching against the scalies there, a good third of which riddled curses, and two thirds impotent rage. His favourite copy-pasta which he still uses to this day is as follows:
You subhuman faggot. You literal retard.
How dare you speak, you swarthy, oily nerd. How dare you open your disgusting, rim encrusted, rotten fish smelling mouth.
You are human trash. Universally despised, derided and mocked. Your 'hobby' offers no hope to the world that your community can ever prosper. Crawl back in to the basement you came out of, you literal subhuman.
I hope you decide to sail your grandfathers skip to the Falklands and rape some animals, as is in the furries nature. It would still be the only pussy you ever had. Give Adam and Jimmy a chance for some target practice, your sole use to the world. Furries obsession with sexualizing animal characters is hilarious but sad. Coincidentally its the only thing your even mediocre at in your pitiful, worthless life. The degenerate sentiment in the average furry is both an early warning sign of autism in teenagers, and early on set Alzheimer's in adults.
Take your cheeto dust covered fingers off of your keyboard, and never talk to the human species again, you mockery of our supposed shared ancestor. No amount of education and rehabilitation will ever make you normal. It's about as delusional of an idea as your daydreams of talking animals.
You faggot.
You make 9gag look like a beacon of civilization.
Die, 'furry'. No one would miss you. Except for the bronies, who now would have no one to make them look good.

Eventually, Dylan moved into the awsw discord, where he would also autisticly screech for hours each day, for months. He made HUNDREDS of accounts, and the mods couldn't ban him for ages, until finally, they added a steam profile requirement for entry. After a while, the awsw threads died out due to inactivity, and merged with a larger general, /scaly/. Dylan saw this as a victory, he would swear that he was the reason /awsw/ died, and wore the imaginary badge with honour. But still, the discord chats remained. So as any sane person would do, Dylan wrote malware that deleted the "Angels with Scaly Wings" game, and rather poorly as well. Just as he mostly failed writing the malware, he also failed to trick people into downloading it, and would spend hours each day for months spamming his virus, in addition to also spamming /scaly/ with impotent rage.
The autism of "botanon" can be seen on any 4chan
Some gems:
"Why do you faggots have to take everything and twist it into something so demented and convoluted that it's literally unhealthy to anyone misfortune enough to come into some vicinity. Fuck off, fuck off back into the cellar you crawled out of, and bring your shitty MS paint drawing with you, you dumb faggot."
"Good one, fuck head."

"You really must be a complete fucking idiot if you mismatched that other faggots post for mine, you dumb ass sack of shit. Go fucking cheese grate your knuckles."

"Wow. Pure fucking autism. Stop posting before you embarrass yourself further you prick."

"You're an actual comedian mate, wow, throwing some fucking comedy gold down right in front of me. Fucking die mate."

"Fucking comedy platinum, mate. Wow."

"Actually die you faggot piece of shit."

"Learn to stop being a complete faggot, anon. You'd think by now you would have stopped denying that you are a degenerate subhuman."

At some point, Dylan also began trolling the Night in the Woods general, /nitwg/. There, he earned the nickname "virusanon". He did basically the same in /nitwg/ as he did in /awsw/ and /scaly/, just with a virus specially made for Night in the Woods.

Dylan also tried scaring the scalies with his home-hosted deepweb site, which was then hacked. The hack revealed his name in addition to poor server hosting skills. His deepweb site has been up very few time since, but a link can be found on his youtube's about page. And of course, his YouTube, hundreds of bizarre short videos of nothing but squares and rectangles.

Dylan would later mostly abandon trolling 4chan and move onto Picarto. Where for even more hours every single day he would troll streams with countless alt-accounts, where he would later earn the nicknames 20 year plan and OldMateOrpu. He was named 20 year plan on several furry streams for going on and on about his plan to rid the world of furries over 20 years, without ever giving details out on his supposed master plan. On other streams, he was named orpu-chan, from an incident where someone drew porn of a character they invented base on him on stream and he practically had a mental break down. Interestingly, he would later go on to troll deviantart, with alt accounts all having "OldMateOrpu" in them. Unfortunately, his alts have been deactivated. During his autistic rage storm over at Picarto he would go on about how he was the saviour of humanity, among other delusions. His favourite streams to troll that I know of were LiLaiRa, Velannal and watsup's.

Close to the end of his known antifurry crusades, Dylan decided that an in-development furry game called Changeling Tale was his mortal enemy. He wrote more malware, and launched a fake, infected copy of the game's demo gamejolt, where he actually managed to get several hundred people to download it. But this was Dylan's fatal mistake. The developers of changeling tale filed a report on Dylan's fake gamejolt page and gained more information on him, including his last name and email address.

After this incident, Dylan has finally stopping trolling and has been in hiding since august. But for how long, only time will tell.
I only scratched the surface on this guy's autism, I'm sure he's done even more that I'm unaware of, and I couldn't provide many screenshots, but I tried.

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This user is impersonating the furry "CLB". Their history of misinformation is why they are banned. Do not implicitly trust this user's posts.

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