EAT WITH ME | CAN’T SATISFY EVERYONE - (8/16/2019) - She satisfies NO ONE.

It seems not at all likely. Here's the clinic they all three go to. I did a bit of a deep dive on the owner and what this place is all about, which you can see here.

Amber has only ever claimed to see "The Girl". There was discussion about the staff and her likely therapist a few pages before that.
Why is the one “girl” who I am positive Hamber is seeing because she’s the only one who specifically works with bariatric patients through their WeiGhTlOss JouRNey obese in her own right???
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I got to say the nay-no, my brother.
I find it hard to believe big gorl left the house, got in the car, went to a dentists, most likely stood and waited because 99.9% of dentists have small dainty arm chairs, and then somehow got on to a dentists chair and was worked on without any second thought to her weight with surgery or anesthetics, but the world is a mysterious place.
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Did Amber ever say the water she's drinking is plain water or is she putting like water flavorings in it? I know those can give you heart burn sometimes. Though the water bottle isn't see through she could have just filled it with like Sprite and is just saying she's drinking water.
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