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Fuck your feelings, nancypants
She got a 5X but wishes she would have gotten it smaller because she's "losing weight"
Are you sure about that, gorl?
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I can't wait till she complains about that 6X red dress because the sleeves are too tight. Delusional.

She looks like someone's 50 year old grandmother....

….lumbering through her kitchen in a housedress. "Y'all want something to eeeeeat? I can make y'all some chick-en patteeees? They are amazeeeen?"

Damn, dude. There I was, minding my business, having some wadur, scrolling along....and then THIS came up on the screen. Almost sprayed wadur all over my keyboard, it scared me so much.

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Oh dear - has anyone informed the rest of this year's months that they might been robbed of a day? Every time I think she can't lower the bar, she does... & not by fractions of an inch Not subtle about wanting to be begged by her THOUSANDS of fans to do Vlogmas, is she? And of course - the inevitable mention that 'someone' is doing an intro for her. She'll mention that at least 10 more times this month - even without an added day. Vlogmas - the idea of doing it makes her 'anxious'. But people want her to DO it, Boo-boo. Yeah, the same people who are so nasty to you in your comment section & don't "allow you room to grow". Here's a clue - it's the freaking internet, you're not in the center of a howling mob about to be stoned to death. If you're giving people that much power, (my ass, she is), crawl back under your blankies & stay there until you grow up. Don't know about anybody else but if I thought I'd had an allergic reaction to a food, I'd abstain from it until I got allergy tested. A mild allergic reaction today can turn into full blown anaphylaxis the next time you eat that food. I suspect it's an allergy of convenience when she feels the need to harvest a few extra victim points. X-mas events, New Year's Eve party? Those will consist of food, movies & more feeds on Pillow Mountain. "She'll look as cute as ever". Becky is right - she can't see. If she's losing weight, (snort!), it's on her nose because that is quickly disappearing. About accepting explanation... nobody has a problem with legit explanations from those who are truthful. And meaningful, heartfelt apologies to those wronged are just the start; it has to be followed by meaningful change. Lastly, she just had to shade Becky's eating... again. If anyone has lost as little as a pound, it's Becky, not her. But she got some kind of diagnosis that has to do with her weight & eating habits. Oatmeal really isn't her thing & salmon isn't something I've seen her eat before. Again, she's playing at eating changes. Nothing she bought or prepared is close to healthy.

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Appreciated that subtle shade thrown at Becky in her comment-of-the-day-situation-type-deal where she addressed Beggy having a seperate grocery cart.

Becky shops for her own stuff, BooBoo! According to our gorl, they're eating differently because unlike Beggy, "I'M trying to be a little bit more cautious of the food I'm putting into my mouth and stuff like that". Also her trusty thumbservant "don't like" salmon or cauliflower, unlike our hulth-conscious queen who is totally on-track with her weightloss journey.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
I suspect it's an allergy of convenience when she feels the need to harvest a few extra victim points.

Don't sell her short - she has more than one issue that only exists as a convenience: can't eat ayygs because she's allergic, can't be held responsible for (shitty thing she does) because "muh mental", can't diet because "diets don't work for me/retaining water/too few calories/etc.", can't go to the therapist, because "too swollen", yadda yadda.

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Fun note for the future gorls, this is the exact same face she will make when she dies. I saw it when I looked into the future for the death pool. 🧙‍♂️

You keep this up and the council is going to start making stupid rules about precognition, prophecy, and scrying again and then we're all going to be stuck like those normals.