Earliest memory? - it is literally a discussion of deep thoughts


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It's of my Grandfather which means it's before he died when I was two and a half. It not a clear memory more like several blurry still photos and I know it's a memory and not a photo of him as several people have told me it must be. Because I'm sitting on the floor of the living room and my brothers are sitting next me and I'm looking up at him sitting in this overstuffed chair that my Grandma used to have. I think he was telling us a story or something.


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I have a vague memory of being in a play pen in the living room, playing with my toys, my mother working on something in the kitchen and Let's Dance by bowie playing over the radio. That would be 1983 ish.


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I vaguely remember waking up on a top bunk in my bedroom. I also remember my family and I were walking around a snowy trail and I pouted about wanting to go one way when they wanted to go another.

Took them saying "Okay we're leaving you!" to make me run back to them.


i cut my hair. i run downstairs.
i have horrible late-term memory.
i remember my brother dripping the wax from a burning army figure, and then he made chocolate milk so i wouldn't tell anyone, i told my mom anyway.

everyone in my family tells me that when i was 2 my brother ran my over with an atv and i was fine.


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My earliest memory was when I was one when my grandma took me to get a portrait painted of me and her, the shit is still hanging in her house till this day. That or the time I was playing with bubbles and burned my hand on an iron.


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When I was 3, I remember waking up to deer jumping into my room from an open window. Which was concerning because my room was on the top floor of the house and I also couldn't move any of my limbs or make noise. I'm pretty sure it was sleep paralysis of some sort; I was apparently narcoleptic as a child so it wouldn't be unusual. Was scary as fuck though.


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My earliest memory was one when I was 2 or 3 climbing a toilet and then climbing into the bathroom sink. While I was standing in the sink I slipped and fell, hitting my jaw onto the toilet or bathroom floor. I ran and climbed onto my parent's bed rubbing my face on the blanket.

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Okay, I had to have been 3ish maybe when this happened.
My grandma taught me what handicapped meant because she wanted to teach me that handicapped people were people too and all that.
Being the 3 year old I was, I thought the word handicapped was a compliment.
My sister and I went to this family restaurant and a waiter walked up to our table.
I pointed at him and asked "Sir, are you handicapped?" with the biggest smile on my face.

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Two years old and chasing my cat around the house I was born in.

Although now that I think of it, I don't know if that's actually a real memory or just a memory I formed later on as a kid based on what my parents told me about those times (I remember chasing the cat on a blue rug, and there's a picture I have of that cat chilling out on a blue rug), and the same goes for all my other memories before I was 3 or so.


the first thing i can recall is being a baby and we were on a vacation i was laying in the cradle and my parents were on the terrace talking. i'm not sure how old i was but since my parents divorced at my age of 3 it must have been when i was 1-2 years old. but once i saw a VHS video of my dad filming me when i was a baby right after i was born and then i started recalling some of it but i'm not sure maybe i just think i remembered it because i saw the video.


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One of my earliest memories was when my dad saved me from drowning. We were all at the pool and I was a toddler. I remember walking towards the edge of the pool, slipping in and everything going dark. The next thing I remember, we were all heading home and my brother was saying what a hero my dad was.

Another memory I had was when I was five or six years old. It was snowing outside, so my brother and I went outside to play. In our old yard there used to be this giant butterfly bush that we could crawl underneath. It held the snow on its branches and my five/six year old brain thought that it looked like an igloo, so I crawled underneath the bush and fell asleep. I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I remember my brother waking me up and being very upset saying that I could’ve gotten frostbite. I didn’t get frostbite. :)
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My earliest memory was when I was three or four. Before kindergarten had started for me. I remember it like it was yesterday...

Dad was home. That was rare. Dad worked overseas and was gone about 75% of the time at a minimum. When he was home we often did things together, as dad types want to do with their sons. He was taking me into the city for a reason I cannot recall. During our drives he would often have me listen to music he liked. I grew up on a steady diet of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Deep Purple, bands like that. This day the cassette was Rush.

I foolishly said "this girl sings really nice".

Dad pulled over. Asked me to exit the car with him, which I did. He then proceeded to beat me with his shoe while screaming "Geddy Lee is more of a man than you will ever be" repeatedly and at increasing volume.

I was shocked and spent the next several days silent while I processed what had happened. I then told mom of the event. She handed me Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.

In all seriousness, the earliest memory I have is telling my dad I thought Geddy Lee was a girl and arguing about it. It took a long time before I was convinced the lead singer of Rush is a male. Kids are so dumb sometimes.


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My earliest memory is seeing my younger brother crawling as a baby on the ground. I don't remember the full details but it's the earliest one I can think of.


Me crawling on all four while making stupid baby noises. Then out of nowhere my mum's legs appear, I hear her voice go "Daaaaaaaaaw", she takes me in her arms and the memory ends here.


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I was maybe 3 or 4. All i really remember is being naked on a old black couples porch drinking kool-aid and my parents finally finding me after an hour or a little less.

Edit: just remembered we were getting ready to go to church or something and I snuck through the sliding door because I just wanted to play outside.
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I was about eighteen months - I was still learning to walk. I remember walking very slowly up and down the driveway, and all the adults praising me. Then my older and douchier brother began running up and down the driveway, trying to outdo me so he'd get the attention. I've hated him ever since. :)


My earliest memory was when I threw a chair down the stairs at my dad when I was a todler. I think I was 2 years old. I did it because i wanted to see it break and hit my dad lol and thought it was fun. I also wanted to see the glass door below the steps shatter! I even succeeded in breaking the door and felt content and pretended to be sorry when my dad scolded me. I was a fucked up little kid lol.


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1. My earliest memory is from when I was just a bit shy of age 3. I was coming home from a wedding reception when my family turned on the news at our old house and I saw images of a car crash on the news saying a princess had just died. Later on in life, I realized that it was almost certainly the death of Princess Diana I was hearing of, and the date was Aug 31 1997. Thus, my memory has a defined start date, Aug 31 1997.

2. No, this is a very bad idea, according to child developmental psychology, it will have a massive detriment even if they cannot remember. In the first two years of life, a critical development period occurs, and one of the important things that happens is the child forms an attachment to the parents. If the parents are only intermittently present or are not, they may attach to someone who later leaves their life when their parents are back or even worse, don't attach to anyone. This can cause what's called Reactive Attachment Disorder, fears of abandonment and anxious avoidant attachment styles which can fuck you over for life. It's even been shown that children who fail to securely attach are more at risk for depression, alcoholism, personality disorders, drug addiction and criminality later in life, and this is often seen in children taken from Romanian orphanages who suffered extreme abuse before the first two years, before they can even remember.

In fact, while children can recover from abuse more easily if it began after age 2, if abuse began before age 2 they're often stunted for life sadly.