Earliest memory? - it is literally a discussion of deep thoughts

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My first memory was when i was 2-3, i remember waking up from a 3rd person dream of myself doing stupid shit (a bit narcissistic tbh) and asking myself what the fuck am i, whats going on, and generally being confused as fuck, i walk out of my bedroom and i say hi mom to my mother who was passing by, and being confused as to why i said that, then i sat on the coutch and watched some spongebob because...complex motives
And that kids, its how you get an existancial crisis when you cant even read


My earliest memory is going to visit my dad when he was serving in Northern Ireland when I was about 3.
He had to go out to something, I don't remember what, so me and my sister got unloaded on some poor unsuspecting 2nd Lieutenant.
At the time, I had a vague idea that you were supposed to make life difficult for anyone babysitting you, and thinking back, I hope she got a medal for her patience.


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I was probably about 2 years old as my brother was a baby at the time. I remember wanting to play on the swings at the park, but there were other kids on them. Instead of doing the normal thing and waiting or asking if I could have a turn, I just chucked stones at them instead. They started crying and left. So I got to play on the swings. At which point my mother told me we were leaving at which point I started crying.

Then my baby brother flipped me the bird and called me a cuck while moon walking out of the park.

Don't worry though. I got back at him by pushing him backwards down a staircase when I was 6.


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I have vague memories from when I was 2. The layout of our military base house, a necklace of my mom's with white beads carved to look like elephants, my uncle doing magic tricks with pennies, finding an Inspector Gadget toy in the backyard, learning my dad's first name and thinking it sounded funny (Greg). Just like an old puzzle missing a few pieces, my earliest memories are made up of small objects, familiar places, and short interactions.


I remember being in the garage and watching my dad fix a dent in the door of a Chevy he had. He sold it soon after. I was 2. I have a bunch of other memories from that house but that's the only one that I can pin down to a specific year.


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My earliest memory is getting a big wheel tricycle for Christmas when I was 3.


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My earliest memory is being excited for my 3rd birthday party. I choose a cake with cars on it and my grandparents bought it. I choose the cake because I wanted to play with the cars. I didn't care about the flavor.

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My old house had a big front window, and my dad and I would often sit there and watch storms.

I was like two years old, and I just have this brief bit of memory of a violent hailstorm. I remember the hail being so huge, it was easily spotted from inside. That may be perception, but it's always stuck with me as the absolute earliest thing I can remember.


It's difficult to distinguish, but I have a few memories from under two years of age. Among these include a memory of my father taking me across a lake in a kanoe, sitting on my mother's lap and staring into her coffee, and (from our living room with my parents,) watching a vague figure - what was apparently a bear - screw around in our front yard during twilight. I could list more, but those stand out the most.

The earliest of these is likely the bear, as that was from when I was seven months old. There are others that are too fragmented to properly describe, but one of those is probably my oldest memory. I am blessed with and grateful for a good memory.
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The earliest memory I have is when I was about 2-3 months old, and my mom carrying me to the basement of my grandpa's house and putting me in a bassinet while she took a shower.


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I have no idea why people push the "lol you can't remember anything before age 3" (or 7 now I guess? wtf that's even more ridiculous) Of course you won't remember everything, but remembering nothing at all? C'mon.

I've never met someone that has claimed to not remember anything before that age, and I myself can remember multiple things.

When I was a baby - toddler I had acid reflux problems, so I remember waking up choking on vomit and also my sister giving me some orange juice and then throwing it up soon after. Thanks, sis :(

I remember going to Costco when I was like 5 and picking up a Gameboy Color bundle with Pokemon Yellow. I still have the Yellow cart and it still saves! It's like 18 years old. God damn.

And a lot more. Idk, maybe I just have a super-memory or something.


When I was 2 or 3, after I woke up one morning, my Grandma asked me "What did you dream about?" and I told her "A Princess."

Also, around that same age, I remember jumping off either a bed or a couch and yelling "Kirby!"

I also remember being scared of my Great Grandpa's wooden leg. There was a hole in it, and he said "Watch for the birdie" so I did, and he stuck his finger through the hole and made a Cuckoo bird whistle. I think that traumatized me because I hated the leg ever since.
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Hersey park ride that scared the shit out of me ( I was probably like five). Those octopus rides where you are up in the air. Never again.

Probably the reason I don't like to fly.


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I believe it was the first day I had...consciousness I guess? The fully developed ability to remember? Whatever it was, I dreamt about a person (maybe me?) sleeping in my parents bed, cartoonishly naked (you know how bugs bunny will strip off his fur and have beige skin with little black marks all over to represent hair or whatever?) and dreaming about a cartoonishly naked person sleeping in my parents bed, who was dreaming of a cartoonishly naked...you get the idea. I woke up in my parents bed, pondered why the hell I had dreamt that (and vaguely wondered how I knew it was my parents bedroom when I had no specific memory of it), then walked out into the kitchen to find my mother washing dishes. I looked at her, thought "that's my mom" and, to confirm this theory (because I had slight doubts when I could not recall definitively who this woman was), said "good morning, mom." She replied "good morning, sweetie." And I stood there wondering how I instinctively knew she was my mother.

Then I think I wandered into the living room and was distracted by my brother playing Super Mario 64 or something Idk.

I was younger then 3 (3 years old was a milestone year for me since I could finally sign up for dance classes) but I'm not sure exactly how old I was.


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My earliest memory is sitting in my high chair in the dining room, I'm guessing I would have been somewhere between 1 and 3. My mom is sitting at the dining room table, rolling a cigarette, and I'm eating spaghetti with my hands, getting it all over the high chair, and I leaned forward to look around the corner at the TV, Darkwing Duck was on!

I honestly love that island idea, I've always thought that ages 3 to 10 are the best ages to hang out with kids because they're so goddamn funny and curious, whereas stupid babies are always crying up a storm and pooping in their pants.