Inactive Dynastia / Fagnasty / Caylen Matthew Burroughs - Abbo Gasoline Huffer. Died in the Great Leaks of 2019.

Dynastia shit in my shower and half ass stomped it down the drain.
WAIT A MINUTE! With the power of autism I discovered this is the same post you made in page 2, but this time, instead of a rumor, you attribute the act of defecation and not properly stomping to your shower. I declare Jihad and fake news

I was actually on your side until this shit happened, drtoboggan. That's over now. I'm going to start continuously trying to get you fired from whatever pathetic, degrading, minimum-wage jobs you can manage to find. You'd better get used to mindless, underpaid shitkicking work fit for ex-convicts and drug addicts, because I'm going to ensure every single workplace you ever manage to find yourself in becomes aware of your past history, from misogyny, to holocaust denial, to threatening to gas jews over the internet. If they continue to employ you I'm going to singlehandedly astroturf them with letter-writing campaigns and SEO-bomb their brand name with shocking exposes on the type of person they hire.

I'm not going to stop there, though. I'm going to go after your wife. I'm going to go after your parents. I'm going to go after every single member of your extended family, your friends, I'm going to dox and ruin anyone who so much as leaves you an encouraging message on twitter. I'm going to pay to have the graves of your ancestors visited by craigslist whores and pissed on. I am going to devote hours of every day in my worthless, empty life to making you suffer, and I'm going to do this relentlessly for decades, and I'm going to call in all my chips and have all of the heaviest hitters here join me in this relentless crusade. I am going to turn your entire existence into a never-ending carousel of being fucked with in every way it's possible to anonymously fuck with a person within the confines of the law, and I am never, ever going to stop because I am a severely autistic sociopath with no sense of proportion and nothing better to do with my life.

Bastard Samurai

Now and for always
True & Honest Fan
Okay this might be a little long but bear with me here.

So a friend of mine was at this Irish Pub, Mahaffey’s Pub. You receive a card and if you buy over 100 beers you join the club. She was currently up to 85 before she went to the Pub. So at about 10 beers in she had this crazy Idea to order 5 beers at once to get into the club. She downs 3 of them and the other two she's sipping on. Meanwhile she's chatting with this guy was meeting at the Pub…. bla bla bla.

She told me she ended up getting a ride back to his place and watching, The Spy Next Door, which happened to be on Satellite. Movie is garbage by the way. About half way through she started hooking up and went to the guest room because bed is currently broken. Things start heating up and the guy had this other idea, he figured he wanted to do two things he hasnt done before in one night, the chocolate entrance. At first she said no but he mentioned he would give her some of the Astronaut Dried Ice cream they got on the way home as a joke. Shes like, whatever im down to try something. So he's really drunk he stumble to grab some Vaseline. He's not sure how much to put so he just start rubbing it all over, the leftover he wipe on her shirt on the side of the bed and use some to slick up his hair trying to be a badass, no joke. He tries to get down to business and she just starts YELLLING. He's like alright maybe we should just keep this civil and keep it in the right hole. But shes still yelling, saying it burned her! He mentioned, thanks baby, that empowers him but he's really just average no need to patronize him. He turn on the lights because she says its really burning now and see that he used Icy Hot for lube. Shes start yelling and yelling he take a look, it looks like an onion ring that he ate earlier at the Pub! She is so drunk he's just like what should I do?‽ So he turn on the shower and starts smearing it off and gets some ice wrap a paper towel around it and start pressing, she said that helped slightly. She is in the other room right now because shes pissed, and with reason. She figures she should call a cab because she sure as hell is not driving, but it ends up she has no cash on her. He spent his last 10 dollars on a couple packs of some damn Astronaut dried ice cream at the 711 down the street on the way home.

He offered to make her a nice meal and a pack of some snacks that he got but she gave him the silent treatment. Anyways he's just sitting there and shes out in the other room she says the pain stopped. Then he offered her another pack of Astronaut ice cream to break the ice

That mans name? Dynastia.


Ryan! Stab somebody!
I take back everything I said, Dyn necro'ed a thread and I replied and then he deleted his post and now it looks like I'm a necromancer, but I am NAWT a necromancer I'm going to spend all my dole money to join that nice chap from herefordshiretonville and literally kill dynastia irl

I think I'll start by lacing his petrol with abbo blood

UW 411

Pssst... I heard he recently added an expensive Febreeze huffing habit to his list of vices. He's getting all posh.
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