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"G" is for "gigantic faggot"
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That pose, had to make it into an AI art piece.


I have not commented for some time, yet I need to give this out.
First, I watch her vids on 1.25 speed, much more manageble.
Second: I hate her constant counting callories, she is doing this out of frustration and/or content. I will not deny that callories are important, yet not such as important as she thinks. Let me elaborate: She eats high callorie low nutrient foods (sweets and pasta). She goes on a counting callories train and she eats low cal and LOW nutrients (vegs are fillers) . Her body will demand nutrients through hunger and cravings !!!
All what I said is not to be smart, I did the same mistake when I was fat; Yet what angers me ar her is that she never learns anything from her experiences and others. She could for the start just renounce all sources of sugar and replace her source of calories with healthy foods.
Third: She mentions renouncing cake. Agree that we may all eat cake sometime in the future. Yet you must renounce cake for a few mounths ar a year!!! You must normalize the eating of cake and be willing to sacrifice in order to breack the craving.
I ranted she anoys me, yet she is a dark, how not to be, fascination


Her problem is twofold. She is addicted to the artificial additives and flavorings found in junk food, and she wants to gorge because the feeling to her also feels extremely nice. Both of these don't have to be a problem if accommodated accordingly, i.e eating at one's caloric need or under while eating takeout and Twinkies, or eating a lot of high volume but very low calorie food like competitive eaters do to train while also avoiding weight gain.

But together the food addiction to high calorie food and her need to gorge are going to make her gain, and her obstinate attitude towards anything 'controlling' her food will ensure she won't be that dainty figure anytime soon (or ever.)

Few people like not being able to have whatever they want, but many put up with it for a time for weight loss or health reasons, and/or accept that they can't have whatever anymore in the quantity they want (or at all) and such is life.

But without finding out why she is driven to eat like she does, or even if this is some unconscious drive towards self-destruction (for indeed that does happen in some cases) she will be stuck for the rest of her life in the hell she is creating. Gradually losing the ability to walk for long periods, and to stand, her world is shrinking. Eventually it will be nothing more then the four walls of her bedroom and the occasional trips to the kitchen and bathroom, until she grows to the point that not even that is possible.

I wonder that if Becky and her marry before Amber gets to that point, if Becky will be held liable for neglect if Becky proves unable to take care of her, and either lets her to lay in her own feces or just up and leaves, abandoning her altogether? There is such a thing as caretaker fatigue, and Becky has a risk of becoming depressed.


#79,383 (editor's note: what the fucking fuck?!)
Her meal looks like something that you would see on IG or TikTok. But in that "skinny girl making a joke" kind of way. Like a 95 pound girl pulling out broccoli and that text talk shit they do:

50 GRAMS of brocolli! WOW That's SOOO much!

RANCH! my favorite. also i LOVE neat little packaging like this!

and to round up this meal: half a bag of salami cause mom wouldn't buy it for me so i bought it myself. fuckyou mom!"