E3 2019 / 2020 - 2020 Update - Dear God, they're going to make it worse.

Who is your E3 2019 husbando? (multiple choice allowed because we know you're a bunch of WHORES.)

  • Phil Spencer from Microsoft - so dreamy how he always looks like he's staring directly into the sun.

    Votes: 25 9.4%
  • Bethesda's Todd Howard - tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

    Votes: 121 45.7%
  • Devolver Digital, because I love being berated for half and hour and left bleeding in an alley.

    Votes: 58 21.9%
  • Ubisoft's Neverending, LSD-Fueled, Furry Orgy. I have no shame, bend me over Magenta Panda Daddy.

    Votes: 18 6.8%
  • Sqaure Enix and... who even presents this? Eh, doesn't matter. It'll probably be 90% recycled anyway

    Votes: 24 9.1%
  • Nintendo's Doug Bowser - because I need more Bowser/Bowsette memes in my life. Kill me.

    Votes: 109 41.1%
  • PC Gaming Show - forget the presenter, those new video cards GET. ME. SO. HARD!!!

    Votes: 33 12.5%
  • Not sure who is presenting E3VR, but if it's not Ugandan Knuckles, then this is a waste of time.

    Votes: 63 23.8%

  • Total voters


The Charles Dickens of Disco
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Yup- it's that time again. E3 is only a few weeks away and oh boy this year is looking a bit gaunt. Sony has pulled out entirely mostly because the halls that E3 provided can't possibly contain their ego any longer (hell, last year they needed two). EA has also jumped ship as well, depriving us of hot mobile gaming play by play action.

Ah, but not all is lost. Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Devolver (yes, they count), and Nintendo will have press conferences and/or pre-recorded glorified sizzle reels. I know, my loins are all a-quiver too. Further, we will have the PC Gaming Show and a, uh, an "E3VR Showcase" to look forward too.

I know, I know, some of you out there are still looking forward to this show and good onya, truly. I'll probably watch if only out of tradition, but I'm kind of at this point where I'm tired of getting hyped up for little payoff.

Still, post your hopes and dreams and shitposts regarding E3 2019.

2020 UPDATE:
You know what E3 2020 needs? More online influencers and celebrities and QUEUETAINMENT!!!

Original article via GameDaily.biz...

E3 2020 pitch proposes overhaul with 'queuetainment,' new floor plan, industry-only day [EXCLUSIVE]

The ESA is hoping to turn E3 into a Gamescom-like 'festival', and an additional 10,000 consumers may pack the LA Convention Center.
The ESA is trying to rebrand E3 as a “fan, media, and influencer festival” for next year’s event.
In a pitch deck intended for the lobbying group’s members (last updated August 16, 2019), the ESA says it has plans to adapt its offerings in response to feedback gathered from publishers. As part of its overhaul, the group proposes leaning into influencers and paid celebrity deals with talent representation agencies like UTA and CAA.
The deck includes two examples of these high profile celebrity activations, including members of the Los Angeles Lakers playing a basketball video game in front of fans or actors competing in a tournament. These attractions rely on a massive change to the E3 show floor.
The presentation includes a sample of what the LA Convention Center’s West Hall might look like with eight “experience” hubs” in the middle of traditional booths (see below for proposed floor plan and E3 2018 West Hall floor plan). ESA members voiced approval for the new floor plan.
Source: ESA
Source: ESA
Source: ESA
Source: ESA
The lobbying group says it hopes to create “exclusive/appointment only activations for select attendees who will create buzz and FOMO.” ESA members shot down the idea of paying celebrities though, according to three slides labeled “Member Decision Points.” Celebrities will be invited through an organized program, instead.
Industry attendees, including media, should be aware that the ESA membership approved an additional 10,000 gamer badge attendees, bringing the total number of consumers on the show floor to 25,000. The E3 schedule may be reconfigured with an industry-only day on Tuesday (traditionally the first day of E3 activities at the LA Convention Center), before opening the doors wide to ticketed members of the general public on Wednesday and Thursday.
Even with an additional 10,000 people, E3 won’t come close to the largest industry events around the world. With fortuitous timing, Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad shared the following attendance statistics for major conventions this year:
The ESA membership is not aligned with the lobbying group that E3 should be a consumer event. The lobbying group’s publisher partners shot down an idea for a PlayStation Experience-like movie theatre experience. However, there are a number of consumer-focused plans on the table. A proposed digital app and experience may help mitigate wait times. On paper, this reads like Disney’s FastPass system used in its amusement parks. Users will register for a demo time window and come back later to avoid waiting for hours at a time for a single game.
The ESA does have plans to take advantage of those long demo wait times, though. The group has plans for what it calls “queuetainment” to market to those in line. This two-pronged approach creates a rich opportunity for E3 exhibitors. Either they will have access to consumer data captured through the app or have a captive audience as people wait in line for demos.
Another aspect of the deck proposes leveraging social consciousness to promote E3. In a series of slides called “The Power of Social Good,” The ESA suggests exploiting Millennial and Generation Z propensity for giving back. “By amplifying E3’s social good brand, we can advance the industry’s brand with consumers while storing positive chits for future use,” the slide says.
Source: ESA
Source: ESA
A later slide on the topic suggests that the ESA could engage influencers by offering them attention and access to support charitable efforts in lieu of compensation. In return, influencers would provide the industry “validation, attention, and excitement across media outlets beyond the video game space.”
One curious note in the ESA’s E3 2020 deck is a proposal to engage in new paid media partnerships. While this might be interpreted as common advertising purchases, the ESA specifically calls out that it funded segments on Tech Impact, a show that ESA says runs on CNBC (the show website indicates it airs on Fox Business and Bloomberg Television). Those episodes, available via the Tech Impact website, do not carry any disclosure or obvious notation that the content was a paid promotion by the lobbying group. A small note at the bottom of the Tech Impact says "sponsored program," but the disclosure is not included on the episode listing or disclosed in the video segments published on that page.
Source: ESA
Source: ESA
Earlier this year, the ESA suffered a major data breach, leaking the personal information of 2,000 E3 2019 media, influencer, and analyst attendees. It was later discovered the breach was much worse than the ESA originally admitted. Additionally, the group had been notified that its lax security policies were exposing user data almost a year earlier.
In response to GameDaily’s reporting, the ESA said its top priority was to win back trust of its media partners. The organization has not provided any detail on those efforts since the data breach was discovered in early August.
The ESA did not respond by publish to our inquiries about this document or its plan to earn back industry trust following the data breach. The full pitch deck is embedded below.
The ESA has been under pressure with regard to E3 for a number of years now. EA moved its fan event to North Hollywood before the beginning of E3 proper. The Xbox presence is largely in the Microsoft Theatre across LA Live. Sony didn’t participate this year. Activision wasn’t on the show floor. And the organization has infuriated every member of the media, influencers, and analysts that attended this year.
This latest overhaul turns E3 into a Gamescom-like show. There’s more focus on catering to consumers. Media will have its own day (though not its own business area, like in the Cologne, Germany show). The event will no longer be a trade show at all, but a “festival.”
None of this fixes the core problem, though. Publishers — ESA’s members — don’t need the LA Convention center to reach media and influencers. They don’t need one week, when the entire year includes media events and consumer conventions. E3 can still have value, but as the ESA continues to push the event toward a consumer focus, it is in conflict with the majority of members that do not want it to be yet another event for players.
This is an identity crisis that “queuetainment” and celebrities aren’t going to fix.
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Cod of War

I always intend on watching it but I forget and end up finding out when I check out youtube and my sub is filed with E3 reveals.

break these cuffs

Blue Falcon Actual
I have my broker on speed dial in case I need to liquidate some stocks to buy more jpegs. When does our Lord and Savior Chris Roberts present?

UE 558

All I really want is Bayo 3 footage, a Doom Eternal release date, Nioh 2, Medievil, and Death Stranding footage (nm, Soyny’s skipping out so they can go to the CBT femdom convention in San Francisco), and for Devlover to finally write something funnier than low-tier Adult Swim donkey shit for their conference

As for MS, they’ll probably just give us 3rd party titles again and MAYBE Battletoads and brief Halo 6 footage

Snake of Diamond

Prepared for more Todd memes but after the shit that's being pulled with Bethesda right now he might as well show up with his own secret service for how angry people are. Not sure what I'm specifically expected so I'll let cynicism say I'm expecting the same old vomit on a plate....the sequels to sequels to sequels now give us your money.
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SQueenix is likely to be hype as fuck, if you're a fan of their games. FF7 remake is likely to be further showcased and there will definitely be an announcement on the KH3 DLC thats allegedly coming out in June or July.

A shitty ass clover

Because why the fuck not?
I'm betting on the litle faith i have remanining on Kojima to give us some gameplay on Death Stranding. other than that, don't know what else to expect.

RJ MacReady

cheating bitch
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It's been clear for months that Sony (and by extension Microsoft) are winding up for the next console generation in 2020 so I've been expecting E3 2019 to be a sort of gap year; if the PS5 actually is coming next year I don't think Death Stranding and TLOU 2 will be squeezed out before then.

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