Earliest memory? - it is literally a discussion of deep thoughts

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Few adults can remember anything that happened to them before the age of 3. Now, a new study has documented that it's about age 7 when our earliest memories begin to fade, a phenomenon known as “childhood amnesia.”


So, this thread will have a two-point discussion,

1. What was your earliest memory and what age was that to the best of your memory?

2. Since kids cannot remember much if anything before 3, does it make sense to keep them on secluded islands where they are well-kept and looked after by caregivers and can be "picked up" later in life without much difference?

Say mom or dad wanted to forge ahead in their careers, and couldnt have time or sometimes even afford to, care for a kid. Parent-child separation is obviously cruel, but in the circumstance of toddlers and infants, it doesn't seem to have any detriment, considering they wont even remember the absence.

What are your thoughts, thots?

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J/K I don't remember the exact age, but my earliest memories were running around screaming like a spastic a couple years before preschool so probably 3 or 4.

To answer the latter question I'd have no problem dropping my kid off with my mom but not some random stranger.

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Maybe it's because my mom told the story before, but I do have a brief snippet of memory of when I was two or three standing on a plastic chair in my dark bedroom in the middle of the day, hands grasped around the bars of the crib where my baby twin brothers were sleeping, and just staring at them. Maybe I was glaring at them, but I didn't like them being in there, so I shook the crib to disturb them and wake them up. Mom may or may not have been there with me at that moment.

I was an asshole toward the twins until they either could walk or when they turned two.

EDIT: Forgot the second-point, but my mom worked at a bank until a couple of years or so after the twins were born, and so as Grandma was our babysitter, the three of us basically were raised by her during the weekdays. So no, outside of the nursery at church (which they'd only be in for two hours at most every Sunday), I wouldn't be comfortable having my small children looked after by strangers for hours on end. It's good and all to have them exposed to other kids, but not for like eight-plus hours a day. Preschool might just be different from daycares for all I know, though.
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My earliest memory was my grandmother taking me to either a casino or an airport when I was... 2 or 3.

For the second part - a mother/child bond is important even if the child can't remember it. Hell, even a grandparent/child bond also works. That's how our monkey brains work; we have to be able to form a bond with a parental figure before anyone else, and if we fail at that it just throws most socialization skills out the window.


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Whilst unremembered and forgotten the first few years of life are detrimental to development, it's perhaps one of the most important aspects of a human being is how you are raised up.

Also, my first Memory was swimming in a fountain at Sydney Harbour at around two. It was a hot ass day and other kids were in it already so my mum said fuck it and let me loose. Swimming in Australia is just as important as walking so I had no probs.


My first memory is from when I was 2 or 3. I was playing in a small playground a short distance away from a bigger one, in a more secluded area. My dad was drinking lucozade. I don't remember what happened after that, because (I've been told) I fell off something you walk across and lost consciousness.

I'm not too keen on that idea. I can imagine the kid finding out later and being like "you couldn't spare time for me?" Also what about siblings? I have a 5 and 7 year age gap between my younger ones. I wouldn't be old enough to look after them myself, but I would remember the abandonment if I had to join them or if I didn't join them.


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Only 2 memories really pop out because I cannot remember much before I was 8.

1. The first time I caught an ant lion larva. I filled a jar with dirt and let him live in it and dropped bugs in for him to eat. I was 5ish I think.

I was 4 and the grandparents amd I were driving back from Texas. A drunk driver hit us, twice. I was flung out of Grandad's Jeep a good 100+ feet and remeber standing up covered in blood and everything hurt. I thought for a minute I was actually dead. Also the EMT that came was a huge Transformers nerd so we talked shop on the way to the hospital.

I believ the formative years are the most important. While the memories may not remain the bonds will.

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One of my first memories was when I was going to bed when I was about 3 or 4 and I had this prayer bunny stuffed animal that said something, but I couldn't really make out the words.

A second memory was when I was at a preschool concert and we sang "What A Wonderful World". and I had to get my hair done for it and everything, and it took forever, but we went out to eat at Friday's after that.

Another memory was when I watched The SpongeBob Movie (I was probably 4) (we had it on DVD) and I could remember the ending credits with the "Ocean Man" song, and I thought it said "Oh shit man" at first. I kind of looked back on it and laughed.

I also remember when I used to have a Strawberry Shortcake bike (I was obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake as a toddler), but I only rode it a few times, and I never really knew what happened to it.

And one memory that really takes the cake is when I accidentally dropped one of my dolls in the toilet (luckily there was nothing in it), but my mom put some of those kitchen gloves on and fished it out. I honestly have no idea where the doll went after that.

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The definite earliest memory - me sitting on my mother's lap when I was 4. Other stuff I can remember from that time:
  • The news reports of Russia's Channel 1 from 1999, more specifically this music and ident.
  • Being a total spastic in kindergarten.
  • Playing at my grandparents' place. Also, briefly my grandmother on my mother's side - she was bedridden and died shortly afterwards.
  • Absolutely shitty weather - it was often overcast and dark. The city was also very grey and bleak.
  • Windows 3.1 on my dad's PC.
  • This song.
  • Also this track.
EDIT: I remembered the evening children's programme on Belarusian TV had this lullaby back then.
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Things I can remember:
  • Playing Super Nintendo games like Paperboy 2 and Mortal Kombat
  • Fishing with my dad at a pier
  • Burning a marshmallow when I was with my dad
  • Being with one of my cousins while I was in the Philippines
  • The blue screen of death on a computer my stepdad owned along with Juno as some internet he had
I may as well question myself but it's something I can vaguely recollect: walking in on my parents who then ran up to close the door.

Edit: I assume these were all before 4.
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My earliest memories are of my parent's old house, which we left when I was about 2 years old. I don't really have anything interesting to report though, because my memories from that period are all so vague that they don't really amount to anything more than still visuals of what the place actually looked like. I remember the kitchen, and I remember a corridor. That's about it.

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