Earliest memory? - it is literally a discussion of deep thoughts

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When I was young I lived in poverty so naturally my youngest memories are not exactly mundane, but when you look back at them as an adult it’s like, ‘holy shit wtf’ but in your memory you thought It was normal so you acted accordingly. It’s surreal.

My oldest memory is my mother’s boyfriend dismantling my crib because I was too big for it even tho I was probably two. I kept trying to get in the way to stop him but he kept on doing it. I never saw the crib again and after that I slept on a mattress on the floor with a sheet around me. Rip I cri everytime.

Yeah but because of these really old memories I know that the ‘cant remember anything before 3’ thing is bull.


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Pushing my stroller in the town I was born in. It's really freaky it's always been my first memory little me pushing the stroller. In my late 20s my dad found a picture of me pushing the stroller at a corner next to a stop sign. Apparently I loved to do that as a tiny one. But being it was the town I was born in, I couldn't have been more than 2.


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I'm not sure which of these memories came first. I have recollection of my first birthday where I got wooden blocks, and I remember the blocks not tasting very good. I also have a flicker of a memory of being in a stroller downtown and my mom taking me to a certain store.


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My earliest memories both took place while I was three years old. I almost had my legs savaged by my grandfather's dog - and I clearly remember the day an Aunt and Uncle of mine tarred me as a bad influence on their newborn.


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I've talked to my parents about memories and they confirmed from certain details that these things happened from before I was 3, before I could even walk or talk. They were things like being in a carrier staring up at the ceiling of a place we lived in for a few months, or looking at the patterns on wallpaper before it was redecorated. I know it's anecdotal but this is why I don't believe it when people argue "human beings definitely remember nothing before 3", as if that's a hard limit. It's almost a bit disturbing to remember because back then it was all sensations and feelings instead of thoughts ordered into an internal monologue.

I came across stuff in baby books about their eyesight development, and how you should give them colourful toys, and I don't disagree. When you're a baby and don't know anything, the fruit print on a shirt is the most interesting shit because you don't even know what a fruit is.

...I also remember seeing hardcore hentai on TV and I don't know how or why I was there and not supervised, maybe that's why I'm such a weeaboo fag :thinking:


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I literally woke up, realized I was alive, and ran to the bathroom mirror to see what my face looked like.

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Sitting on top of a non functioning sink in the basement of the house we use to live in while my dad was loading shotgun shells dropping pieces to the board game Operation down said sink. I was around 2-3 at that point.

Also falling off the top of the stairs to said basement into a basket of laundry around the same age.

Then the time my sister was pushing me around on a shitty tv stand in the basement and it flipping over and busting my chin on the concrete floor and the trip to the hospital to get stitches and being strapped to the papoose board.

I was a really accident prone kid honestly and I think the fall into the basket of laundry scrambled my brain some, all that stuff happened while I was around 2-3ish.


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Probably when we lived on a house nearby a beach, before we moved into my now hometown. I just have some faint memories about it though.


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The earliest memory I can muster was when I was 2. It was seeing that iconic scene in A New Hope where the door bursts down and the stormtroopers storm the Rebel ship. I had next to no clue what was going on at the time, and that scene scared my pussy-ass 2 year old self.
A close second to that memory would be my parents taking me to the cinema to see Spider-Man 2 when I was 3. I remember loving it the first time, but watching it today... I don’t really understand why people love it so much.


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I do actually remember being in a highchair before I was 2, I think the only reason I remember was because it was the first time my mind was starting to become self-aware and knew bacon was food.

It is a little amusing thinking that my first memory is that of bacon... It's weird how I can remember that pretty well while I struggle to recall events from when I was 10.

Other memories around that time in that same house was when my mom mopped the floor and took her eyes off me I ran into the wet kitchen and slipped. I cried and she ran to me.


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I only vaguely remember my dad taking me to see mom in the hospital, likely when my sister was born. I must have been three at the time, but I specifically remember him saying, "We're going to see mummy!"

And then I remember being able to hold my sister in my lap on a baby pillow and not knowing what to do with her :lol:


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My earliest memory is of me getting yelled at by my grandmother for accidentally breaking an angel figure and my great-aunt trying to calm her down.

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Either going down a slide into a pool at the old Wet N Wild in Garland, Texas, or playing the Empire Strikes Back game for the Atari 2600. I'm not sure which one came first.

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I recall interacting with my grandfather he died when I was 2, I remember getting frustrated my tiny legs couldnt outrun him.

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Whew, this one is kind of embarrasing. When I was around a year to year and a half in age (give or take), I had to have my dick hole widened. I was having problems urinating. I have vague memories going to the hospital, waking up from the surgery, but especially my first piss afterwards. It hurt like hell and I was pissing blood... good times, great oldies. I pee just fine these days if you were wondering.

Edit: Holy Shit, I just looked this up and the procedure actually has a name... Meatoplasty. Fucking awesome name.