EAT WITH ME | CAN’T SATISFY EVERYONE - (8/16/2019) - She satisfies NO ONE.

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I’m Connor, the android sent by Cyberlife.
She may be more acutely aware of her hearburn after drinking a bunch of water, but she is probably used to it the rest of the time. Just about anyone would have serious heartburn if they a large volume of food and then had like 40 lbs pressing down on their abdomen afterwards. Persistent heartburn might be a reason why her teeth disintegrated so fast, its not uncommon for the acid to get into the mouth, especially during sleep.

the acid reflux probably doesn’t help at all. bulimics can a great example of what can happen when acid washes the teeth on a regular basis. many lose their teeth entirely.

although i’m pretty amazed that she has most of her teeth in the first place. she eats a high sugar diet (a pint of ben and jerrys has about 95+ grams of sugar and she eats one of those nightly, plus a gigantic chocolate bar and, no doubt, another plethora of mixed sweet snacks, so her teeth are taking some pretty substantial damage there.) she has shown in the past to neglect even the most basic forms of self-care, like taking off her make-up before bed, combing her hair, washing her face - or washing anything, in fact - and she has a weird, inconsistent sleep schedule so it’s not unreasonable to believe that she frequently neglects to brush her teeth, since the habit is usually formed around sleep schedules. it’s also a behavior that requires standing for 2+ minutes just to get the brushing done properly, so using floss/waterpik and mouthwash are also probably out of the equation, even if she manages to find the energy to brush. and lastly, she doesn’t take care of her health at all. i doubt she gets cleanings every six months or takes care of her cavities. combine these factors with a nutritionally defunct diet lacking in calcium, protein, etc. with an excess of soft drinks...

it may not have happened yet, but she will be lucky if she makes it to 35 with most of her teeth. she will be lucky to make it to 35 at all, but if some kiwis are right and she’s going to be one of those deathfats that cling around till 45-50, tooth loss, tooth rot, jaw infections, etc. will be one of the first signs of her body shutting down entirely.

UW 411

Whenever AL records what she sees while waddling, it reminds me of something. I've never been able to put my finger on it until today.

Her perspective is almost exactly how cartoonists and film directors portray bees in flight. The side to side weebling is so dramatic at this point that it's surpassed the imitation of a rolling tide or a stormy sea.

If I was autistically inclined enough, I'd make a compilation of all of her first person swaying waddling shots set to 'Flight of the Bumblebee'.

It almost seems like she'll tip over at times. yikes.

Damn she's so spaced out in the last half, I wonder what pain meds she got for that toof

2 lezbeanz like me and Neck omg #relatable
that shade of "soon to be rotten" flesh is astounding
"this dumb fucking cunt i cant wait to show Rickie"
WTF m8 just CUT IT
kill me pls
noddin' out

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These poor animals. They're seriously neglected and bored out of their minds because of how lazy and inept their owner is. The only cats who I've seen look this depressed are ones who are really sick or who are being neglected. Cats are usually so energetic and playful, and when they want to nap they usually seek out a soft surface or an enclosed space. Poor Rarity. She's given up on her momma too.
I don’t know my old girl is a lazy fuck. She’s also 18 so I guess being a lazy fuck is kind of her right. Rarity is pretty young, but it looks like she was just doing what silly cats do when it’s hot. They tend to overdramatise and keel over.


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Yep, no fucking respect. These people earn their titles through hard work and lots of time and money. They earned their respect. Whether or not I automatically respect someone with a Dr. Title is another thing because they are not all deserving, but I digress. At the very least, even if it’s a shitty doctor...and these seem to be professionals she actually likes...that title is earned and that person should not be referred to as that girl, that guy, or that old man.

If it's any consolation I would assume any titled professional, especially medical, that interacts with her is laughing at the bean bag in a hurry the rest of the day. You'd have to to stop from crying. All that education and expertise and it's wasted on a deathfat like AL. Someone has a sense of ironic humor hopefully.


I was like - whuuuuut???
I don’t know my old girl is a lazy fuck. She’s also 18 so I guess being a lazy fuck is kind of her right. Rarity is pretty young, but it looks like she was just doing what silly cats do when it’s hot. They tend to overdramatise and keel over.
Got to agree...I really, really dislike Albert but her cats seem perfectly happy to me...they behave pretty much like most cats I've ever known or owned - Twinkie Store is another matter - fat, scared-looking and in dire need of a nail trim

The adipose is definitely rotting our gorls brain... fuck me idk how she thinks this shit is cute quirky or amuseeen' - (I like to think Eric is laughing AT her not with her, but who the hell knows) - according to LexiconLynn, birds are now putting 'actual trees' in birdhouses 🤦
I'm assumeeen' she meant nests, or eggs...


She's bugged me to shit in this 'vlog' again - the sad lil girlie voice, stating she's 'hurt' that people aren't satisfied now she's getting help they wanted her to, and tries to big up her psych after previously only bothering to refer to her as 'the girl' - well hell, she has a DEGREE-TYPE SITUATION on her WALL, guiiize!
Ugh, she still manages to speak without any shred of respect!

I really don't want to go back and check, but it stuck out today - she states 'obsessive compulsive PERSONALITY disorder' - can anyone remember if she used that title last time? I thought she said just OCD???


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Props to that poor bug that tried to off itself at 10:52 by slamming itself into the wall....I'm sure we can all relate....
Big Al looks like death lightly toasted, and those extreme close ups do no one any favors.
Mumbles is scared of moths....

Pizza Munch

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Edit: Not to shit on a book I haven't read, but what is the font size for Elevation? It's positively slim for a King novel. Or maybe it just looks that way while being held by her balloon hands?

I loled when she said it was about a guy losing weight but he looks the same. I just imagine her relating to it when she drops 7-12 pounds, is proud of it, but sees/feels no difference. The plot including beans made it even better- pretty obvious why she chose to read it (page count included).


I was like - whuuuuut???
ALR has made a new sock to whiteknight her on the top comments.
I truly don't believe any of the current crop - Des B, Scoti Colin, etc are our gorl...
I'm aware she's done similar in the past but these are blatantly trolls - I've seen Scoti Colin replying to Asian commenters with such out-and-out racism, after the controversy about her writing 'nigga' I just don't believe even Albert is that stupid
It's cringeworthy seeing everyone replying to 'Amber' - some of the Reddit threads about this are short-bus level 🤦