Earliest memory? - it is literally a discussion of deep thoughts


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My earliest memory is, oddly enough, a dream I had when I was 4 or 5. Specifically, it was a lucid dream where I was laying in a bed unable to move, in a small empty room with no furniture or windows, and blank white walls. I remember there being just me, a tall, dark figure, and a multi-headed beast that resembled a dog which remained by the side of the dark figure. I scarcely remember anything of detail about the figure, except that it was female in nature, and that it spoke in a monotone, raspy voice, with the words "you should have already been asleep". Then the creature lunged at me with it teeth gnashing for my throat, and that's when I woke up.

I didn't cry, or at least I don't think I did. Truthfully I don't remember much about how I reacted, other then waking up in a hotel room that I was staying at with my parents whilst we we were on vacation. I recall that the hotel room was the same as the one in my dreams except with furniture and color. I have not mentioned this experience to my parents, and I have never had a lucid dream since then, but I suspect this memory is the underlying cause of my fear of anything to do with supernatural stuff.


I have 2:
One was when I was looking over a crib in the dark. The other was when I was carried in the arms, surrounded by relatives in my mom's old dental office in the Dom. Rep.

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My third birthday. I remember my dad being in the kitchen and the cake having this carboard cut-out of Mickey Mouse playing a piano.


I remember before birth my guess is 27week along based on what I described to my mom about certain things like fingers still being fused together a particular favorite position I liked to lay in and what not she estimated it was around the 27 week Mark. And then all the way to right now I've got memories of when I was 6 months old 2 weeks old year-and-a-half-old you name it I remember it


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One of them is running around and screaming like an autist (cause I actually had autism) while in school. Scaring the shit out of the other kids.